Monday, January 31, 2011

It's NEW SHOE Time!

The telltale signs that my shoes are worn out: knee and ankle pain (aka KNANKLE: pronounced nang-cull).  Oh yeah, it was getting bad.  I really have been loving my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9's...but now they are on the GTS 11 with the Brooks "DNA."  Luckily, when I tried them on at Road Runner Sports, it was LOVE.  *sigh*
Thank goodness for the awesome customer service I received from "D" at Road Runner.  He was actually the same salesperson that helped me out last year--he even remembered what shoes I got (the New Balances that didn't work out and I exchanged for Brooks) and my running blog.  Crazy!
The new ones in front look clean!  Not for long!
Wear pattern: New vs. Old 
Needless to say, I'm really excited about these shoes!  I took them out for a test walk with Kerrie, T Jr. and Goober today.  It was great seeing Kerrie TWO days in a row!  Plus, it's crazy that I now have a little one to push around like she does.   Push around, as in the stroller, people.  We're not literally shoving our little ones around.  Welllll?  Uh, nope, we aren't.  ;)

T Jr. was so cute and wanted Goober to play with her new toy.  And he wants Goober to come over to his house.  Awwww!
Bundled up buddies!!
By the way, my 9 mile recovery is spectacular!  Right when I got home I took an epsom salt bath with my Dr. Teal's and then sported my Run Love Swift socks for the rest of the day...and I'm not sore.  Score!

The 9 Miler

Nine is my lucky number, so when Kerrie asked if I wanted to join her for a long run on Sunday, I accepted.  Since we are both running the same marathon, I figured my mileage should be up where hers is right about now.  My butt needed to be kicked into gear.

We met at the Soos Creek trail and were going to follow her "run 5, walk 1" Jeff Galloway plan.  Fine by me!  I just wanted to get through it without collapsing or worse.  The weather was cooperating with some sun breaks, but it was a lot colder than we anticipated.  But of course I wore my short sleeved top and capris.  We were lucky and there were a ton of people walking, strolling, biking and running the trail.  It kept the miles interesting.

Some highlights/lowlights:
Creepy mini whirlpool in the marsh next to the trail.  Remember how I said it looked like the Lord of the Rings' marsh back on my run with Mel?  Oh yeah.  Bet there was a dead body of a medieval soldier nearby...

Sadly, a person had died on the trail last September from a heart attack.  This little memorial was set up next to the path.  Apparently other trail-goers tried to save him. :(

Did a little exploring of a bunch of trash someone dumped.  Kerrie and I thought that maybe someone was sleeping in those sleeping bags...but I wanted to check the "treadmill."  It had a rolling belt and everything, but it was hard to tell if it was or not. Strange.

Here's the dilapidated old barn that is being taken over by blackberry bushes.  It's really hidden in the middle of the picture.  Spooky!  It's haunted for sure.  I totally want to check it out.

The burnt house.  So sad.  It's been like this for over a year.  Houses lost to fire really make me sad, especially if they are just sitting there abandoned.  It is just a reminder of the hurt it caused someone or some family. :(

We made it!  Even though halfway through the run I couldn't open my Sport Beans hands were semi frozen and 100% numb.  Kerrie thought I was joking, until she saw my desperation and "extreme hunger."  Then she decided to help me.  Hee hee. 
Tired and sweaty after the run
We totally didn't want to just WALK up "Hell-Yes Hill," so we dominated that thing like it was the unwanted flu!  Hell YES!  Kerrie even beat me to the top!  She's a total rockstar!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Last night these two were spying on me during my treadmill run, so I had to catch them in the act. The small one's street name is Goober, while the buzzcut dude goes by "Goob's Dad" or "Travis." I wouldn't consider them too dangerous, but they are known for extreme cuddles and overwhelming cuteness.

And, thank you Kayla for the iFitness belt AND the awesome toy for Goob! She's in shock to get mail! Thank you!

