Monday, January 31, 2011

It's NEW SHOE Time!

The telltale signs that my shoes are worn out: knee and ankle pain (aka KNANKLE: pronounced nang-cull).  Oh yeah, it was getting bad.  I really have been loving my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9's...but now they are on the GTS 11 with the Brooks "DNA."  Luckily, when I tried them on at Road Runner Sports, it was LOVE.  *sigh*
Thank goodness for the awesome customer service I received from "D" at Road Runner.  He was actually the same salesperson that helped me out last year--he even remembered what shoes I got (the New Balances that didn't work out and I exchanged for Brooks) and my running blog.  Crazy!
The new ones in front look clean!  Not for long!
Wear pattern: New vs. Old 
Needless to say, I'm really excited about these shoes!  I took them out for a test walk with Kerrie, T Jr. and Goober today.  It was great seeing Kerrie TWO days in a row!  Plus, it's crazy that I now have a little one to push around like she does.   Push around, as in the stroller, people.  We're not literally shoving our little ones around.  Welllll?  Uh, nope, we aren't.  ;)

T Jr. was so cute and wanted Goober to play with her new toy.  And he wants Goober to come over to his house.  Awwww!
Bundled up buddies!!
By the way, my 9 mile recovery is spectacular!  Right when I got home I took an epsom salt bath with my Dr. Teal's and then sported my Run Love Swift socks for the rest of the day...and I'm not sore.  Score!


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