Thursday, March 31, 2011

Does Mattress Hauling Count?

Didn't have a moment to run yesterday, however, I did manage to get some exercise in with my buddy Jeff.  We set up Trav & my brand new KING mattress yesterday evening.  HOLY CRAP!  Since it was only Jeff and myself (Goober was too sore from her lifting workout to help out this time), it was quite the sight to see us haul this GIANT mattress up 1.5 flights of stairs.  I yelled "Pivot!" at one point, which only made me laugh, thus rendering my strength completely useless and Jeff face-planted on the hardwood.  He was ok, but it was TOO funny.  We both got a good laugh.  In the process I got 5 papercut-like cuts on my fingers, a cut on my forearm and a banged up tricep (man, the mattress pinned me between the door jam and wall---owie!).  And, it was a workout, so I'm counting it. :P

New bed! Goober is enjoying it, and so is Murphy (who is the lump to the left of Goob)
Got a little run on the treadmill in after I put Goober to bed tonight.  Now that I purchased a jogging stroller rain cover, I'm hoping to use it.  That, or the weather could cooperate?  Wishful thinking.

Glad it's Friday tomorrow!  YAY!  Happy almost Friday everyone!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting Dekinkdefied

Oh boy.  I.AM.SORE.

Travis and I did a hardcore lifting session Sunday evening as Goober watched.  We totally wrecked ourselves with deadlifts, bench, bat swings, calf raises, punching bag, jumps, planks, side bends, squats, and some plyo.  *Phew!*

Last night's run was supposed to be a "recovery" run, but I just kept picking up the pace, which was actually frustrating.  My body was so achy, I felt ancient.  There were two giant boulders where my butt should've been and my quads were wicked tight.  You want to know one of the reasons I kept getting faster?  I was a little angry.  Here's why:

They're baaaaaack
CRAP BAGS!  I'm making that sign.  They first made an appearance last June, disappeared, then I guess the dog owner decided to get super lazy yet again.

Any last questions for me for the question post?  Anyone?  Anybody?  Bueller? 

Alright, I'm off to tackle the day with my little Goober doll and Murphy kitty.  Don't forget to check out the Road ID giveaway AND the new Running Giveaway Listing site Runner Swag (follow! be in the know!).

Monday, March 28, 2011

Road ID Review & Giveaway

You know that saying "Safety first?"  Well, it's uber important for an athlete...especially when out on the open road.  Since we aren't in that age where our medical info or identification is embedded in a microchip under our skin yet (I think?), the next best thing is to wear an ID of some sort.  A Road ID in particular.

Goober's is pink, mine's purple. Awwww.
I've had my Wrist ID Elite Road ID for some time now, prior to being contacted by OutsidePR for a review.  But when I was asked to test Road ID out for real, I jumped at the chance:  Goober goes running with me now, and she needed her own ID just in case.  I designed a Wrist ID Sport in girly pink for Miss Goober, and also ordered a bright blue Firefly for my night runs.  Sorry flashing blue Aetna light...I just don't like chasing you down the street.

Goober's ID has her name, full birthdate, hometown, 3 emergency phone numbers, a "NKA" (No Known Allergies) and "Baby Goober" for good measure.  My Road ID has my name, year of birth, hometown, 2 emergency contacts, my penicillin allergy alert and "Angelfish - LiveLoveLaugh" for luck.  That's some really important information in case anything happens to me during one of my solo runs with the Goob monster.  I truly hope my Road ID is never put to use...
"Don't go into the light, Carolann!"
The blue Firefly is pretty awesome.  It either blinks or is a constant LED light for all your night running safety needs.  I clip this bad boy on the back of my running hat and it stays put (unlike some other blue flashing lights that shall remain anonymous...).  My only gripe would be that turning the light on and off by twisting the top kind of hurts.  I always have to use my shirt as a buffer.  Owie.

I want you to be safe out there!!  And now for the giveaway!
One lucky winner will receive a $35 gift code for a Road ID.  

Here's the scoop on how to win:
(Please leave separate comments for each entry)
Mandatory entry:
Additional entries:
  • Follow RZR via Google Friend Connect, or let me know you already do (1 entry)
  • "Like" Road ID on Facebook & let them know Run, Zoë, Run! sent you (1 entry)
  • Follow Road ID on Twitter (@RoadID) (1 entry)
  • "Like" Run, Zoë, Run! on Facebook (1 entry)
  • Tweet this 
    • "Stay safe out there! Your chance to win a @RoadID is with @RunZoeRun" 
    • or Click 
  • Link to this giveaway on your blog, Twitter (include @RunZoeRun), or Facebook.  Let me know in a comment (1 entry each)
The giveaway will end at midnight Friday 4/8, with the winner picked via or Miss Goober if she feels so inclined.  Winner announced on Saturday the 9th.  OutsidePR will send the prize to the winner. :)

