Saturday, January 22, 2011

Frickin' Lasers & Falafel

I'm banned from running for another 12 hours, I think.  Yesterday afternoon I got laser treatment done by my awesome big sister K at her work and I'm not allowed to sweat for 24 hours.  If you like pain, the feeling of getting burned and the smell of singed hair, then I highly recommend this!  ;)  Naw, it wasn't that bad.  It just feels like a sunburn afterword, and you might be stuck holding ice packs in your armpits for a bit.  The sacrifices we make...

Totally forgot to add my little recap of the dinner meet-up with Mel, Kerrie, Jill and Chelsea on Thursday night.  Let me just say that I left the restaurant with sore cheek muscles because I was laughing so hard.  It was a blast!  I brought little Goob to meet the ladies (she's only met Mel before), and she was such a good little munchkin.  In fact, she was a huge hit with all the other restaurant patrons and staff.  A lot of ooooohhs and awwwwws.  It was cute.
She posed with everyone except Chelsea, because Goober scares the crap outta her!  Ha ha!  But Chelsea was brave enough to hold one of Goob's little shoes.  Way to go, Chelsea!

Kerrie and Goob
Mel and Goob
Jill and Goob
Chelsea and Goob's shoe

Of course Jill had to order calamari again, just like she did when we went to lunch with TMB and Katye back in September.  ECK.  At least this time I didn't see any flailing tentacles or squid legs.  :)  Just little tubes.  Calamari is weird.

The restaurant was Greek, and so I tried falafel.  Pretty good stuff!  Very spicy!  Not sure it agreed with my tummy, but I liked it.  Plus, it's fun to say falafel.  We all had a little alcoholic beverage, but Kerrie's was the best: the Malibu Barbie.  It came with a little pirate sword, even though it should've been an umbrella.  Just sayin'.  Who knew that Barbie liked sailing the seven seas with her pink stilettos...

Arrrr, Kerrie the Barbie Pirate
Goober will be drawing the winner from the basket-o-entrants for the CSN gift code later. So check back!


  1. You always have to order the calamari. It's a rule.

    Totally love Goob's face in the pic with Mel. A baby zoolander!

  2. Goob is SUPER adorable!! Beautiful baby!!

    Since you are in the Pac NW too, will you be running the Girlfriends half in October? I signed up for it as well as Hamrony from "Keep on Keeping on". We are trying to get Jill to join too! Mel is TBD.

  3. Like totally, aaaarrrrrrr, baby.

  4. That is one cute kid!! And, yummmm falafel!

  5. Had such a great time, thanks for sharing Goob with us.. You look FANTASTIC and I cant wait to have you back on the run soon. These pictures are great!!

  6. hahahaha ewwww those gross tentacle ones are NASTY! PS when I was little I used to get the words "tentacle" and "testicle" mixed up. That caused a few little situations...


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