Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This post is LATE.  Baby Goober is going through a growth spurt and she's been extra needy and fussy lately, so not much time to update zee good 'ol blog.

I felt the need for another long run, so I texted Mel at 7am hoping that she would be up for a run with me.  Thank goodness she was!  We met at her house and drove to the Orting Trail for 9 miles.  Her friend Amy was going to do 7 miles and started the run with us.  It was a pretty soggy morning, and people were probably just getting ready for the big game in the afternoon because the trail was not busy.

Red-faced and glowing after our 10.2 miles!
Mel's pace is still faster than mine, but she already had ran 16 miles the day before and was just looking for a recovery run.  Sweet!  We chatted and laughed and pretty much just caught up with the happenings lately.  We looked for our buddy Sam the Eagle, but he was hosting the annual Super Bowl party at his tree and was busy preparing the seven layer dip.  We did, however, meet some new trail buddies: Florence (Flo) the Osprey, who was busy fluffing up his feathers and lookin' good; and a little salamander I nearly stepped on named Salvatore (Sal).  Sal was trying to look like a twig, and perhaps he was a bit suicidal.  Thankfully Mel spotted him before he met my new running shoe.  We stopped and I picked him up and helped him to the side of the trail, all while telling him that his life IS worth it and she was just the wrong reptile for him.  Poor Sal.  He was completely frozen in shock. ;)

When we almost hit 9 miles, I asked if we could make it 10, and Mel countered with "how about 10.2?"  Perfect.

The end of the run was a struggle.  My feet were burning (stupid neuromas!) and oddly enough my c-section scare was hurting me.  Mel is a great coach though, and I knew that 10 miles was a big accomplishment.  Woot!

The rest of the day was me getting the house ready for our 3rd annual Super Bowl party with our friends.  Fun!  My big "Nekkid Semi" magnet (it's 12 inches by 12 inches!) is temporarily displayed on our fridge and all our friends were impressed/amused by it.  Some of them didn't even know about my fear! they have something to use against me in the future. ;)

Recovery.  I don't remember what I did that day.  Sometimes taking care of a newborn makes my brain mush.

3 mile run with Goober, Gus and Gizmo.  Wasn't feeling particularly fantastic, but got the miles in anyway.  Lifted weights with Travis and OH.MY.GOODNESS. it's been a long time since I've lifted anything that heavy.  Woah.  I'm super sore.  We did squats, deadlifts and baseball bat swings.  Halfway through the workout I had to bring Goob into the garage to watch us, she didn't want to continue her nap.  She was mesmerized by the neon UW light we have up, and she danced to the techno lifting music.  Family lifting time!

  • Only a few hours left to enter the Dr. Teal's giveaway!  Winners announced tomorrow. 
  • Getting some AWESOME responses for the LOVE YOUrself Valentine Challenge!!  Can't wait to share everyone's pictures!


  1. It is amazing how much you do. I think of you whenever I see a nekkid semi. :)

  2. Great job on the long run! My C-sect. scar hurt at odd times too the first year. It pulled a lot when I stretched after long runs for a while. Perfectly fine now! I got my tattoo...coming soon!!

  3. You rock for making 10 miles! Amazing how your kicking it back post birth! You're so fit!

  4. Awesome on the long run and lifting sesh!!

  5. great job on the run :) hey when should we expect that post on how awesome the packers are ;)

  6. LOVE LOVe the family weight lifting.. and how fun that we were Re-united.. You are super strong, not get that foot thing done ASAP.. You have a MARATHON to train for and may I remind you that is 26.2 miles :)

  7. I don't know how you running mama's do it!!

    How do your muscles feel today after the lift?!

  8. Great job on your long run! :) your a rockstar momma!

  9. Whaddayou mean taking care of a newborn makes your brain mush? I don't remember that at all.


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