Monday, January 17, 2011

Mad Dash

The Challenger...
Tonight I was challenged to an impromptu race...against my blue flashing light.  It decided to go rogue and fly off my jacket, rolling down the steep hill with me racing after it.  It was on course to go straight into a storm drain and I, luckily, caught it just in the nick of time.  Well, that was a sprint I wasn't prepared for!  I think my legs were going in circles, like in the old saturday morning cartoons with the Roadrunner and Coyote.  I'm sure if my neighbors saw me, they would've laughed their asses off.  Thank goodness I didn't brody and tumble down the hill for my blue light.  Stupid blue light.

Other than the little fartlek, my run was fairly smooth.  I decided that my bright orange/day-glo/road cone t-shirt and Nike vest were enough for the elements.  It was pretty windy, but I am a heater and get so warm that I was completely fine at the end.  Sweltering hot actually.  There's also the plus of coming home to a warm, smiling Goober as well, even if the warmth is because she pooped in her diaper.

I really must invest in some more bright and reflective night running apparel.  I mean, my stuff has some reflective swishes here and there, but come ON, it's not that hard to add some more to the clothes, right?  Is it that expensive?  What good is a two-inch long itty bitty stripe of glowing material going to do on a black garment?  Some of the reflective stuff is barely even visible unless a bright light is shining on why not add some more of that to the clothes, "Clothing Makers?"  How sweet would it be to have a giant reflective eagle emblazoned on the back of a black running jacket, and one would only see it if direct light hits it at the right angle?  Ah ha!  The runner would definitely be seen. ;)


  1. I'm glad you beat the blue light and got it before it went down the drain!
    You should totally design your own reflective jacket! I wanna see this eagle that is only shown when direct light hits it!

  2. Glad you saved the light!! Kudos to you for running in the dark...just can't do it...too many scary movies!

  3. Heck yeah!! You are on to something! I totally want a sleek black shirt with a huge reflective Phoenix (totally into the Phoenix lately, weird..)soaring from the front to the side and wrapping around to the back...That is SO money! Kind of like the "sexy hose". Yep, we need to go into business. totally.

    and about that fartlek, good work!!! =)

  4. You should work for Brooks in product design.. You are training for the day that Goober drops her sippy cup and it is rolling under the car or onto the road...GOOD TIMES!!

    Poopy diaper..hehehe

    GOOD WORK buddy!!

  5. that is a very good point... i've wondered myself why the stripes can't be a little bigger...

  6. Someone (maybe Running Diva Mom?) did a review around Halloween of some reusable reflective stickers to put on your clothes. I think they are made by 3M. Check them out. They were CUTE!

  7. Inactually have a clip on red blinker (like you would see on a bike) that I clip on to my back when I run in the dark. I think it's better to be a geek and be seen than the alternative!


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