**Note:  All reviews are based on my own personal experience with the specific products I was provided with.  I received these products free of charge from RoadID/OutsidePR and was not compensated for my review. Gift card provided courtesy of RoadID.**

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bullet Points

A couple of things:

  • ActiveWrap was kind enough to offer $5 off your order when you use blog5 at checkout.  Be sure to LIKE them on Facebook, too!
  • I'm still up for answering any question you have for me.  See {this post}...apparently I may be an open book on this blog because there's not a lot people are curious about!
  • I started a Running Giveaway listing site called "Runner Swag." Check it out.  If you want a giveaway posted to the site, then send me an e-mail to with the info.
  • Subscribe to Whooga's Newsletter and be entered to win a pair of ugg boots!  Easy as pie!  Click here to subscribe.
  • My husband has Adonis DNA.
  • Goober is obsessed with her tongue lately.  She's a goof.  
"No, Goober. The kitty binky doesn't go in your ear, silly."
  • Congrats to TMB on getting a 34 minute marathon PR yesterday!
More later.  Happy Sunday!

Can Do 5K Recap


Well.  This race was, um, not my finest.  In fact, I was 2 seconds slower this year than last year.  But, I have a good reason, I suppose.

I MISSED the start of the race.

WHAT????  You read that correctly.  I was just chillin', watching some kids play on this awesome bubblewrap spread when I heard the starting gun.  What the #&*(!&???  According to my watch, I had about 7 minutes until the 8:50am start time.  Well, apparently the race people perhaps got too anxious and started early?  In a confused daze I asked some random dude with a bib number if this was the start to the 5K run and he said "it's for everything--the run and walk."  Crap!  I sprinted over the starting mat, fumbling to get my iPhone tunes working and dodging the walkers that I had started with.  I looked up ahead on the hill and saw that I was waaaaaaaaay far behind the starter runners.  Double crap!  To make up for lost time I was weaving around people like a freaking maniac, but I never really got my stride.  There was no stretching time, or even time to just gather my thoughts/wits/guts, just GO time.  And I was not in the zone.
Kids running on bubblewrap. My distraction apparently.

Ugh.  At least it didn't rain, right?  Yeah.  I knew somethings were just not going well when I got up this morning.  My stomach was not feeling very good and I was overcome with just a "blah" feeling.  A little bummed that Travis and Goober weren't going to join me, of course.  And, if you've run with me before, you may know that I never need to use the restroom hardly ever during a race or before a race.  Well, I needed the restroom before this race.  Bad omen much?

Oh well.  I got my 5K on.  And I somehow managed a decent placing.  Next year I'm bringing a friend, or two!

Mileage - 3.1
Time - 25:35
Overall - 50 out of 654
Division Place - 3 out of 53 (F25-29)
Sex Place - 14 out of 421
Pace - 8:15

Post-race. The only pic I'll probably have of this race.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Whooga Ugg Boots Review

Remember that post a few weeks back about the boutique brand of ugg boots called Whooga uggs?  Well, here's the results of me testing out their tall black ugg boot.  Keep in mind that ugg boots are a type of boot (sheepskin), not a brand.  The brand "UGG Australia" just so happens to use "Ugg" in their name, so it confuses people...including me.

Now, I was an ugg skeptic.  To me, these boots should only be worn around the house because they looked too much like slippers, and they weren't very, um, pretty.  Well, I think I may have changed my mind.  Whooga Ugg boots are incredibly soft, warm, cozy, convenient, and simply scrumptious.  There I said it!  I'm no longer an ugg skeptic...I'm a FAN.

When the package arrived in the mail I was super stoked to begin wearing these boots, however, the condition of the packaging left me a little worried.  The box itself was pretty banged up, and there wasn't even a tissue covering over the boots.  If I'd been a paying customer, I would have probably been a little upset that my pretty boots weren't protected very well.  But alas, the boots were perfectly fine.

You're supposed to wear Whooga ugg boots without socks because:

  • The sheepskin contains lanolin which promotes circulation and is a natural moisturizer
  • The sole of the boot molds to your foot shape (just like a flip-flop sandal does)
  • The thermofleece inner lining is supposed to regulate air flow around your foot, to keep your feet at the right temperature and reduce sweating (and smelly boots)

My Thoughts:
Initially the boots smelled a little like new foam/rubber and I just let them air out for a day and they were fine.  Also, I felt like the sole of the boot was a little tough, with little padding, but once I started wearing them they seemed to soften up a bit.  I definitely noticed that they kept my feet really warm, even without socks--and I've got notoriously clammy feet.  My feet did get a little sweaty at times, mainly when running around the house with Goober, but like I said before, my feet are clammy (really).  In terms of looks and construction, these boots are top notch: the stitching is well done, and the color is really rich.  I'm very impressed by all the colors Whooga offers on their site: from the well-known Chestnut color to the lush Violet.  I guess when I thought of ugg boots before, I immediately thought of the chestnut color and disregarded any other options.  I'm so glad I picked black!  To me, they can go with a ton of different wardrobe choices without looking to much like house slippers.

