Saturday, September 11, 2010

...And it's already been quite the day

9/11.  It's hard to believe nine years have passed.  We will always remember.
Photo by Thomas E. Franklin
So, I woke up early this morning to a text message from my brother saying that our littlest sister is in the hospital getting her appendix removed.  After trying to call her room at the hospital to no answer, I'm just a worried big sister.  I know she'll be fine, but I just hate the thought of her in pain and having any kind of surgery.  She's not the biggest fan of hospitals either.  But I'll be going up to visit her soon.

On a brighter note, there is a winner of the CSN gift card...

A big CONGRATS to Angel Jacklyn, entry #61!

Remember to enter my giveaway/raffle/fundraiser for the AirTran plane tickets (someone needs to use them before December 31st of this year!!).  It's only $5 an entry, which is like skipping a latte at Starbucks, or a footlong ham sandwich, or 4 GU's.  AND, it is tax deductible...

Now, I'm off to go visit my baby sister.


  1. Congrats to Angel Jacklyn!

    I hope your sister will be alright, and she's feeling a bit better. Appendicitis = pain. But as soon as it's out, you feel so much better. :)

  2. Hope everything is OK!! hugs.. OK gotta go enter.. I ned to look up where Air TRan flies..

  3. I hope your sister is ok! Keep us posted

  4. Best wishes to your sister. I hope she is up and around soon.

  5. Will be praying for your sister. Take care as you multitask!


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