Tomorrow is my first long run, and luckily it's with Kerrie! 9 miles! Let's do this!
Goob's new toy! Thanks, Kayla!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Who Needs a Bath???

Because you stink.

Just kidding.  I'm talking about the relaxing, take-your-time, no kids or distractions type of bath.  The kind of bath that helps ease all of those muscle aches from that long/hilly/speed run that you completed today.  (Which, by the way, WAY TO GO! you little rockstar you!).  That's right...the epsom salt soak kind of bath.

A few posts ago I talked about my little love affair with Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt, and I'm not kidding, this stuff is a-maz-ing.  Here are some facts:

What is Epsom Salt?
"Epsom salt, named for a bitter saline spring at Epsom in Surrey, England, is not actually salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Long known as a natural remedy for a number of ailments, Epsom salt has numerous health benefits as well as many beauty, household and gardening-related uses." (Source)

What are some health benefits?
"Studies have shown that magnesium and sulfate are both readily absorbed through the skin, making Epsom salt baths an easy and ideal way to enjoy the amazing health benefits. Magnesium plays a number of roles in the body including regulating the activity of over 325 enzymes, reducing inflammation, helping muscle and nerve function and helping to prevent artery hardening. Sulfates help improve the absorption of nutrients, flush toxins and help ease migraine headaches." (Source)

So here's the deal:  I'm giving TWO lucky people the chance to take a bath!...with Dr. Teal's "Relax" Epsom Salt soak!

Here's the scoop on how to win:
(1 comment = 1 entry)
Mandatory entry:
  • Be a follower of my site & let me know in a comment (1 entry)
Additional entries:
  • "Like" Dr. Teal's on Facebook & let them know Run, Zoë, Run! sent you (1 entry)
  • Follow Dr. Teal's on Twitter (@DrTeals) (1 entry)
  • "Like" Run, Zoë, Run! on Facebook (1 entry)
  • Link to this giveaway on your blog, Twitter (include @RunZoeRun), or Facebook.  Let me know in a comment (1 entry each)
The giveaway will end at midnight Wednesday 2/9, with the winners picked via or Goober if she feels up to it.  To be fair, you can only win one "Relax" soak.  Winners announced on Thursday the 10th.  Dr. Teal's will ship the merchandise directly to each winner.  Woot!

**Note:  All reviews are based on my own personal experience with the specific product that I was provided with.  I received this product free of charge from Dr. Teal's and was not compensated for my review. Product in giveaway provided courtesy of Dr. Teal's.**

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today of ALL Days

My Mum would be 57 today.  The last birthday we spent with her was 12 years ago, and she got a ridiculous amount of dishes from my Dad.  Dishes with fruit painted around the edges.  Complete with matching cups and pots.  Sure, they weren't the most stylish things you've ever seen, but it was fun seeing her unwrap more and more of the same patterned dish ware.

My sister Liza, our Mum, me, & Mum's friend Mary. 1999
Every 27th of January my family celebrates her life.  We get together and laugh and drink Rolling Rock beer and munch on Peanut M&Ms.  We just are there for each other, just like any other day of the year, but we bond over the fact that we are a strong, tight knit family.  I wouldn't trade my wacky 66-year-old Dad, bearded brother, or my silly and loud 4 sisters for anything in this world.  They ARE my world.  And now that I have Travis and baby Goober to share and make more memories with, my entire family is even stronger.  As our family grows, our appreciation for each other grows, too.  They are my life.

And so, it saddens me that my littlest sister, Liza, had her car stolen this morning.  Of ALL THE DAYS!  She's devastated and completely heartbroken.  This car was mine and I gave it to her a month before Goober was born.  Before I had Goober, this car was my baby. It's a beautiful custom blue convertible Mustang.  I treasured that damn thing so much.  But, my sister needed a car, and I knew that she loved the Mustang too.  To hear my baby sister sob and tell ME that she's sorry, when it's HER car, is indescribable.  I haven't heard my sister cry like that in a long long time.  She's such a strong young woman, and always puts others before herself.  And now all these bad things keep happening to her (she got her appendix out last September and couldn't run with me in the Iron Girl, had a huge amount of medical bills, and now her car has been taken from her).  It's just NOT FAIR.