I use my Whooga boots while pacing with Goober during the night, and after a long run.  Comfiness is key!

Sheepskin promotes circulation & warmth
Excellent construction equals a longer-lasting boot
Whooga customer service is fabulous
Boots are WARM!
Convenient: slip on and go
Lanolin is moisturizing

With the black dye, some might run a little with initial use (just don't wear the black boots with white pants tucked in at first!)
Mailing package snafu

Be sure to check out Whooga's website and LIKE them on Facebook too.  Tell 'em Zoë sent ya!

**BONUS!**  Whooga was kind enough to extend the coupon code for a discount on their ugg boots for RZR readers! Just use 1402ZOERUN for 10% your order at checkout...sweet!!  Code expires on April 14th, so act fast.

**Note: All reviews are based on my own personal experience with the specific product I was provided with.  I received these ugg boots free of charge from Whooga and was not compensated for my review.**

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let Me Have It!

Cherry blossoms!
No running today.  Taking a little rest break, but that doesn't mean I haven't been active all day...Goober keeps me on my toes.  When she's taking naps and I'm in another room, she starts whimpering/crying and I ruuuuuuuuuun to give her her bink.  Then I ruuuuuuuuun back to whatever I was doing.  This necessitates a lot of stair running, too.  I'd like to think of it as my indoor fartleks. ;)

So here's the deal, I'm going to jump on the question bandwagon....

Ask me anything. That's right.  Anything.  
(Well, except what my Social Security number is. Sorry)

Go ahead, and let me have it.  I'll post answers in, well, another post.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Eats Me Spinach

There may be a winner in this post, if you make it to the end.

Sooooooo excited that Spring is finally here.  Today's run was just the perfect beginning to the Spring season with my little Goober.  It was sunny, warm, and the lawn mowers were in full swing.  Ahhhhh.  During the run I also heard one of my favorite sounds: a nail gun securing down roofing.  Yeah, weird I know.  It's just that my Dad is a contractor and those type of sounds are ones I grew up with and remind me of home (and my Dad).  Another favorite sound is a table saw, with the skillsaw a close third. ;)  And don't even get me started on the smell of sawdust and wood (get yer mind outta that gutter! ha!).  

Anyway, back to the run...

Pushing Goob in Gizmo (the jogger) was TOUGH with the wind holding me back.  Hello drag!  The sunshade on Gizmo was like a sail, and it made me work twice as hard just to run on flat pavement.  Well, strength training and cardio in one, right?  It was cute to see Goob's hair waving in the wind, she EL-OH-VEE-EE's being outside.  She just mellows out and takes everything in.  

Me & my Goob...who looks like she's upset that the run is over.
After the beautiful run I made a smoothie with some green stuff called "Spinach."  Yeah, I'm not a foodie...I repeat, NOT a foodie at all, but Travis and I are trying to eat better lately.  I've been making a bunch of smoothies, which helps me increase my fruit intake, and today I added the green stuff that makes Popeye's muscles bulge.  You know, spinach has been a constant ingredient in my salads (when I do eat them) and especially my Subway Veggie subs, but I never thought I'd drink it through a straw.
It's colorful, so it must be healthy, right?
The blender had a tough time with the monster banana that Travis picked up and I also ran out of soy milk and moo milk.  When it did finally blend, it looked like this:
Mmmm, appetizing much?
You may not be able to see it, but there are spinach particles just chillin' on the top of that smoothie cup.  YUMMEH.  It looked like poo.  I pretended it was chocolate.  The verdict: it wasn't that bad.

What I added:
frozen raspberries
giant banana
soy milk

I bet you are wondering who won the GU Giveaway, right?  You just skipped past my running ramblings and smoothie recipe and went right for the good stuff, eh?  Alright.  I'll forgive you.  Just this once!

Well, after adding all the entries into's List randomizer there were 132 entries.  
And the winner is....


Congrats! Shoot me an e-mail to :)

ActiveWrap Product Review

Everyone knows that I have bad feet.  They've suffered stress fractures, morton's neuromas, plantars warts, missing toenails, tendonitis, you name it.  I actually have my own gray "boot" and crutches because I needed them so much.  So, when ActiveWrap contacted me with an offer to try out their Hot/Cold Therapy compression foot/ankle wrap, how in the world could I say no?  And let me tell you, I am so grateful for this product!

