Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 St. Patrick's Day Dash Recap

My fans, before heading out into the cold
Two years ago, this was my first race back-in-the-game.  It wasn't a pretty one either: freezing cold, rain, giant snowflakes and WIND.  This year it was just like that, minus the snow (thank goodness).  But, unlike other years I had TWO spectators cheering for me this time: Travis and Goober!  We totally bundled Miss Goob up for her Mommy's first race, and I'm happy to report that she was such a good little baby!  It was cold and miserable out, but Travis said she was completely fine--talking away under her blankets and rain shield. :)  That's my girl!

Also unlike last year, I didn't have to sprint to get to the starting line. We parked nearly an hour before the start, and I'm thankful for not being rushed.  While we were waiting under some shelter before I headed off to stand with my wave a woman asked me about racing and being a mom.  She said I "looked like I've raced before" and had a "runner's body."  Thanks!  I think?  Apparently her teenage son was running and was a little annoyed that this race was cutting into his track practice?  I'm not sure I understand that, but ok. ;)

After getting good luck kisses from my loves (well, Goob gave me a sloppy, drooly smile) I made my way to the middle front of the Green wave.  Mistake #1.  Once the race started I was dodging and weaving people that were leisurely jogging and just chatting away...I'm racing here, people!  I got stuck a couple times and couldn't really get my place in the crowd until around the .75 mile mark. Humpf.  I was a little disappointed with myself for not having the confidence to start further up front and get a good pace in right away.

Then I realized that I forgot to take a puff from my inhaler.  Mistake #2.  I was sucking wind and trying to stabilize my breathing for a long time.  Thank goodness the cold air somehow makes me breathe a little easier if I forget my inhaler.

My music was loud and I was getting in the zone up that giant sloping hill that makes up the first half of the race.  I heard my name to my left and saw a childhood friend, Melanie, running beside me!  "Hey Melanie!  How's it goin'?"  She replied "Good!" and got lost in the crowd.

One reason I love this course is that it's a large out-and-back and you can see the elite runners coming down the hill.  It's fun to see how many of them I recognize, and I always yell "Go get 'em, girls!" to the first women I see.  Man, I wonder how they are so fast.  Makes me want to drink their Kool-Aid. ;)

The downhill was where I just zoned out until I was near the finish.  Around the last corner a part of me was wondering if I could even do my usual sprint kick to the finish line.  I felt wiped out.  But, I saw a person ahead of me that I said "I'm going to beat him" and took off.  Trav caught me as I passed and said I looked fantastic.  At least I looked speedy!
Oh!  I see the finish line!
Post-race smiley face
As I waited at the meeting spot for Travis I heard a "Nice skirt!" comment come from behind me.  I turn around to a bright-eyed blonde wearing a Running Skirt green plaid skirt...I recognized her immediately and said "Hi!  You must be Larissa!  I'm Zoe, a Running Skirt fan!"  How cool!  She introduced me to her hubby (who, by the way, she beat in the race!), and I introduced her to Travis and the little Goob monster.  We chatted for a bit and she told me about some races she's set to run in the near future.  It was great to meet another fellow running blogger from the PNW. :)

Little Goober was getting tired and we couldn't stick around for the finish line festivities because of the icky rain (boo), so we headed home.

BUT, you know what Gus displayed as I finished?  A 30:03!  A TWO MINUTE PR from last year's time!  HECK YES!

It wasn't until later that I found out that I did pretty well in my division--top 50, baby!

Mileage - 3.8
Post-race GOOFY FACE
Time - 30:01
Overall - 859 out of 7353
Division Place - 41 out of 785
Sex Place - 167 out of 4085
Pace - 7:54


  1. Great job Zoe! Congrats on the PR! :) By the way, that picture of Travis and Goob is adorable!:)

  2. Yeah! Great job Zoe! What will next year bring? DO you have any other races planned before Seattle RNR?

  3. Wow! So speedy, lady! Nice job!

  4. Wow, congrats!! That's a huge PR!!!

  5. Congratulations on your race! Nice job and cute skirt!

  6. DANG!!! Speedy speederton!! Sub 8 pace is rockn!! Great job!!

    I love the orange shirt BTW, super cute!!

    So was the course long or was is supposed to be 3.8 miles?

  7. What's up speedy girl!!! I love that you picked out someone to pass right before the finish. I always think, "Oh heck no you're not going to beat me!" then I try to pass! Way to go!

  8. awesome job on the new PR. congrats!

    love the orange shirt :)

  9. Stellar job on the race, especially after a crowded start! Next time, you know where to line up!

  10. AWESOME JOB! I was there also and happy with my 45 minute time! You speedy ladies AMAZE me! Great work!

  11. CONGRATS on your PR!! That's so exciting!!

  12. Awesome, supertastic, from one new mom to rock!


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