The missing "pony"
Yes, this is just a car, but I'm more concerned with my sister getting hurt.  I feel terrible, and I'm doing everything I can to 1) make her feel better and 2) find the car.  Remember that I found my Father-in-law's car that was stolen from my house when it was burglarized last March?  Oh yeah.  I found it myself.  Well, this Mustang thief doesn't know who s/he's messing with....the wrong family.

1996 Dark Blue Mustang
Black Convertible Top
License plate holder says "Sometimes I like to go topless"
Scratches in paint on left rear bumper and right front bumper
Black aftermarket roll bar
Last seen in Ballard (Seattle)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I've Missed You, Greenlake!

Good 'ol Greenlake
Today I met up with an old high school friend who had her daughter 3 days before Goober for a stroll around Greenlake.  It was a perfect day for a 3 mile walk around the lake; completely gorgeous.  It's been a long time since I've been able to run/walk this route, and the last time I was able to was for the Iron Girl 5K in it was nice to revisit one of my favorite places in the city.

It's crazy how I notice the jogging stroller mamas more now that I'm one myself.  Some are extremely hardcore, and others are more casual.  Plus, there's always the large array of dog walkers on the lake at this time.  I swear that I saw a black bear on the trail, but it turns out it was just an enormous fuzzy dog.  It. Was. HUGE.  Terrifyingly huge.  But it seemed sweet and minded its business when around other people and dogs.  

A and her little A2
My friend A's cute daughter A2 was asleep in her stroller the entire time.  She didn't even make a peep!  Goober, however, was very vocal at the beginning of the first lap of the lake (almost 3 miles), but was completely zonked out on my second lap running.  You see, since I don't get to the lake that often, I wanted to milk it for all its worth.  Two laps, baby!  One walking, the other running.  And OH BOY was I spent at the end.  Overall, it was a great little excursion and I look forward to meeting up with A and A2 again soon.

Goober did really well, and was all smiles when I changed her diaper at the end. :)  

My running mileage for January so far is 41!  Woot!  And now I must continue to increase this for the marathon in a few months...

Thank you, Melissa, for hosting the 31 in 31 Challenge!

I leave you with a cute pic of Goob:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wait a minute. Hold up!

SUAR's Beth posted about indoor marathons yesterday, and she said that one of the upsides to running around a track 150 times is the ability to "chick" or "dude" a bunch (maybe even the same people).  She linked to THIS Runner's World article that explains what the terms mean.

Ok. Wait a second...

I know I did not coin the term "duded," but I certainly talked about it before RW!  Evidence HERE, from June of last year.  Um yeah, I even made a shirt for the boys.
Alright.  Enough whining from me.  I just thought it was funny. :)

And now back to your regularly scheduled blog programming...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Supa Dupa Fly

Chasing the Kenyan's Lindsay specifically tagged me to receive the Stylish Blogger award.  Ok, maybe she tagged everyone, but I thought her post was so directed to me!  Ha ha!  I was actually tagged by Miss Chelsea for this little award.  Thanks, Chelsea!  I'm going to follow in Lindsay's footsteps and post 7 stylish things.

1.  My outfit for the Million Inch Run last February.  You know you'd love to be the Pink Power Ranger on a run!
Go Go Zoe Ranger!