Foot/Ankle Wrap
Let's say that the other day's ice bath helped my muscles, as I was definitely not sore the next day (score!), but my joints (ankles in particular) enjoy a little "spot treatment" for the most part.  I like to stick to icing those areas when needed...and lately, that's a lot.

Here are the specs (via ActiveWrap's site):
  • Includes the ActiveWrap compress support wrap and two reusable 4.5" x 7" heat & ice packs packaged in a handy nylon drawstring storage bag.
  • "New" Specially formulated non-toxic gelatinous thermal material that completely alleviates gel migration away from the injured site found in competitors' packs.  This unique composition is vacuum sealed in a sturdy 8.5mil PE/Nylon covering and slipped into a re-closing, washable, nylon pouch.
  • Patented technology utilizes rugged hook and loop to secure and position your heat and ice exactly where you need it.
  • Active medical plush supporter delivers an ultra soft feel with jersey outside and lycra trim lining.
  • One Year Warranty, Latex Free, Washable, and Reusable for years of use.
  • Available in Sm-Md (Size 3-10 foot), Lg-XL (Size 10.5-18 foot)
Icing the top and bottom of my foot
My thoughts:
I must say, this thing is pretty amazing.  The "gel" packets stay cold for a long time.  Yes, really...a LONG time.  I timed it and just stopped at around 3 hours.  Granted, I did not ice my foot for 3 hours, but the pack stayed cold for that long.  Awesomesauce.  Then there's the fact that the packets mold to my foot and are not hard as a rock like my other ice packs--another very neat feature.  The compression wrap feels like neoprene (like some of my scuba gear), and it fits really well to my foot.  

The packets are very easy to warm up in the microwave, and they still stay malleable.  Not only do I find them to be super comfy on my feet, I also found another use for them: to warm up my daughter's crib.  Oh goodness!  It's fantastic!  I place the two packets where I am going to lay her a couple minutes before putting her to bed and she's all warm and cozy.  

Gel packs stay super cold for a long time
Packets stay soft and aren't hard like other ice packs
Able to be used hot or cold
Packets stay in place easily with compression wrap and velcro slip-covers
ActiveWrap has wraps for feet, back, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists
Price is great, and there's a 1 year warranty


For more information, check out ActiveWrap's website or "Like" them on Facebook here.

**Note:  All reviews are based on my own personal experience with the specific product that I was provided with.  I received this product free of charge from ActiveWrap and was not compensated for my review. **

Monday, March 21, 2011

MY RUN Tix Winner

Congrats, Kimberly!

Enjoy the show!  And since you are expecting, then this is a perfect little treat for you and your hubby.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Of (Dead) Mice and (Wo)Men

Rubber ducky, you're the one...
Not only did I run the second longest run ever--16 miles!--I decided to try Kerrie's post-run bubble ice bath.  OH GOODNESS.  It's so killer at first, then after my legs went numb, it wasn't so bad.  I actually lasted a full 10 minutes.

But first, about this morning's run...

Met up with Kerrie on the Cedar River Trail for 15 miles, but a couple things were not going our way when we started:
1.  I forgot gloves, and it was COLD
2.  We were both late to our 7am meet-up
3.  Kerrie didn't have her house key
4.  We nearly started without locking our car doors
5.  I unknowingly wore two socks that should be retired from rotation...the backs of the socks were under my feet within a couple miles
6.  Did I mention it was COLD?  And I'm stupid to wear a t-shirt and capris...

Sally, Kerrie, Patty and Alma
The porta-potty at the half mile mark had its door swing open by itself.  Creepy.  There was NO wind.  Trail ghost!  Kerrie and I got into a groove and all of a sudden we were at mile 3 waving to Alma, Sally and Patty.  Wow, that was fast!  The other ladies were out for only 8, so we were going to run 4 with them and then go separate ways.  It was so nice to meet Sally and Patty today!  They are speedy!  And Patty was super brave and only wore her Running capris or tights underneath.

I just listened to everyone's conversations, as my head was trying to stay focused on finishing these miles.  For some reason my breathing was totally cool, but my body felt like I had aged 20 years.  I felt so stiff!  Stupid feet and ankles.  :(  The cold temperature didn't help either.  I usually get warm after 2 miles, but I still couldn't feel my hands or elbows at the halfway mark.  The sun took forever to burn through the dense fog looming, too.  Once the sun came out, it was more manageable...and I regained use of my "claw" hands.

