Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Eats Me Spinach

There may be a winner in this post, if you make it to the end.

Sooooooo excited that Spring is finally here.  Today's run was just the perfect beginning to the Spring season with my little Goober.  It was sunny, warm, and the lawn mowers were in full swing.  Ahhhhh.  During the run I also heard one of my favorite sounds: a nail gun securing down roofing.  Yeah, weird I know.  It's just that my Dad is a contractor and those type of sounds are ones I grew up with and remind me of home (and my Dad).  Another favorite sound is a table saw, with the skillsaw a close third. ;)  And don't even get me started on the smell of sawdust and wood (get yer mind outta that gutter! ha!).  

Anyway, back to the run...

Pushing Goob in Gizmo (the jogger) was TOUGH with the wind holding me back.  Hello drag!  The sunshade on Gizmo was like a sail, and it made me work twice as hard just to run on flat pavement.  Well, strength training and cardio in one, right?  It was cute to see Goob's hair waving in the wind, she EL-OH-VEE-EE's being outside.  She just mellows out and takes everything in.  

Me & my Goob...who looks like she's upset that the run is over.
After the beautiful run I made a smoothie with some green stuff called "Spinach."  Yeah, I'm not a foodie...I repeat, NOT a foodie at all, but Travis and I are trying to eat better lately.  I've been making a bunch of smoothies, which helps me increase my fruit intake, and today I added the green stuff that makes Popeye's muscles bulge.  You know, spinach has been a constant ingredient in my salads (when I do eat them) and especially my Subway Veggie subs, but I never thought I'd drink it through a straw.
It's colorful, so it must be healthy, right?
The blender had a tough time with the monster banana that Travis picked up and I also ran out of soy milk and moo milk.  When it did finally blend, it looked like this:
Mmmm, appetizing much?
You may not be able to see it, but there are spinach particles just chillin' on the top of that smoothie cup.  YUMMEH.  It looked like poo.  I pretended it was chocolate.  The verdict: it wasn't that bad.

What I added:
frozen raspberries
giant banana
soy milk

I bet you are wondering who won the GU Giveaway, right?  You just skipped past my running ramblings and smoothie recipe and went right for the good stuff, eh?  Alright.  I'll forgive you.  Just this once!

Well, after adding all the entries into's List randomizer there were 132 entries.  
And the winner is....


Congrats! Shoot me an e-mail to :)


  1. mmm sounds good! I put spinach in everything. I actually eat TOO MUCH spinach, about 2-3 bags a week, oops. I'll have to try that shakes, thanks

  2. Woot for giraffy!
    Spinach is the bomb in everything!

  3. Haha, I ran with the stroller yesterday too - At one point, I remember comparing it to pushing a sailboat against the wind. Not an easy task - good for you!

  4. You moms that run with strollers are super hard core. :) And I love spinach... it is really good just sauteed in a pan for a couple of minutes with a little garlic powder and pepper.

  5. I have yet to try the "spinach in a smoothie" trick. Maybe I'll eventually give it a try. I actually like the leaf so preparing it into a "looks like poo" form never seems to sound appealing. Glad it turned out ok!

  6. Geh. Spinach.

    BUT! A neighbor was using a table saw last weekend, and I was telling Mike how that & lawn mowers are INSTANT reminders of summer & can simultaneously put me to sleep. I looooove the sound of lawn mowers!

  7. I didn't win but I did read the whole blog!

    How much of each ingredient did you put in your smoothie?? Most times I don't think I could handle the ingredients but yours sounds do-able.

  8. I need to start adding Spinach to my smoothie - I did frozen watermelon last night and all I can say is AWESOME!

  9. Sweet!!
    I looooove me some spinach, but the idea of it in a smoothie kind of freaks me out... All the cool kids are doing it, though, so it can't be all bad?

  10. if you're feeling daring next time you make a smoothie, you can replace the spinach with kale- much nutrient dense with antioxidants and still tastes pretty close when blended together!

  11. MMM smoothie!!! Mine usually look more like sludge. But tasty!

    LAWN MOWERS?! People had snow-blowers out yesterday. I need to move.

  12. Gosh, wasn't yesterday GLORIOUS here in PNW?! I love the sound of distant lawn mowers in the spring/summer :)

  13. If you're into smoothies.... I love green smoothies! But I don't like spinach in them because, well, frankly, I just love spinach in its raw plain form, no need to add stuff... My fave smoothie is

    1 avocado
    1 large banana
    1 cup ice
    a little water to make it smooth enough to drink...
    (serves 2, or half it all for 1)

    It's not low fat, or low calorie, but if I need to replace a meal, this is my GO TO smoothie.


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