Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trail Winner

On today's 4 miler with Miss Goober, we happened to find a random bag of entrants into a contest....check it out:

Congrats to Holly & Susanmeep!

Other than being uber sore from lifting on Tuesday, the run was pretty uneventful.  Well, there were definitely a lot of dog and horse "bombs" conveniently left on the trail.  That, to me, is completely disgusting.  Ugh.  

Also, I'm missing two addresses for the LOVE YOUrself Valentine Challenge...Alma and One Crazy Penguin.  Can you two send me your address via e-mail soon?  I'd love to get the card out to you both!

So far I've received awesome pictures from Cynthia, Shelley B & Carmen!  Keep them coming!  I can't wait to share these accomplishments!


  1. Yucky poo on the trail!!!

    I'm taking my pic tomorrow...trying to come up with something really good!

  2. That is funny! I was like, wow? A bag of contestant entrants? On the trail? Weird! Then I got it...I'm quick.

    Miss Goob is adorable. I just want to kiss her cheeks. =)

    Horse and dog bombs on a running trail are gross. why don't people pick up after their pets?

  3. you are SO cute! Goob is so silly! just got my card yesterday will be sending you my pic soon!

  4. Zoe! I love the video! Thank you! It made me smile and laugh. . . fun to look back on the run. You're so much fun!


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