Oo La La!
When the time came for us to separate, we stopped and took a couple pics.  Kerrie and I decided to just go another mile instead of just a make an even 16.  EEK!  We ran into some cops on the side of the road looking in a ditch for something (keys?  I think?), a band of dudes walking a really excited yellow lab, some friendly runners, some not-so-friendly runners, courteous cyclists, an interestingly dressed runner dude with really wild colored running tights (think straight from the 80s), and of course the dog walker (or two).  And of course, I nearly stepped on yet another dead mouse.  This one was not frozen, but it had guts all over.  Graphic?  Yeah.  Sorry.  Poor thing.  I swear it was already dead when I saw it.
Tree hugger

Kerrie and I picked up the pace for the last mile and were seeing some sub-9 times.  We just wanted to be done!  Once finished, we had to strike model poses for the camera.

Have I ever mentioned how AWESOME butt warmer seats in cars are?  No really.  They.Are.Amazing.  However, I still couldn't feel my ass when I got home, which was fine, because I was going to attempt an ice bath.

I got all my supplies ready: Goober, Murphy cat, bubbles, ice, iPhone for a timer, towel, Goober's rubber duck, lady balls aka "courage."  The first step into the freezing water was not fun.  But I just sat down, gritted my teeth, and slowly lost feeling in my limbs.  Hurray!  I think it was working!  At least I couldn't feel my feet burning or my ankles aching.  Heck, I couldn't feel my toes.  I made it to ten minutes precisely and swiftly got dried off.  Success!  On went the Salonpas patches and compression socks, and the rest of the day was cake (a hobble-y, sore piece of cake).


I can't feel my legs!*
Murphy was my lifeguard and monitored my progress
Goober babbled and talked shop with me to pass time

*What movie is this quote from?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Can't Get Anything Done

I hate when Travis has business trips.  It SUCKS.

I've been meaning to write and review a ton while he was gone, but Goober has been demanding and so has Murphy cat.


In fact, as I type, Murphy is laying on my right arm, making it difficult to maneuver the mouse let alone type, and Goober keeps spitting out her bink while attempting to sleep in her swing.  I wish I had 6 arms.

As many people would say at this point: "Welcome to parenthood."  Yeah yeah yeah.  I know.

More uplifting posts to follow...

-----End Rant-----

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 St. Patrick's Day Dash Recap

My fans, before heading out into the cold
Two years ago, this was my first race back-in-the-game.  It wasn't a pretty one either: freezing cold, rain, giant snowflakes and WIND.  This year it was just like that, minus the snow (thank goodness).  But, unlike other years I had TWO spectators cheering for me this time: Travis and Goober!  We totally bundled Miss Goob up for her Mommy's first race, and I'm happy to report that she was such a good little baby!  It was cold and miserable out, but Travis said she was completely fine--talking away under her blankets and rain shield. :)  That's my girl!

Also unlike last year, I didn't have to sprint to get to the starting line. We parked nearly an hour before the start, and I'm thankful for not being rushed.  While we were waiting under some shelter before I headed off to stand with my wave a woman asked me about racing and being a mom.  She said I "looked like I've raced before" and had a "runner's body."  Thanks!  I think?  Apparently her teenage son was running and was a little annoyed that this race was cutting into his track practice?  I'm not sure I understand that, but ok. ;)

After getting good luck kisses from my loves (well, Goob gave me a sloppy, drooly smile) I made my way to the middle front of the Green wave.  Mistake #1.  Once the race started I was dodging and weaving people that were leisurely jogging and just chatting away...I'm racing here, people!  I got stuck a couple times and couldn't really get my place in the crowd until around the .75 mile mark. Humpf.  I was a little disappointed with myself for not having the confidence to start further up front and get a good pace in right away.

Then I realized that I forgot to take a puff from my inhaler.  Mistake #2.  I was sucking wind and trying to stabilize my breathing for a long time.  Thank goodness the cold air somehow makes me breathe a little easier if I forget my inhaler.

My music was loud and I was getting in the zone up that giant sloping hill that makes up the first half of the race.  I heard my name to my left and saw a childhood friend, Melanie, running beside me!  "Hey Melanie!  How's it goin'?"  She replied "Good!" and got lost in the crowd.

