Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Visit from Tall Mom

My fave pic I took of Mel in February
Mel stopped by my house yesterday and we got to chat for an hour or so.  She held Goober most of the time, so it was a nice break for my arms (I swear, babies are great weight training equipment!).  We talked about running and goals for the new year, and I told her I'd be back to being her running buddy soon.  My health is still not in tip top shape, and so I haven't got the go-ahead to start training again...

Oh goodness, I can't WAIT to start running again for so many reasons.  My Newtons are dying to be used and go fast!  My Garmin Gus is feeling really neglected.  I miss my Bald Eagle buddy, Sam, on the trail.  I need to run off the stress and just have some "me" time.  I haven't "raced" since last year (ugh!).  There's a new Brooks long sleeve top that is itching to be worn for the first time (thanks, Mel!).  And I want to feel strong again.

Plus, I miss my running buddies!
Ah, soon.

Shout out to Coach was his birthday yesterday!  Woot!  Happy Birthday, Uncle!


  1. my friend came over with her new baby and my arms HURRRRT after! definitely good weight training :) have a great holiday with your new baby <3

  2. Hang in there, you'll be back at it soon. Goober is such a cutie, enjoy your First Christmas together!!!!

  3. I want to visit!!! What are you doing Monday?

  4. Kids are wonderful weight training! I am missing pushing mine in the jogger since (I got wussy) it got cold. ;-)

    you'll be back at it in one time. Get healthy and enjoy the baby time while you do.

  5. Oh such a tough but precious time. Don't worry you'll be up and running in the blink of an eye. Merry First Christmas with Goober on board!

  6. I LOVED being there and really should have come sooner so I could stay longer.. I MISS you and will be super excited when you are ready to go again.. HUGS to 2011 changes and STRESS RELIEF!!

  7. I love holding precious babies but my arms get SO sore!


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