2.  Sporting a Davey Jones' mask last December, but apparently my outfit was right on par...
"Do you fear...death?"

3.  Goober's pretty stylin' in her moo cow hat.
Change her name to Moo-ber?

4.  Murphy shows off the latest in "Garbage Can Couture"
O, hai.

5.  Even as a kid, I could totally pull of the clown face paint.  Now?  Notsomuch.
I'm the pose-r in pink
6. Rocking out on Turkey Day as a turkey with my pilgrim big sister, Karrie in 2009.
And yes, this is a typical Thanksgiving for my family.

7.  Oh, and lastly, I'm stylish even as a gimp.  Word.
Trav and I in 2005

And there you have it!  Like Lindsay, I tag everyone...and I want you to post your most "Stylish" pictures, too. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Goober Picks the Winner

...even though she cried during filming.  Oh well.  She just couldn't contain her excitement!
Over 216 entries cut into itty bitty pieces.  Well hey, now I can throw a parade because I've got the ticker tape ready!

Congratulations Quara!
See?  I printed these bad boys uber small! 

Thank you to CSN for sponsoring this great giveaway.  And thank you to all that participated!  I appreciate your enthusiasm and support!

Frickin' Lasers & Falafel

I'm banned from running for another 12 hours, I think.  Yesterday afternoon I got laser treatment done by my awesome big sister K at her work and I'm not allowed to sweat for 24 hours.  If you like pain, the feeling of getting burned and the smell of singed hair, then I highly recommend this!  ;)  Naw, it wasn't that bad.  It just feels like a sunburn afterword, and you might be stuck holding ice packs in your armpits for a bit.  The sacrifices we make...

Totally forgot to add my little recap of the dinner meet-up with Mel, Kerrie, Jill and Chelsea on Thursday night.  Let me just say that I left the restaurant with sore cheek muscles because I was laughing so hard.  It was a blast!  I brought little Goob to meet the ladies (she's only met Mel before), and she was such a good little munchkin.  In fact, she was a huge hit with all the other restaurant patrons and staff.  A lot of ooooohhs and awwwwws.  It was cute.
She posed with everyone except Chelsea, because Goober scares the crap outta her!  Ha ha!  But Chelsea was brave enough to hold one of Goob's little shoes.  Way to go, Chelsea!

Kerrie and Goob
Mel and Goob
Jill and Goob
Chelsea and Goob's shoe

Of course Jill had to order calamari again, just like she did when we went to lunch with TMB and Katye back in September.  ECK.  At least this time I didn't see any flailing tentacles or squid legs.  :)  Just little tubes.  Calamari is weird.

The restaurant was Greek, and so I tried falafel.  Pretty good stuff!  Very spicy!  Not sure it agreed with my tummy, but I liked it.  Plus, it's fun to say falafel.  We all had a little alcoholic beverage, but Kerrie's was the best: the Malibu Barbie.  It came with a little pirate sword, even though it should've been an umbrella.  Just sayin'.  Who knew that Barbie liked sailing the seven seas with her pink stilettos...

Arrrr, Kerrie the Barbie Pirate
Goober will be drawing the winner from the basket-o-entrants for the CSN gift code later. So check back!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'm SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOO EXCITED about this.  You ready for it?  It's my new little slogan/campaign that stars none other than my archenemy nemesis, the dreaded NEKKID SEMI.  Mwa ha ha ha!  Travis and I came up with the design, and I can't wait to make more designs and actually put them on some material.  So far, is sending me these bumper stickers:

How freaking awesome is this?  Yeah, I'm tooting my own horn on this one.  Since the good 'ol nekkid semi first appeared on my blog last year, it's kind of my "claim to fame."  And I thought, might as well put it to good use.  I mean, this is my motivation to run faster and I've been seeing these suckers all over lately. They have come back to stalk me.  I'm working on a fun graphic's in progress...stay tuned!

AND, to add to my excitement, I'm having dinner with Jill, Mel, Chelsea and Kerrie tonight!  Woohoo!  Haven't seen these ladies in months.  They get to meet Goober!

Don't forget to enter the CSN giveaway by clicking the link above this post.  It ends tomorrow at midnight.