One reason I love this course is that it's a large out-and-back and you can see the elite runners coming down the hill.  It's fun to see how many of them I recognize, and I always yell "Go get 'em, girls!" to the first women I see.  Man, I wonder how they are so fast.  Makes me want to drink their Kool-Aid. ;)

The downhill was where I just zoned out until I was near the finish.  Around the last corner a part of me was wondering if I could even do my usual sprint kick to the finish line.  I felt wiped out.  But, I saw a person ahead of me that I said "I'm going to beat him" and took off.  Trav caught me as I passed and said I looked fantastic.  At least I looked speedy!
Oh!  I see the finish line!
Post-race smiley face
As I waited at the meeting spot for Travis I heard a "Nice skirt!" comment come from behind me.  I turn around to a bright-eyed blonde wearing a Running Skirt green plaid skirt...I recognized her immediately and said "Hi!  You must be Larissa!  I'm Zoe, a Running Skirt fan!"  How cool!  She introduced me to her hubby (who, by the way, she beat in the race!), and I introduced her to Travis and the little Goob monster.  We chatted for a bit and she told me about some races she's set to run in the near future.  It was great to meet another fellow running blogger from the PNW. :)

Little Goober was getting tired and we couldn't stick around for the finish line festivities because of the icky rain (boo), so we headed home.

BUT, you know what Gus displayed as I finished?  A 30:03!  A TWO MINUTE PR from last year's time!  HECK YES!

It wasn't until later that I found out that I did pretty well in my division--top 50, baby!

Mileage - 3.8
Post-race GOOFY FACE
Time - 30:01
Overall - 859 out of 7353
Division Place - 41 out of 785
Sex Place - 167 out of 4085
Pace - 7:54

Who Wants to Win Tix to MY RUN?

Quick little giveaway for you all!  
Up for grabs are two tickets to see the premiere of My Run on March 31st at a theater near you!

Per the Producer, Mark Castaldo:
MY RUN has partnered with Lance Armstrong's LIVESTRONG with a portion of proceeds from the MY RUN film that evening will be going to benefit the LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION.

We’re all running a marathon one way or another in life. Whether it is staying afloat as a single working parent, battling a disease, losing a loved one or trying to conquer life's obstacles, it all involves a fight. Don't miss this unforgettable uplifting and inspirational story about 57-year-old Terry Hitchcock who ran 75 consecutive marathons in 75 consecutive days to honor his wife and single parent families and their children. The 10 time award-winning and critically acclaimed documentary MY RUN narrated by Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton is coming to 500 movie theaters nationwide for an exclusive one night premiere event on Thursday, March 31st at 7:00pm (Local Time). Immediately following the film on screen, audiences will take a deeper look into the story through a 15 minute interview with star Terry Hitchcock and his son, support team member Chris Hitchcock.

All you have to do to win is leave a comment on this post!  Winner will be selected on Sunday, March 20th and announced on Monday the 21st.

Good luck!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Quickie


I PR'd by over 2 minutes!

Goober and Travis are my amazing cheering section and I'm so lucky!

I met Larissa, aka Nordic Moxie!

Are there enough exclamation points in this post?!  I think not!

Full race recap tomorrow!  

Saturday, March 12, 2011

And the Winner is...

After composing a list and combing some entries together, there was a total of 55 entries.  Yay!

And the winner is #26 - 

Congratulations!  Please e-mail me at and I'll forward your information to the amazing Hydrapak peeps. 

Don't forget to enter my GU Energy Gel ends on 3/22. 

Now, I'm off to bed.  Tomorrow morning is RACE DAY!!!!!
(No, I'm not excited.  Nope.  Not at all!)

Friday, March 11, 2011

All That Energy Gel Talk...

...and my energy level is zapped.

I haven't run in two days.  Yesterday I got another laser treatment from my sis, and so I wasn't allowed to sweat for at least 24 hours (trust me, it stings if you do!).  Then today I was just wiped out, and my sore throat kind of came back.  Ugh.

However, tomorrow I'm going rollerskating for my nephew's 6th there's a workout!  Then Sunday morning is my FIRST RACE!  WOOHOO!  I'm soooooo excited!  I'm determined to PR this course again.

{Winner of the Gel-Bot will be announced tomorrow!}

And because picture-less posts are not as fun, I leave you with Goober's 4 month photo.  G'night! :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"How You GU'in?" - Review & Giveaway

In perfect Joey form, I ask you this:
How you GU'in?

My first GU was the night before my first half marathon: the Seattle Half in November of 2009.  Since GU was to be distributed on the course, I figured I give one a try.  I even have a picture as proof!
Carb loading at The Rock
My first impression with the flavor (Lemon Lime) was that it tasted like Jell-o, but had a gooey consistency that I thought was a little weird.  Not my favorite, I must admit.  However, Tall Mom Mel introduced me to Mint Chocolate GU that following December and, well, the rest is history.  My favorite flavors are the ones that I can pretend are pudding or frosting: Vanilla Bean, Mint Chocolate, Espresso Love, etc.  I swear, give me one of these GUs and I could slather it all over a muffin--they're good!

Now let's talk energy.  

