Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Earning Extra Moolah

So, it's the holidays and we all know what that means...our bank accounts and wallets are maxed out.  How about a little extra cash to get you going into the New Year?

I've participated in PTC (pay-to-click) sites before and I've actually made some money on the side.  This was years ago, and so I've found a new site called InboxDollars that is pretty good when it comes to earning some easy cash.  It doesn't cost a dime and you get paid for reading e-mails (targeted to your interests), taking surveys, completing free offers, cashback shopping with partners (like,,, to name a few) and completing easy web tasks for cash.  Plus, there's an automatic $5 added to your account just for signing up.  Easy as pie.  Mmmm, pie...

What can you do with this money?
How about put it towards race fees...
Get a super reflective running vest...
Buy antlers for your dog...
Or, you can be financially savvy and pay off those holiday bills.

Shameless plug: 
Please sign up.  

It's so easy.  
If not for yourself, then do it for Goober.  
Awww, see?  Goober's so cute.  I know you can't resist!

Now, here's a cheesy banner to start.

Edited to add: 
What you make is pretty much up to you.  The e-mails come on occasion and don't flood your inbox.  I have done some of the cash tasks, which don't make much and take a little time.  Some of the offers are fun, and can make a couple bucks just for registering for something (note: you will get some spam, so I have a separate email account just for this sort of thing).  Plus, I did some of my Christmas shopping using the "Cash Shopping" partners links for cashback.  The surveys are pretty easy and vary with how much they pay out.  Overall, this is not a job at all, more of a "hey, I have a little free time, I'll do a survey" kind of thing.  :)  Check it out for more ideas on how much you can make. 


  1. gonna sign up.
    Goober is adorable. Love that baby body suit ....

  2. How much time and what would you get per hour on average?

  3. Zoe, I just saw an article on this site where you can make $15-25 for writing short articles on topics like party planning. Check it out at www dot writersnetwork dot com. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

  4. Interesting! Ill check it out!


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