Sunday, March 27, 2011

Can Do 5K Recap


Well.  This race was, um, not my finest.  In fact, I was 2 seconds slower this year than last year.  But, I have a good reason, I suppose.

I MISSED the start of the race.

WHAT????  You read that correctly.  I was just chillin', watching some kids play on this awesome bubblewrap spread when I heard the starting gun.  What the #&*(!&???  According to my watch, I had about 7 minutes until the 8:50am start time.  Well, apparently the race people perhaps got too anxious and started early?  In a confused daze I asked some random dude with a bib number if this was the start to the 5K run and he said "it's for everything--the run and walk."  Crap!  I sprinted over the starting mat, fumbling to get my iPhone tunes working and dodging the walkers that I had started with.  I looked up ahead on the hill and saw that I was waaaaaaaaay far behind the starter runners.  Double crap!  To make up for lost time I was weaving around people like a freaking maniac, but I never really got my stride.  There was no stretching time, or even time to just gather my thoughts/wits/guts, just GO time.  And I was not in the zone.
Kids running on bubblewrap. My distraction apparently.

Ugh.  At least it didn't rain, right?  Yeah.  I knew somethings were just not going well when I got up this morning.  My stomach was not feeling very good and I was overcome with just a "blah" feeling.  A little bummed that Travis and Goober weren't going to join me, of course.  And, if you've run with me before, you may know that I never need to use the restroom hardly ever during a race or before a race.  Well, I needed the restroom before this race.  Bad omen much?

Oh well.  I got my 5K on.  And I somehow managed a decent placing.  Next year I'm bringing a friend, or two!

Mileage - 3.1
Time - 25:35
Overall - 50 out of 654
Division Place - 3 out of 53 (F25-29)
Sex Place - 14 out of 421
Pace - 8:15

Post-race. The only pic I'll probably have of this race.


  1. AHH! You missed the start? Crazy. You still did awesome. I nearly missed the start for my marathon yesterday due to traffic. Total freakout!

  2. Great time for dodging and weaving through people! I hate feeling frantic at the start of a race - always throws my pace off.

  3. Dang!! Good job...once you actually started!! =) Was it chip time or gun time? If it was gun time then Double Dang!! =)

  4. Nice time! I would have been upset had that happened but it seemed you handled it better than I would have.

    And then to get third in your AG? Gnarly.

  5. But you did awesome, though! Way to go! It is frustrating to have to zigzag around walkers (done that too) and not be able to get into your groove, but what a story! To miss the start of a race BUT STILL rock on this race. Great job!

  6. OMG, how funny! Although that bubble warp does look fun for the kids!
    Fabulous job on your time anyway! Holy smokes!

  7. I love that you missed the start and still placed in your age group! So funny!

  8. I can't believe the race started early! It's awesome that you placed in your AG even after missing the start. Way to go!

  9. Oh my gosh that's crazy! Good job even though you were literally running behind!

  10. Congrats on pulling off a great race! I don't know if I would have the guts if I missed the start - I'd be panicked!!

  11. Haha. You still did really well considering you gave everyone else a head-start!! :)

    You have one speed, one gear, GO!

  12. I would have been freaking out if I missed the start. But that bubble wrap looks soo fun!
    Great job on your pace!


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