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LOVE YOUrself Valentine Challenge Results

Wow!  I am so amazed and inspired by this awesome group of runners who participated in this challenge!  With the exception of Spike (and his runner's butt), all the participants were women.  Come ON guys...I know you love yourselves too.  Next year, k?

Here are the results!

I chose my shoulders.  I've always loved how strong they looked and felt, especially after swimming a tough workout back in my competitive swimming days.  They seem to be the only body part of mine that hasn't given me any grief over the years, and for that I am grateful.
Location: Kent, WA

Amanda P.
"I chose my right ankle for a couple of reasons.  I love that I have shapely ankles (no cankles for this girl;-)).  I sprained it a couple months ago, but with the exercises the doctor gave me, it healed and let me run a 5K.  I also love it because I have my strawberry birth mark there, which matches the birth mark that my mom has on her neck."
Location: Syracuse, NY

"Naturally, I chose a spot for the tattoo that was hard to photograph, but I wanted to showcase my calves.  They are pretty huge, as you can see by the picture, but running has toned, defined and made them small enough that I can actually wear boots comfortably now - a miracle! :) :) :)"
Location: Texas

"I love my left shin.  If it weren't for fracturing it, I wouldn't have slowed down, lost weight and focused on my strength.  Hurting myself was a blessing in disguise. :)"
Location: Maple Valley, WA

"Ok so this was more of a challenge for me than I thought it would be!  I was thinking my legs because they are powerful and all that but my legs are probably my least favorite body part!  So I chose what I feel is the unsung hero of the feet.  I really love my feet and not in the creepy Rex Ryan way but the thanks for all you do way.  I used to say my feet were my fav body part because they were the skinniest body part but this made me realize all that my feet have done.  They have pushed me across many many finish lines from marathons, to 3 day walks...from PRs to near misses.  My feet have hiked glaciers in Alaska and danced the Sevillanos in Spain.  They have walked me down an isle and paced me up and down hallways rocking a baby.  My feet have helped me raise money for breast cancer, diabetes, and Chrone's Disease.  My feet have taken me places I never thought I would go!  I love my daughter's feet too...all squishy and cute.  I always kiss them and say I can't wait to see where her feet take her!"
Location: Cape Cod, MA

"This is my right calf.  After college, I started hitting the gym to lose the weight I had put on while in school.  One day I was standing in my kitchen wearing shorts, and my Mom walked by.  She said 'wow, look at how muscular your calves look!'   The next time I was on the stair master, I looked down at my legs, and I could see what she meant!   I love my calves, because they are a measure of my fitness level.  I love the power they give me to complete my runs,  And as an added bonus, they look great in leather boots!"
Location: NY
Also posted by Molly here.

"I used to have a bit of a love affair with my feet, and always had them pedi'ed and polished. I would take pictures of them lounging on the beach, overlooking the ocean. I haven't worn polish in months. I perpetually have scaly looking heels. Today they're especially vile, with the blisters and all, but they took me through my 12 miles this weekend, on a blistered toe, which I tried to bandage, and just caused a second blister on the neighboring toe, and then through our first trip to Disneyland with Gab. <3"
Location: Irvine, CA
Also posted by Heather here.

"We decided to switch things up a bit by choosing the part of each others bodies we admired most from our respective active lifestyles. :)"
Location: Michigan
Also posted by Morgan here.
Spike says: 
"Red's ragin biceps are my fav because those guns can cause lots of damage. I know because when she gives me the best hugs ever I always feel lucky to escape the gun show alive. " 

Red says: 
"Spike's got a great butt and it's from all that speedy running!!!
Tee hee!!! :)"

"I chose my quads because they are my powerhouse. They carry me through every step of every mile and they always manage to give me a burst of speed when I need it. Plus, they are AWESOME."
Location: Glen Allen, VA
Also posted by TMB here.

"I chose my "Upper body" to tattoo.  My hubby Josh refused to take a picture of my butt and forbid me to put such a picture on the internet. (He's no fun)  :)

I thought about taking a pic of one of my calves or thighs because they are super-awesome-muscular, but I was afraid that when the flash hit the extreme whiteness of my leg skin that the effect would be blinding and painful to your eyes. So you can thank me for not...
So I went with my shoulder... I  have to say I really am loving my whole upper body (besides my incredible-disappearing boobs). I love having defined shoulders, collarbones, etc. and thanks to my cross training I am starting to even get some muscles. And for some reason wearing a blank tank makes me feel really tough. I didn't even like to wear short sleeves before my weight loss/running, so this is a huge change for me. :)"

Location: Wyoming
Also posted by Erin here.

"I chose to put the skull tattoo on my thigh because I am most proud of my legs all thanks to running. I've always wanted long, lean legs, and well I will never get them to be longer unless I suddenly grew a few inches haha, I can defintely work on them being lean and toned!  Plus I am proud of my legs for all the miles they help me get through. I sometimes reward them with an ice bath or massage after long runs :)"
Location: Boise, ID

"I think the part of me that I love the most are my triceps!  They used to be really weak, and they are now by size the strongest part of my upper body.  And yes, that's all muscle in the pic, no fat on my arms and I am PROUD!!"
Location: Virginia
Also posted by Holly here.