When I take GUs, especially the ones with caffeine, I feel a little kick within minutes.  They give you just the right amount of get-up-and-go without feeling like you have a full tummy.  Now, GUing on the run can be a little tough.  You have to open the package (and in cold weather, it's a lot harder to do with frozen hands!), then squeeze the stuff from the package without getting it all over your hands and face (it takes a few tries! Really!), then you have to swallow it, all while maintaining a pace and breathing.  Yes, breathing.  You MUST remember to breathe.  You see, it's really tough for me to GU on the Go because I almost always choke on the stuff due to its consistency.  BUT, that's just me.  There are plenty of people I know that don't have a problem with this at all.  I guess it's an art form.

I was thankful and happy when I got to try out GU Chomps as an alternative to the GU Energy gel during my long runs.  Oh. My. Goodness.  MUCH better!  I can eat the energy chews so much easier while running, and I don't have the fear of choking and looking like an idiot with brown GU all over my face...or on my butt (true story!  It doesn't look, um, like energy gel when it's on your pants).  The Chomps are just like gummy candy, and they taste fantastic.  It's just the right amount of sweet.  My favorite flavor is Watermelon.  Mmmm.  I drooled on my keyboard.

GU Roctane is like the sassy older sister of the GU energy gel.  It contains everything that the original GU gel has, but with increased amino acids that slow the build-up of lactic acid in muscles as well as other ingredients that keep your body going longer and promote a quicker recovery.  Plus, the flavors are more on the crazy side (Cherry Lime! Pineapple! Vanilla Orange!).

GU Recovery Brew is a great protein/electrolyte/carb/vitamin packed powder that is taken within 30 minutes after training or racing.  It replenishes energy stores and rebuilds muscles, as well as helps you recover from that badass workout you just did.  I tried the Orange Pineapple, and although the flavor sounds fruity, it's not overly intense, but a more bland version so you don't feel like gagging after drinking it.  It definitely helps!

PHEW.  That's my spiel.  You made it!
Now, onto the fun stuff...a GIVEAWAY.

Up for grabs is an assortment of GU products, 
like the picture above.

Here's the scoop on how to win:
(Please leave separate comments for each entry)

Mandatory entry:
First you must be a follower of my blog, then check out the GU Energy site...tell me one interesting thing you learned.  Leave one comment. (1 entry)

Additional entries:
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  • Link to this giveaway on your blog, Twitter (include @RunZoeRun), or Facebook.  Let me know in a comment (1 entry each)
    • Easy to Tweet about this giveaway by clicking the "Tweet" button below
  • Tell me "How you GU'in?" (1 entry)

The giveaway will end at midnight Tuesday 3/22, with the winner picked via or Miss Goober if she feels so inclined.  Winner announced on Wednesday the 23rd.  OutsidePR will ship the GU directly to winner. :)

**Note:  All reviews are based on my own personal experience with the specific product that I was provided with.  I received these products free of charge from GU Energy/OutsidePR and was not compensated for my review. Product in giveaway provided courtesy of GU Energy Labs.**

Like, Totally AWESOME!

I use it too much.  The word awesome.  I need another adjective that can properly convey my need for "awesome" in my posts.  It's a shame that "bitchin'" and "gnarly" are now overused and associated with a cocky, coke-headed butt puppet*.  Thanks, Sheen**.
(I know I said I'd only refer to him in one post the other day, my apologies.  I swear this should be the last.)

Synonym suggestions: 
boss (I like!)
wonderful (yawn)
hairy (what the??)

What word would you suggest?

*I have to give credit to Meredith for "butt puppet."  My new favorite!
**By the way, I used to think Charlie Sheen was HOT.  Back in his "Topper Harley" Hot Shots days...sigh.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Amphibian Buddies Return!

Just so you know: My brain is mush, so these thoughts are fairly random and have no order.  Like my life at the moment. Enjoy!

In honor of miss Kerrie, I decided to run some hills tonight.  Oh yeah, I wanted to feel totally badass and indeed, the hill running worked.  Right before tonight's run I wasn't sure how far I wanted to go, but as soon as I made that first hill my bee-yotch, I was all for 4 miles.

Don't let the size fool you!
I'm happy to say that the marsh frogs are back!  They are singing and creating quite the ruckus in the wetlands around my house and neighborhood.  Dude, they are LOUD.  I love the sound of the frogs at night, especially in the summer.  It's a soothing sound.  Too bad the weather right now is far from what summer is...ugh.  At least it didn't rain on me during the run!

The other day I ran into a nekkid semi.  Man, it hurt!  Just kidding.  I didn't literally run into one, although with this nekkid semi, I could've easily stepped on's part of my nephew's Lego collection.  Isn't it scary???
Yeah, I thought so too. ;)

I'm in the process of processing (yes, I chose those words together) some gear reviews.  So many awesome things to try out!

