Thursday, March 31, 2011

Does Mattress Hauling Count?

Didn't have a moment to run yesterday, however, I did manage to get some exercise in with my buddy Jeff.  We set up Trav & my brand new KING mattress yesterday evening.  HOLY CRAP!  Since it was only Jeff and myself (Goober was too sore from her lifting workout to help out this time), it was quite the sight to see us haul this GIANT mattress up 1.5 flights of stairs.  I yelled "Pivot!" at one point, which only made me laugh, thus rendering my strength completely useless and Jeff face-planted on the hardwood.  He was ok, but it was TOO funny.  We both got a good laugh.  In the process I got 5 papercut-like cuts on my fingers, a cut on my forearm and a banged up tricep (man, the mattress pinned me between the door jam and wall---owie!).  And, it was a workout, so I'm counting it. :P

New bed! Goober is enjoying it, and so is Murphy (who is the lump to the left of Goob)
Got a little run on the treadmill in after I put Goober to bed tonight.  Now that I purchased a jogging stroller rain cover, I'm hoping to use it.  That, or the weather could cooperate?  Wishful thinking.

Glad it's Friday tomorrow!  YAY!  Happy almost Friday everyone!


  1. We could run with our joggers on a flat paved trail tomorrow. Let me know!

    Pivot made me laugh! I always say that. Makes me giggle every time.

  2. King beds are the best. J and I got one last February and it's been heaven!

    Totally thought Goob was a doll. That bed makes her look so tiny!

  3. I love king sized beds. Jonathan and I always get a king when we are traveling and staying in a hotel and feel so confined when we get back home! The odd part is that we still sleep RIGHT next to each other and don't use all the extra room at all.

  4. Sure it does!

    Love the picture.

  5. hah! Good workout! It totally counts! And I'm sorry about your paper cuts. They are THE worst.

  6. welcome to royal sleeping :)

  7. Awesome! I'm jealous! Brian and I could use a bigger bed!

  8. Ha, pivottttt! Did you ever see the outtakes from that episode? Funniest thing ever.


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