Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy? NAH.

I've been a little M.I.A. lately since my recap of the Iron Girl.  It's been quite the week.  Not only did I celebrate my 27th birthday yesterday (woohoo!), but I also attended two weddings in different parts of the lovely Northwest.  Oh boy.  It was BUSY.  Since my actual birthday was full of wedding celebrations, I got to celebrate with my in-laws and my family on Friday and Saturday.  However, Friday night after a great dinner with the in-laws, Trav got into a little car accident and one of our cars is now totaled. :(  And it was the safer of our two cars. Double boo.  So now we are looking for two new (used) cars.  Saturday was hang-out-with-my-family day at my Dad's house.  It was a lazy/fun day.  I always have fun with my bro and sisters. :)

And now this week is going to be busy am I getting to work when Trav's using my car?  Man, I wish I could run!!

This weekend is the You Go Girl event on Sunday...and that means two awesome bloggers from the East are coming into town: TMB from Racing With Babes and Katye from Long Legs on the Loose!  I can't wait to meet them!  It should be a great weekend. :)

I leave you with a pic of my handsome hubby at the venue from last night's wedding.  It had a gorgeous view!


  1. happy belated birthday. so sorry about the car though. not a good brithday present. looks like im not the only who had car problems this weekend. one car needs a repair thats worth more than $500 and another is probably just going to be sold for scrap metal :S

    hoep your week gets better.

  2. Hapy birthday! I hate cars sometimes!

  3. Sorry to hear about the accident. :( Good luck with the hunt for new vehicles. And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

  4. Sorry about the accident, but since it was the safer of the two cars, perhaps that kept anyone from being seriously hurt. That's good

  5. glad everyone is safe... guess it was good thing it was the safer car???

  6. Happy Birthday again! Can't wait to meet you too! Bummer about the car - but just think of it. Now you can get that minivan I am sure you have always dreamed of!

  7. Love that pic! SO Pretty!!! :) Hope all is well!!

  8. sorry to hear about the accident! glad everyone is ok! Happy belated birthday!! :D have fun with the little bloggy meetup!

  9. Happy Birthday!!! so sorry about the car accident :( hope you're able to find a good safe car soon!


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