Goober is 4 months old today!!!  Time is flying by.  I was looking at her pictures from early in month 1, and it's crazy how much she's grown and developed.  She's a teeny little human!  And she's getting more adorable and funny every day.  In fact, she started giggling on Sunday night.  Music to this Mum's ears, I tell ya.  Love.

Ok, enough of this random brain diarrhea.  Time for bed!  G'night!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Only Post w/ Reference to Charlie Sheen

Totally bitchin' & gnarly, dude.
Oh 14 miles, you are a cruel goddess.  But hey, you're not that bad when I have company. ;)

DUH. Winning.

Sunday's 14 miles with Kerrie and Alma was spectacular.  It was overcast, slightly chilly, and the air was crisp.  Sure, there was the occasional sunbreak here and there, but it didn't rain once.  Sa-weet!  Win!  The trail had its fair share of runners, walkers and cyclists, mainly dressed in Kerrie, Alma and I stood out a bit with our clothing color choices: blue, pink and some hot green thrown in for good measure.  Unfortunately we didn't get a pic with Alma at the start, as she only went out 5 miles with us.

This was my longest run since having the Goob, and I must be honest, I was a little nervous!  Last week's 12 miles had me panting and ravenous at the end, and so I was a little worried my stomach would eat me alive if I didn't refuel properly throughout this run.  GAH!  Of course, this is where I need to improve: refueling.  My watermelon GU Chomps held me over for the first 7 miles, but I seriously started fading at mile 11.  Uber fail.  You know my energy level would be much higher if I had drank that Tiger's blood prior to meeting up with Kerrie & Alma....notes for next time.

My life wouldn't be complete without a nekkid semi spotting during my long runs nowadays.  Those filthy buggers are stalking me, I swear.  They are even near my house again.  Thank goodness Kerrie was around as my backup.  Just like I was there for her when our 7-mile-turnaround area was precisely where two big Canadian Geese were resting.  They weren't looking for a fight.  But if they had been...I would've kicked some goose butt.  (Hee hee, goose butt!  I love it!)

Kerrie and I asked ourselves one particularly interesting question:  do other runners take us seriously when we are dressed in our pink/blue/green skirts and running gear?  All the other Sunday AM exercise enthusiasts were donning the standard black and white apparel.  Did they think that we were merely running a mile or two?  We were curious.

If you saw us running, would you have thought we were out for 14 miles?

We only stopped once at the 7 mile mark for a photo-op, some stretching and some refueling.  The other pictures were taken post-run in our noodle-legged delirium.

Kerrie stretches
I collapse/stretch
Overall, Kerrie and I were totally "bi-winners:" for outfit choice and running length!  Ha!
We were banging seven gram rocks and finishing them.  Because that's how we roll...*

*No, not really. That's a Sheen quote reference.  Puh-leeze.

A Little Meditation Break

If you are looking for a little relaxation, stress relief and some spiritual healing, might I suggest taking a look at these crystal singing bowls from Silver Sky Imports.  Not only are they beautifully crafted from nearly 100% pure quartz crystal, they are lovely to look at and make a great conversation piece for your home.  And, the best part is they SING!  You know when you were a kid you would find your Grandmother's crystal glasses, lick your finger and then rub it around the rim to hear that sweet hum?  These bowls make that soothing note and are some well deserved sound therapy for your ears.  Ahhhh.

**Note: This is a sponsored post by Silver Sky Imports.  I received a small fee as compensation for this post.**

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Agility Course

My neighborhood running route is not flat.  Nope, not at all.  There are at least two giant hills that I must conquer on my loop, and I'm proud to say that tonight's run was a fast one!  I used my speedy Newton Lady Isaacs and did a 9:00 min/mile 4 miles.

The run was more of an agility course tonight though, as the city had dropped off all the new garbage/recycle/yard waste containers, and they were all over the place.  I was dodging and weaving like a football player.

Have you ever noticed that on really cold days your sense of smell seems to be heightened?  Like the crisp air just makes everything around you clear?  Even battling a cold I still smelled a ton of things on this run: yummy teriyaki chicken, burnt rubber, watermelon (in winter?), someone's really floral-y perfume, and of course, the kicker: weed.  Yeah, someone was toking up in the neighborhood and it wasn't a secret at all. Ick.

It started raining halfway through the run, and even though I forgot to wear my trusty running cap, I decided to just keep running.  My new music kept me motivated, and my Newtons made me feel even faster.  Man, it was just a great run. :)

Two new things tonight: 
1.  Tried out Clif Shot Turbo Energy Gel in Chocolate Cherry.  Oh goodness.  It was delicious!
2.  Wore my new blue Firefly light from Road ID.  Sorry old "Aetna" blue flashing days sprinting after you down the street are over.  It's been a good run (pun intended).


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