Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let Me Have It!

Cherry blossoms!
No running today.  Taking a little rest break, but that doesn't mean I haven't been active all day...Goober keeps me on my toes.  When she's taking naps and I'm in another room, she starts whimpering/crying and I ruuuuuuuuuun to give her her bink.  Then I ruuuuuuuuun back to whatever I was doing.  This necessitates a lot of stair running, too.  I'd like to think of it as my indoor fartleks. ;)

So here's the deal, I'm going to jump on the question bandwagon....

Ask me anything. That's right.  Anything.  
(Well, except what my Social Security number is. Sorry)

Go ahead, and let me have it.  I'll post answers in, well, another post.


  1. 1. What's your favorite pre-run snack?
    2. Do you run with Goober?
    3. Do you have one of those cool runner-like stroller thingy?

  2. Why do you have an anchor tattoo? I've been wondering since your v-day pic... :)

  3. What is your fav time of day to run?

    What is your fav distance?

  4. Love these! Okay so...

    How many weeks after your baby's birth did you start running?

    If there was one running accomplishment you could achieve without failture, what would it be?

    How do you manage the whole being a mom and a runner thing?

    ...I'm especially interested in the last question's answer. Everyone keeps telling me how babies suck the time out of your day, which leaves me wondering if I'll ever be able to run again!

  5. lol. at least you're getting your speedwork in! as well as strength training when you have to pick goob's up :)

    no ssn? hmm, how about back account number? i promise it's only to send you money from nigeria i have to move it to avoid paying taxes...

    what is your #1 favorite outfit in your closet (can be running or non-running).

  6. I like everyone's questions!

    I know I can look in past posts but I'm lazy ... so how far along into your pregnancy did you run? When and why did you stop?

    How soon after the baby did it take for you to feel like yourself in terms of running?

  7. Definitely counts as fartleks!

    Question: Who is your FAVORITE Canadian who has come to visit?

    JK JK, that's too easy!

    Fave food?
    Fave color?
    Fave TV show?

  8. Favorite flavor ice cream?

    Favortie place to get coffee?

    If you were a song what song woud you be?

    Favorite running gear- like a must have on all runs?


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