Thursday, February 3, 2011

She Likes to Move It Move It

Two of Goober's many faces:
We're going for a run???
Yesterday Goob & I took advantage of the sunny (yet cold) weather and went to the trail for a run.  Originally I planned on going 4 miles, but decided why not make it 5?  As long as Goober was warm and stayed happy, five miles was the plan.  I swear, Gizmo is the Goober sleeping soon as those wheels start turning, she is OUT.  It's awesome!  Even towards the end of the run when Goober woke up, she was perfectly content with her bink and doing a little sightseeing. :)

Photo op with my shadow? What? Sun? Wow!
The miles flew by and I realized that I'm getting the hang of this jogging stroller stuff!  By the way, Jessie asked what kind of stroller Gizmo is a while back: it's a Baby Trend Expedition with a non-swivel front wheel.  Since it's a hand-me-down from a friend, I'm not sure how old it is, but the exact model is not on the website anymore.  It's pretty easy to fold and transport, and it's got a great amount of storage space under the seat.  Not sure how much it weighs, and I don't know the standard for a jogger, but it's not too heavy for me.  Easy to maneuver as well, unless you happen to run on garbage day...then swerving around your neighbors' trash cans can be tricky.

If you don't have a kid to push around in a jogger, then you should borrow's a serious ab and arm workout!  My core is tired from "twisting" more (taking place of using my arms when running), and my arms are tired from pushing that thing!  Gizmo is officially my "drag suit" for marathon training (swimmers will know what I mean, if not, THIS explains it).  My first mile was at a crazy 9:40 pace!  I've been hovering around this pace without the jogger, so I know I need to step up my game a bit.  HIIIII-YA!

At the end of the run, Miss Goober was still a happy little baby in her moo-cow hat.  And I was a happy, sweaty mum. :)


  1. If nothing else, at least I have upper body strength to look forward to when I'll be running with my baby!

    And I LOVE Goober's hat! What a sweet and beautiful baby you have :)

  2. I seriously LOVE all her little facial expressions! Nice job on the run!

  3. Your girl is so cute! I get my baby fix when I come to your blog! :)

  4. I just started reading you blog (thanks for the recommendation Google Reader!) and your daughter is adorable!

    I never got the hang of the jogging stroller - maybe I just didn't have the right one for me though.

  5. I just love lil goobs!! What a cutie!! Nice run too!!

  6. your child is so freaking gorgeous! and HOLY SPEED! You are killing it!


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