Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting Dekinkdefied

Oh boy.  I.AM.SORE.

Travis and I did a hardcore lifting session Sunday evening as Goober watched.  We totally wrecked ourselves with deadlifts, bench, bat swings, calf raises, punching bag, jumps, planks, side bends, squats, and some plyo.  *Phew!*

Last night's run was supposed to be a "recovery" run, but I just kept picking up the pace, which was actually frustrating.  My body was so achy, I felt ancient.  There were two giant boulders where my butt should've been and my quads were wicked tight.  You want to know one of the reasons I kept getting faster?  I was a little angry.  Here's why:

They're baaaaaack
CRAP BAGS!  I'm making that sign.  They first made an appearance last June, disappeared, then I guess the dog owner decided to get super lazy yet again.

Any last questions for me for the question post?  Anyone?  Anybody?  Bueller? 

Alright, I'm off to tackle the day with my little Goober doll and Murphy kitty.  Don't forget to check out the Road ID giveaway AND the new Running Giveaway Listing site Runner Swag (follow! be in the know!).


  1. Ok...what is the point of picking up your dog's crap, if you are just going to leave it on the sidewalk?? If your going to do the work, then THROW IT AWAY! Ew. That is so gross.

  2. Looks like a good place to put a trash can! (Think the owner would use it? Or drop the lil baggies beside it!?)

  3. Ewww! You go ahead and make that sign!!!

  4. First of all, love the word "dekinkdefied"

    Seriously?? They make the effort to bag the crap, but then leave it?! That just rude!

  5. woooo! checking out your blog and say you are doing the seattle RnR. i am too! it will be my first marathon... excited and nervous!

  6. Being a dog owner myself there are a couple of things I don't understand about the crap bags. One of them is: I honestly believe that you should ALWAYS clean up after your dog and then throw the crap bag in a bin!

  7. I hate when people don't pick up after their dogs. I agree, if they went to the effort to bag it up why didn't they throw it in the trash? Make that sign!

    Mr. Bentley has a sweet "business" suit that he wears on our runs so he can carry his own "business" until we find a proper trash can. People have commented on it many times :)

  8. Oh nooooooo, not the crap bags again! You definitely need to make a sign.

    Killah workout!

  9. I think the first I read about the crap bags I was like "huh". Then when you posted about them I thought about this. During Spring Break we headed down to Santa Fe, New Mexico. One big thing I noticed is that there is A LOT of trash everywhere. I guess everyone is a litter bug there. Well, I was hiking with the kids and the dogs and of course Teo poops about 2 minutes into the walk. I did not want to carry it and we were so close to the trail head I ran down and threw it away. A lady made a comment - she said thank you for throwing that away - alot of people just leave it on the trail. I was thinking "huh" I have never heard of picking up dog poop in the poop bag and then leaving it on the trail - that is digusting. Sometimes I will leave it hiding on the side of the trail just because I don't want to carry it but I always pick it back up on my back down. I am SHOCKED that so many people think it is acceptable to just leave bags of dog poop sitting on the side of the trail.
    In Santa Fe, I did pick up the ones I saw on the way down.


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