Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today of ALL Days

My Mum would be 57 today.  The last birthday we spent with her was 12 years ago, and she got a ridiculous amount of dishes from my Dad.  Dishes with fruit painted around the edges.  Complete with matching cups and pots.  Sure, they weren't the most stylish things you've ever seen, but it was fun seeing her unwrap more and more of the same patterned dish ware.

My sister Liza, our Mum, me, & Mum's friend Mary. 1999
Every 27th of January my family celebrates her life.  We get together and laugh and drink Rolling Rock beer and munch on Peanut M&Ms.  We just are there for each other, just like any other day of the year, but we bond over the fact that we are a strong, tight knit family.  I wouldn't trade my wacky 66-year-old Dad, bearded brother, or my silly and loud 4 sisters for anything in this world.  They ARE my world.  And now that I have Travis and baby Goober to share and make more memories with, my entire family is even stronger.  As our family grows, our appreciation for each other grows, too.  They are my life.

And so, it saddens me that my littlest sister, Liza, had her car stolen this morning.  Of ALL THE DAYS!  She's devastated and completely heartbroken.  This car was mine and I gave it to her a month before Goober was born.  Before I had Goober, this car was my baby. It's a beautiful custom blue convertible Mustang.  I treasured that damn thing so much.  But, my sister needed a car, and I knew that she loved the Mustang too.  To hear my baby sister sob and tell ME that she's sorry, when it's HER car, is indescribable.  I haven't heard my sister cry like that in a long long time.  She's such a strong young woman, and always puts others before herself.  And now all these bad things keep happening to her (she got her appendix out last September and couldn't run with me in the Iron Girl, had a huge amount of medical bills, and now her car has been taken from her).  It's just NOT FAIR.

The missing "pony"
Yes, this is just a car, but I'm more concerned with my sister getting hurt.  I feel terrible, and I'm doing everything I can to 1) make her feel better and 2) find the car.  Remember that I found my Father-in-law's car that was stolen from my house when it was burglarized last March?  Oh yeah.  I found it myself.  Well, this Mustang thief doesn't know who s/he's messing with....the wrong family.

1996 Dark Blue Mustang
Black Convertible Top
License plate holder says "Sometimes I like to go topless"
Scratches in paint on left rear bumper and right front bumper
Black aftermarket roll bar
Last seen in Ballard (Seattle)


  1. This so sucks. timing is bad, activity is bad. I hope that the jack-wagon who stole it is found and brought to justice.
    find some solice in the day.
    be well,

  2. I'm really sorry to hear about the whole situation. You could make it a team effort to find the car so your sister can focus on the potential positive of getting it back, while spending some time with you. Best of luck!

  3. This just sucks! Did she have anything in there that you can look for at pawn shops for clues? I've heard of people doing that. My friend's car was stolen and she had mail in there with a new gas card. Well, they called the gas company and the card was being used! They narrowed down the location this way and found the car. I hope you guys find it.

    On another note, I hope you know how lucky you all are to have each other. Not everyone has what you all have. I think it's great! Hugs to you and your sis.

  4. Man, that sucks :(.

    Good luck on finding the car, and hugs to you and your family {{}}

  5. Ugh. :( Sorry for this to have happened today. Sending good thoughts to the whole family.

  6. Ugh, that is AWFUL. Praying some good comes out of this day, preferably in the form of finding the car!

  7. keep an eye out on craigslist!

  8. Sorry to hear about such bad news on an already sad day.

  9. I'm sorry. You've been through a lot and for this to happen, like you said on this day of all days, is ridiculous. Car thieves blow. I had a car stolen once and several cars broken into and they all just blow. Lowlifes. I really hope the car gets found.

  10. im sorry zoe. i hope the car is found soon.

    i can relate to your family and how close you are expecially on your mother's birthday. my brothers and i are the same. i truly would not trade them for anything no matter how crazy they make me.

  11. holy cow, that just lousy. : (

    keeping you in my thoughts....

  12. UGH that is SO awful! People can be such jerks. I really hope the police/you/someone finds it. And punishes the thief properly. *fingers crossed* for you guys!

  13. I hope you are able to find it. I hate when people steal, it's such a lazy and lame thing to do. And the timing does stink. :( Hope the day gets a little better.

  14. Sending my love to you and your family today, espespecially your sister. Poor girl!!!

  15. i'm so sorry for your sister! poor thing!

  16. I'm so sorry that this happened! I hope that you find the car soon!

  17. I'm really sorry about your sis's car! I don't live in Seattle but I have quite a few friends that do (a couple in Ballard) and I will forward this info to them....I hope she gets it back!

  18. this sucks so bad. some people really suck!! boo. i hope you've had luck getting it back? :-/ i know it's just a car, but STILL. boo.

  19. Mean people suck. My son had his car stolen earlier this year. Luckily they found it within a few days. I hope your sister has the same luck!

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