Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cars, Tickets & The Goob

I never really appreciated having two cars until now.  Woah.  I've been having my coworker pick me up on the way to work, which is nice for me, but a little out of the way for him.  Plus, not having two cars hasn't allowed me to go to the gym at all this week. :(  I'm in need of a swim!  Argh!  The good news is Travis found a car and tested it out this we may be back to two cars soon enough.

As you can see, the car situation has dwindled my exercise to a minimum this week.  But hopefully I'll be getting a lot this weekend with You Go Girl just around the corner.

Please don't forget to enter the raffle/giveaway of the AirTran plane tickets.  Only 3 days left to enter!  

Side note:  The reason I can't just give these tickets away is because they were donated to A Small Victory for an auction we held last year.  Since A Small Victory is not taking donations at the moment, the next best organization is the MISS Foundation.  Ultimately, these tickets are not mine to just give away.  Thanks for understanding!

Also, check out Goober's Birthday Pool with the link to the right.  Make a guess on when she'll be here!
The Murphy & Goober stare down...


  1. We only have one vehicle,have only had one for the last 3 years. Its worked well because my hubs work was only 3miles away and grocery/pool/library was 2 miles. Now we've moved and it looks like we will have to get a new car. What kind are yall looking at?

  2. I LOVE the picture of the stare down. So cute.

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  4. Glad you are getting the vehicle situation resolved.

    So, I need to enter the raffle more. Unfortunately, something happened last week with someone I know and I want to donate more in their honor.

  5. I have your giveaway posted on my blog. I plan on entering.

    The picture of the stare down is the best pic ever :)

  6. That stare down pic is too cute! Hahaha! :)

  7. We couldn't survive for one day without two cars. We just live to far out of the way for it. Plus I get antsy if I can't just get up and leave when ever I want to. Not that I ever do. I've got two maniacs. But still it's the idea.


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