Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gus, Goober and G....?

Here are my top five picks for naming the jogging stroller:
Gizmo - Submitted by Hannah & Cynthia
Giles - Submitted by momof3
Gargamel - Submitted by benjatc
Garth - Submitted by Lori
Gill - Trav's idea, but I'll give credit to Stacie b/c she explained what a "G6" is with great detail

You all got an extra entry into my $50 CSN giveaway.  Thank you!

Now, let's VOTE!  Poll will run until 1/20. 

If it's a tie, then I'll just name it Gizgigarthamelgill. ;)


  1. Thanks for the credit Zoe :) I can't get that song out of my head.

  2. C'mon Giles! Sounds like a driver. Like it!

  3. I might have submitted Gargamel but I voted for Giles. That one just made me smile.


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