Sunday, February 6, 2011

Smack Talk!

The scene:

The playas:
Barefoot Neil Z & Yours Truly

The sides:
Neil for the Steelers
Me for the Packers

The friendly wager:
Whoever loses must write a guest post for the other's blog about how awesome the [insert Super Bowl winning team here]'s are.

How it went down:

@RunZoeRun: How many Seattle people are going to want the  to win tomorrow? My guess is A LOT. 

@BarefootNeilZ: boooooo!!!  ftw!!

@RunZoeRun: Ugh. I just threw up a little in my mouth. 

@BarefootNeilZ: lol!! That bad huh?

@RunZoeRun: GAG! :P RT @: @ opps, sorry i meant to include @RunZoeRun on this: !!!!!

@BarefootNeilZ: Friendly wager @RunZoeRun? Loser does a guest post on the others blog: Why the Steelers/Packers Rock? U2 -> @ @?

@RunZoeRun: It's on like an 80s rock song!! 

@BarefootNeilZ: Get ur popcorn ready!

Bring it!!


Thanks for visiting! You're a rockstar!


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