Say Hello to...

Gizgigarthamelgill!  GIZMO!  The poll closed with 51 total votes, and 18 of them voted for this cute little moniker.  
Don't these two look alike?

Gizmo from Gremlins. Image from here
My jogging stroller aka "Gizmo"
Gus, Goober and Gizmo.  My 3 G's. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Have Man Hands...Apparently

BA HA HA HA HA!!  So, I get a note from YouTube saying that my Nokia review video has a comment.  I posted this video just to get the review out there, not really thinking people would actually watch it.  Well, apparently someone did watch it and this is what they said:

Why, thank you, MsDebbG.  Aren't you sweet.

Sure, my knuckles are fairly big, thanks to my dad's genes & German heritage...but that wasn't the point of the video.  This made me chuckle.  Some people just don't get it, do they?

Anyway, had a great run with Miss Goober outside in the sunshine.  She wasn't as excited as I was and decided to sleep away the 2.75 miles.  That's fine by me.  Still getting used to the whole jogging stroller thing...I'm such a noob (that's for you, Amanda!). 

You have until tomorrow to pick a name for the dear 'ol to the right. ;)

Why does the faith provision the advisory contempt?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Relaxing and Running

Clay mask FTW!
Last night I needed a little bit of relaxation.  Some "me time" if you will.  I've made it known that I love my epsom salt soaks...and I swear that they help my feet and legs after a long workout or run.  Well, it's been awhile since I've had the chance for a soak, and so I was stoked to use my Dr. Teal's epsom salt in a warm bath.

I learned about Dr. Teal's way back in September after I ran the Iron Girl 5K while 8 mos. prego with Goob.  The guys at the booth took pity on me as I was ooo-ing and ahh-ing over their selection of epsom salt soaks (while very noticeably pregnant) that they gave me a full size bag of their "Relax" soak.  Oh goodness!  I was so thankful! Immediately went home and tried it out.

I recommend this!
Let me say that it. is. divine.  The fragrance of eucalyptus and spearmint is so intoxicatingly peaceful that I just melt into the tub. Ahhhhhh.  And the epsom salt makes me feel so rejuvenated and relaxed...I think that the name "Relax" works!  Normally I get the Target brand epsom salt, with no frills, but the Dr. Teal's is really worth it!  I can't wait to try out their other fragrance selections.

Not only did I use my favorite soaking aid, I decided to use my go-to face mask--I'm going to take advantage of my "me time" as much as possible!  The clay face mask I use is Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque.  I've been using this mask for years since I discovered it at my Uncle's health food store.  It's been hard to find, but I have had success at Walgreen's and online through Amazon.  I usually keep the mask on for about 15-20 minutes, depending on how long it takes to dry.  It tingles and really makes my skin "wake up."  It's targeted for skin with blackheads and pimples, but it's also supposed to help relax facial muscles and tighten pores.  (Even Trav has used it once or twice!  Shhhhh...)  Love it!!  It does make me look like the Wicked Witch of the West, but that's only temporary.  Hee hee.

What are your methods of relaxation?

Product Review: PowerSox CoolMax® Lo-Cut Liner

Socks, post-run
I was lucky enough to get a free pair of PowerSox socks a while back through an online promotion.  When they came in the mail, I was immediately drawn to how soft and cushiony they were.  My feet are prone to blisters, and so far I have had nothing but satisfied toes with these socks.  Travis even stole these socks from my drawer to try them out...he was caught red-handed, and now I hide these so he can't wear them again!  Ha!  What?  He totally is going to stretch them out!

Product Description from here:

  • Lightweight comfort Y heel fit keeps socks in place
  • Moisture management with CoolMax® fabric
  • Ventilated top helps foot to breathe
  • Arch brace for added support
  • Hand linked seamless toes provides ultimate comfort
43% CoolMax® Polyester, 43% Cotton, 12% Polyester, 1% Lycra® Spandex

These come in a three-pack for only $9.99.  Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. 

