Monday, December 6, 2010

Hold On a Moment

Even though I started lightly walking on my treadmill a little while ago, I think I am doing too much too soon.  :(  Oh well.  I really want to be getting back into exercise and running, but I guess I'm not ready yet. 

In the meantime, while taking care of Miss Goober, I'm trying to find ways to earn some income.  Any ideas?  I was officially "let go" from my job because the little company was struggling, and I had a feeling it would be that way.  Sure, it's nice because I can take care of Goober longer without having to worry about daycare yet, but I still want to pull my own weight for our family.  I'm not used to "not working."  It's weird already.  Money just plain sucks.

Goober has been projectile vomiting more often lately and I feel so awful.  I wish I knew what was wrong. She's pretty gassy, and I've tried the Mylicon baby drops, but I don't know if they work.  Poor baby.  She's still amazing and beautiful though.
She's the Princess of eyebrow expressions


  1. My wife spent quite a bit of time on She got a lot out of it for the first few months for sure... Best of luck with Baby! She's a beaut!

  2. sorry bout the job, but like you said it gives you more time to spend with lil miss goober, who btw is such a cutie!

  3. Hi. I am normally a lurker but thought I would throw in my two cents regarding projectile vomitting... I have 18 mnth old twins and they BOTH had major reflux the first few months. Not sure if you formula or breast feed, but sometimes switching formulas is enough. I would talk to your doctor about that and possibly an antacid (our two were put on Prevacid and they had immediate relief). That is of course after trying to keep your cutie upright for 15 min. after feedings. Best of luck to you! She's adorable!!

  4. Zoe she is soooo cute!! With little bitty (my second) she would projectile after every is some things that helped....first don't worry too much even though it looks like a ton is coming out it's probably not much at all, if you pour a tablespoon of milk on your counter and look at how much it is, then you can compare to how she is loosing, also she may just be overeating...itty was a guzzler s she would nurse like crazy for the first 5 mins and then lazily suck for the next 10-15, and that would cause her to get really full and full of air causing some of the projectile! So I would slow her down by breaking her latch when she would go crazy! Anyhow I could go on but as long as she is eating well and gaining weight she is doing great!!! Hope this helps some and I hope you and your new family are well!!

  5. I'm sorry about your job, Zoe. I know it's so hard after working to suddenly NOT work. And I know it feels better to be contributing financially, especially when you want to spend a little $ on non-essentials :) And I know it's easier said than done, but do try to see this as an opportunity to be with Goober now. They grow so fast! I'm not sure about the stay-at-home income opportunities. I thought about the same thing for a while and considered being a single-shingle consultant within my field (but didn't) for lack of thinking of anything else I could do. Plus, I could have worked less and made more, just less stability. Is that an option for you? Maybe just a part-time gig that doesn't take a lot out of you mentally or physically?
    I do hope you are doing ok and that you find something to help you feel like you've got some balance & peace of mind/income. It's NOT easy and you're not alone. In the meantime, one day at a time...
    (my son was a vomit king too. as long as Goober continues to gain weight and the vomit is really just "spit up" from nursing, you should be ok but call you doc if it's really bothering you. again, peace of mind!)

  6. Hi Zoe -
    Sorry you were let go - that sucks! I don't have any advice there, but I"ll pray that things will work out perfectly for your family.
    On the projectile spit up - sounds like reflux. My daughter got that, started around 1 month (which is typical). Ask the pediatrician about meds. Also, try "gripe water". Abby had to take reflux meds until she was 9 months old. Also, it helps to let her sleep at an incline, instead of flat on her back. Good luck!! Email me if you want more detailed info/advice on the reflux thing. I'm a bit of an expert on it - ha!

  7. You're doing great mama! She looks perfect :-)

    Obviously I dont know your financial situation, but you'll be amazed at how soon your family will adjust to you not working. When my first son came, I stopped working. I didn't know how the bills would possibly get paid!

    But they did, and thats because there are many financial bonuses to staying home with a baby:

    1. You're going out less so you're spending less on entertainment and gas.
    2. You're not working, so again you save more on gas and lunch/meals out.
    3. Your baby keeps you busy and content, so there are less impulse shopping trips out of boredom.

    With a little trial and error over the next few months, you'll find that you really CAN live on one income. But if the money isn't an issue and you just need a job for your own reasons, I would recommend trying to find a non-profit that would let you bring Goober in with you. Most are very family-friendly and flexible.

  8. Sorry to hear such bummed out news right before the holidays! think of it as time spent with your daughter that you'll never get back. you can work later. :)

  9. Awwww. She looks so serious. Cute and serious. :)

    Wish I had some advice about the vomiting. :(

    We need to visit (vomit or not). I'll get in touch with you.


  10. I agree with Nicole. My son had some major reflux and was projectile vomiting too. The doc's gave us something for it (prevacid) i think. Worked like a charm.

  11. wow, Zoe, she is a BEAUTIFUL baby. Like really, really beautiful! look at that hair!! wow!!

  12. She is so cute! And those brows! Wow! Priceless!!

    sorry about her little problem, but it's true, she may be over eating. But still talk to yoru Dr. just to make sure she is gaining weight. No fun at all...

    Hm, surely with your skills there is some sort of work-from-home job out there? Good luck! it is no fun feel like you aren't pulling yoru weight, but being a mommy is a full-time job with no monetary reimbursement. BUT it is the best job ever!

  13. She is seriously too cute with all her faces! Sorry she is having tummy problems. Since I am childless I can't give any good advice, but I hope it resolves itself soon.

  14. Baby Zantac (Rantidine- I think)helped ours quit hurling, she's 2.5 months and everytime I quit giving it to her she starts puking again. You have to get a scrip for it though because even though its over the counter a pharmacy is the only place that stocks the liquid version. Your girl is a little cutie pie!!!!

  15. She is PRECIOUS!!

    Hmm work from home ideas?? I got nothin.. Are you crafty? Maybe you could do a little Etsy business.. Hang in there lady, I know it is tough but what a blessing to be able to raise your little lady.

  16. Just getting caught up here but I had to say - you are working. You have the hardest job ever and you are pulling more that just your weight. You are pulling Goobs weight too! I think people underestimate how substantial being "just a mom" is.


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