Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Outdoors & Other Fantabulousness

The other night I ran outside while the sun was setting.  Boy, I've really missed that!  The roads and sidewalks still had a little ice left over from the tiny little dusting of snow we had last week, so I had to be super careful not to slip and make a fool of myself (or, well, get hurt I suppose).  Last year, I mean, in 2009 during the holidays, I loved running at night and looking at all the Christmas lights.  Since I couldn't last year, 2010, I'm really glad some people have kept their lights up a little longer.  Purely for my enjoyment, of course.  Obviously I'm still not in 2011 mode quite yet.  Perhaps it's because my days/nights are molded into one continuous glob of time...with Goober to thank. ;)

Speaking of Goob, she apparently isn't as keen with 90s Hip Hop tunes than she is to Muse, Paramore, Yellowcard and early Michael Jackson--she woke up and cried when "Rump Shaker" played on my iTunes list.  Ha ha!  We have to change that.

I've found that if I run on the treadmill during a fussy moment with her (and she's been fed, cleaned, changed, etc), she falls asleep pretty well.  I think this is her way of pushing my butt back into gear...I've already ran 2 miles today.  Argh.  The 8-week-old personal trainer.  But of course.

Pure ice on parts of our road
P.s.  And yes, I completely made up "fantabulousness." 


  1. Fantabulousness is epic. i love it!

  2. Wow. You guys got more snow/ice than we did in MV.

    So, what are Goob's rates?

  3. You crack me up... I was so glad to see it raining today, hopefully the junk will melt.. sounds like Goob has good taste..

    Sooo I think that my running path is just near that WEIRD green square house.. remember that? LOL!1

  4. I love, love, love running when Christmas lights are up!

    Love that little goober is your personal trainer!

  5. Isn't it great to run outside, even in winter?


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