Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bullet Points

A couple of things:

  • ActiveWrap was kind enough to offer $5 off your order when you use blog5 at checkout.  Be sure to LIKE them on Facebook, too!
  • I'm still up for answering any question you have for me.  See {this post}...apparently I may be an open book on this blog because there's not a lot people are curious about!
  • I started a Running Giveaway listing site called "Runner Swag." Check it out.  If you want a giveaway posted to the site, then send me an e-mail to with the info.
  • Subscribe to Whooga's Newsletter and be entered to win a pair of ugg boots!  Easy as pie!  Click here to subscribe.
  • My husband has Adonis DNA.
  • Goober is obsessed with her tongue lately.  She's a goof.  
"No, Goober. The kitty binky doesn't go in your ear, silly."
  • Congrats to TMB on getting a 34 minute marathon PR yesterday!
More later.  Happy Sunday!


  1. I love Goober to death!

    Thanks for the love!

  2. Oh my gosh she is ADORABLE!

  3. My nephew makes that same face! It's cute when little ones discover things that make us giggle :)

  4. What a cutie! My girls didn't have that amount of hair till they were 3.

  5. She is super cute. I have two boys ages five and six and I'm wishing I had a little girl of my own right about now. There's to much testosterone in my house.

  6. HI Zoe! Great to find you and see your comment! Thanks. Your sweet baby has the same birthday as me! Nov. 9th. ;) Good day to be born! 32 years apart but same day.


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