Soft material
Great arch support
Does not slip down
Washes well, stays soft
Moisture-wicking = no blisters!
Great price

Um, they don't come in hot pink?

**Note:  All reviews are based on my own personal experience with the specific product that I was provided with.  I received these products free of charge from PowerSox through a promotion and was not compensated for my review. **

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mad Dash

The Challenger...
Tonight I was challenged to an impromptu race...against my blue flashing light.  It decided to go rogue and fly off my jacket, rolling down the steep hill with me racing after it.  It was on course to go straight into a storm drain and I, luckily, caught it just in the nick of time.  Well, that was a sprint I wasn't prepared for!  I think my legs were going in circles, like in the old saturday morning cartoons with the Roadrunner and Coyote.  I'm sure if my neighbors saw me, they would've laughed their asses off.  Thank goodness I didn't brody and tumble down the hill for my blue light.  Stupid blue light.

Other than the little fartlek, my run was fairly smooth.  I decided that my bright orange/day-glo/road cone t-shirt and Nike vest were enough for the elements.  It was pretty windy, but I am a heater and get so warm that I was completely fine at the end.  Sweltering hot actually.  There's also the plus of coming home to a warm, smiling Goober as well, even if the warmth is because she pooped in her diaper.

I really must invest in some more bright and reflective night running apparel.  I mean, my stuff has some reflective swishes here and there, but come ON, it's not that hard to add some more to the clothes, right?  Is it that expensive?  What good is a two-inch long itty bitty stripe of glowing material going to do on a black garment?  Some of the reflective stuff is barely even visible unless a bright light is shining on why not add some more of that to the clothes, "Clothing Makers?"  How sweet would it be to have a giant reflective eagle emblazoned on the back of a black running jacket, and one would only see it if direct light hits it at the right angle?  Ah ha!  The runner would definitely be seen. ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gus, Goober and G....?

Here are my top five picks for naming the jogging stroller:
Gizmo - Submitted by Hannah & Cynthia
Giles - Submitted by momof3
Gargamel - Submitted by benjatc
Garth - Submitted by Lori
Gill - Trav's idea, but I'll give credit to Stacie b/c she explained what a "G6" is with great detail

You all got an extra entry into my $50 CSN giveaway.  Thank you!

Now, let's VOTE!  Poll will run until 1/20. 

If it's a tie, then I'll just name it Gizgigarthamelgill. ;)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

HILLS, you are my B!TCH LOVER!*

First off, a big "hello!" and high five to all the new followers of this blog!  Welcome! :)

Last night I attacked the hills in my neighborhood with full force.  Armed with my Newtons, Gus and iPhone, I proceeded to find every hill in the vicinity and made it mine.  Boo ya!  It ended up being a 5K exactly, and it took me 30:05.  I'll take it!  I could've just ran in a short-sleeved tee without gloves, it was a seriously mild evening run.  Ah, who am I kidding?  I probably would've ran in shorts too...

I'm considering some of the same races I ran early last year, namely the St. Pat's Dash and the Can Do 5K (both in March).  It would be fun to do the Mercer Half again, but I don't think I'd be ready.  Maybe?  Not sure.  I truly enjoyed that course, hills and all.

Still looking for name suggestions for my jogging stroller (names that begin with "G").  Here's a pic for inspiration.

So far, the names in the running are:
Go-Go Gadget
"god-it's-so-freakin-hard-to-push-this-thing" aka G-freak

Nice!  You are all so creative!  I'll be picking my favorite FIVE names and then putting them up to a vote by tomorrow night.  If your suggestion is picked for the FIVE, then you will get an extra entry into the CSN Stores $50 giveaway...if your suggestion is the final name chosen, an additional 2 entries are yours.

*The first person to tell me where this post title came from gets another entry into the giveaway.  
Heather got it right!  Wedding Crashers!


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