Friday, March 11, 2011

All That Energy Gel Talk...

...and my energy level is zapped.

I haven't run in two days.  Yesterday I got another laser treatment from my sis, and so I wasn't allowed to sweat for at least 24 hours (trust me, it stings if you do!).  Then today I was just wiped out, and my sore throat kind of came back.  Ugh.

However, tomorrow I'm going rollerskating for my nephew's 6th there's a workout!  Then Sunday morning is my FIRST RACE!  WOOHOO!  I'm soooooo excited!  I'm determined to PR this course again.

{Winner of the Gel-Bot will be announced tomorrow!}

And because picture-less posts are not as fun, I leave you with Goober's 4 month photo.  G'night! :)


  1. Good luck Sunday.

    Goob is so cute, btw. She looks like a dolly!

  2. your little goober is just the cutest thing ever!

  3. She is so cute. Look at all of her hair!

  4. Stop it!!! She is so darn cute!!!

  5. Have fun roller skating and good luck at the race!

  6. Good luck with your race!! And good luck with the roller skating!! =) Love Goob!! She is way too cute for her own good. =)

  7. What a budding model - I love her pose! The Goober is such a cutie-pie!!!

    Good luck on your race tomorrow - have fun, most of all!

  8. Oh my god! Look at that sassy pose! Sooo cute;)


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