Thursday, March 3, 2011

Down With the Sickness?

Sick/sad Goober
What happens when you come down with a cold?  You know, one of those nasty bugs that just seems to linger around your family, friends and coworkers?  You try to avoid it like a sleazy ex-boyfriend but you still end up with a nose that runs faster than you doing sprints.  Well, that's me these past couple days--and I haven't run since Monday.

Oh!  The guilt!  

Marathon training is tough enough, so if you get sick and miss runs, do you just wallow in that guilt like I do?  Or do you tough it up and go on with your training like nothing's up?  My running buddies know that I seem to "run faster" after a glass of wine (I swear by it, but don't do it often at all...come on!  I'm not a boozy!), so how would it be any different all drugged up on Dayquil or Sudafed?  Well, perhaps I would be more carefree in my stepping choices and therefore the chance of face-planting on the sidewalk increases.  Ah yes, that would make for a (painful) great post, wouldn't it.

Just curious.  I hope everyone stays well during this time of year!  Take care of yourselves! :)


  1. I usually do run when I am sick, especially if it is head cold kind of stuff. If I had pneumonia or bronchitis or a fever I wouldn't, but when it is stuffy head, nose, cough kind of stuff I do. It actually seems to make me feel better after and I seem to get over colds faster since I started running.
    But if you feel the need to rest you should do it and you should do so GUILT FREE. You know what your body needs, and if it is rest, then you are doing your body good by taking a few days off.
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Hope you and Goober feel better soon! We've had a nasty cold bug all week-blah! We've just been going on long walks for some fresh air at least :(

  3. I've been struggling through this week too with a head/sinus/chest cold. I've gotten in my runs, but not the 100% effort as normal. I figure some is better than nothing. HOPE YOUR FAMILY FEELS BETTER SOON!!

  4. I just got over a cold. I decided I wasn't going to skip any runs tho cause my body wasn't aching it was just a sore throat, cough, stuffy nose. I went out about an hour or two after taking cold meds and I felt great. Now after the run the coughing starts up really bad and I swear people probably think I'm dying.
    When I had the flu a few months ago I had to skip all my runs tho which was right at the beginning of my marathon training so it sucked. I would just go by what your body is telling you. I hope you guys feel better soon.

  5. I try, I am pushing my run for today to tomorrow, but my schedule allows that. I feel like death today and this chest cold just makes my lungs hurt. I am hoping a day of rest will make tomorrow better.

  6. I usually follow the "neck up" rule. If my sickness is in my noggin, I run. If it's in my lungs, I bow out. But honestly, I try to listen to my body. If it's telling me that I need to lie on the sofa instead, I do that. (with the appropriate amount of guilt you wrote about!)

  7. If i can run, i do. However last time I was sick i physically couldnt.

  8. Aw boo! I simply thought this was a "Disturbed" reference (I kind of dig that band).

    Cold I try to do something that makes me sweat, but flu, I'm on my back!

  9. It really depends on how sick I am... sometimes the fresh air and endorphins help me feel better, but other times I know I just need to suck it up and rest. Either way, hope you feel better soon!

  10. What's the saying? "If it's in the chest then you must rest." Almost every training plan has enough slack to take a few days off for illness/injury. After all, we're not getting paid tondo this stuff.


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