"What I love: the tattoo might be on my calf, but I could only put it one place.  Should have had 2 so I could have gotten my foot too.  I love my legs because it's about time that I do!  I have always had large calves (calfs?), ankles and feet. There's nothing dainty about any of them.  When I measured my calf for my sleeves they were 14" - the same as my husband Colin's.  And I wear a 10-1/2 shoe while I'm only 5'6".  But, they get me where I need to go and after almost 2 years of running I can almost see my gastrocnemius muscle!"
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Also posted by Alanna here.

"I picked my heart because I think it is as strong as it ever has been (both literally and figuratively) because of running!  There is nothing like getting your heart pumping on an awesome run but running has also given me a new love for my body and self confidence that I never had before.  As I’ve mentioned before…I’ve struggled with body image issues and eating disorders that did some damage to my heart and body.  But I threw that away for running.  I still struggle but now I appreciate my body for what is can do, not what it looks like!"
Location: Maryland
Also posted by Katye here.

"I had a hard time choosing where to put the tattoo (I'm a very indecisive person) but I put my tattoo on my calf.  I love it because its part of my leg and my legs carry me for miles on my runs. Plus, I just think my calf is pretty awesome :) I usually like to show of my calves in some cute heels and a fun dress (can't wait for summer to bring out my dresses again haha)."
Location:  Woodridge, IL
Also posted by Kayla here.

"I decided on my calf (don't mind the bulging vein - lol) because I've always felt that they are powerful and have beent old they are my best feature ;)"
Location: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

"Well I couldn't really Tattoo my face, so I used tape :) I chose my Lips because I love them no matter what my size. When I was first starting to run felt overweight and frumpy and now that I am much more fit. Running has SPARKED a passion in me and what better body part to symbolize passion than the lips. My dimples and smile are a close second. "
Location: Bonney Lake, WA
Also posted by Mel here.

"I chose my tummy as my 'most proud of' body part, not because it looks the best, but because it has accomplished the most; it was able to make my beautiful baby girl. In the process, it expanded to huge proportions and then 'almost' back again, 4.5 months later. I'm impressed with, and grateful for, all that my tummy can do!"
Location: Pasadena, CA
Also posted by Lin here.

"My favorite body part or parts I guess are my feet.  I love the places they take me and my tattoo on my foot has special significance.  There is a flower for every person in my family."
Location: Torrance, CA

"choose my not so beautiful feet! I have been a dancer and soccer player, but only as a mother and runner have I treasured my feet so much. They allow me to play with my kids and challenge myself on a daily basis. When they are hurt, I feel weak and out of sorts, but when they are strong, I feel fun and strong and like a true athlete."
Location: Holly Springs, NC

"Here is a body part that I like...I guess to say I'm 'proud' of it would be kinda weird...but I like this body part as a result of running...Probably the polar opposite of what most women would say, BUT...I LOVE MY CHEST! :-)
It's so convenient, super comfortable for running and sleeping on my stomach, and I can wear whatever kind of shirts/dresses I want.  I can't imagine having a 'bounce' there.  Both my grandmothers, my aunts and cousins are all very large on the top so thank you running for keeping things small!! :-)  
TMI?  Sorry."
Location:  Boston, MA
Also posted by Bethany here.

AMAZING PHOTOS!  Thank you all for participating!  Definitely some pretty awesome body parts up in here! ;)


  1. What an awesome/inspiring post! You gotta do this every year Zoe!!!! So fun!!!

  2. This was awesome, Zoe. Fantastic idea. I really enjoyed reading about everyone. <3

  3. What a great post - I love seeing all of the body pride!!! Thank you for doing this, sweet Zoe!

  4. Loved reading everyone's story of where they put their tattoo! Such a fun post! This needs to be a yearly event :)

  5. P.S. I think you have some awesome looking shoulders! I bet you look awesome in strapless dresses!

  6. An amazing post! I love hearing all of the different reasons for people's choices. I think I may print this out to remind me to love my body for all that it's capable of! :D

  7. I love this! Now I wish I participated too :( Next time!

  8. Thanks for compiling them all, it was fun to see what everyone had to say! Were these all of them? I did mine but I'm not on here, was I supposed to send you my picture or something and I didn't? oops. I posted it on 2/15. It was fun, do it again next year!

  9. Love the photos! :)

    As for Bethany's pic: I'm with her on this one! I love my runner's chest! :)

  10. This was such a great idea, Zoe! Thanks!!!

  11. I LOVED this!! Calves were definitely a popular body part : )

    thanks Zoe!

  12. loved this Zoe! What a great idea!

  13. Thanks for doing this. It was so much fun! :)


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