Thursday, August 26, 2010

Would You Like Some Toe Juice?

Yes, it does sound strange.  Those two words put together:  Toe + Juice.  But don't worry, it's not at all what it sounds like!  In fact, it's a rather amazing product that is not only for feet, but hands, arms, legs, etc.
I got to try out some Toe Juice and their sanitizer product Hog Wash some weeks ago.


I got reallllllly sunburned on my feet while at the beach last month (to the point where they were extra swollen and probably should've blistered).  I immediately rubbed Toe Juice on the burn and it cooled it down instantly.  Then, I diligently applied more Toe Juice every few hours for a day or two.  Guess what? My burn didn't peel!  That's a first for me.  My skin bounced back like it was never burned in the first place.  It was awesome!  The Toe Juice felt light and not like my skin was suffocating under extra creamy lotion.  Plus, it didn't make my burn feel as itchy or sore if I didn't use any kind of product.

That's it.  I fell in love with a product called Toe Juice.  

My sisters even used it when we were over in Massachusetts for their sunburns and bug bites.  They couldn't stop using it.  In fact, I almost ran out while on vacation.  :)

As for Hog Wash, it's like any normal hand sanitizer, and yet, not.  It actually made my hands feel moisturized rather than extra dry and cracking after using Purell constantly.  Now it has taken the place of all my other hand sanitizers at home, work and in my purse.

Product Description:
"Toe Juice is a fast drying liquid, which refreshes, soothes, and softens dry cracked feet, in addition to stop itching, burning, and annoying irritations.  Toe Juice effectively remedies most skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, athlete's foot, dry patches on the skin.
Toe Juice can easily be applied to the skin by using a cotton swab or even directly from the bottle to the infected area.  Application by hand also is safe and convenient."
Description found HERE

It makes sunburn feel better!  
No peeling if used often
It cools and refreshes upon contact
Makes bug bites less itchy
Convenient travel size bottle fits in small bags/purses
Skin feels rejuvenated after use

Because it is a liquid, it is used up really quickly
The smell is a little alcohol-y (and apparently your cat will ignore you when you use it)

Now, for a GIVEAWAY! 
Toe Juice was kind enough to sponsor a giveaway of their awesome products.

Here's the scoop on how to win:
(1 comment = 1 entry) 
So many ways to enter!
  • Visit the Toe Juice site and tell me one use for this product (1 entry)
  •  Become a follower and let me know in a comment (1 entry)
  • Link to this giveaway on your blog, Twitter (include @RunZoeRun), or Facebook.  Let me know in a comment (1 entry each)
  • Become a fan of Toe Juice on Facebook (1 entry)
  • OR Send me a pic of why you REALLY REALLY NEED some Toe Juice lovin' to!  Yes! Send me pics of your dry, cracked tootsies!  This will count as 3 entries!

The giveaway will end Friday 9/3, with the winner picked via & announced on Saturday the 4th.  Toe Juice will ship the merchandise directly to the winner. Sweetness!

**Note:  All reviews are based on my own personal experience with the specific product that I was provided with.  I received these products free of charge from Toe Juice and was not compensated for my review. Product in giveaway provided courtesy of Toe Juice.**


  1. Already a follower, and I linked to your contest on my blog!

  2. Helps with eczema - I should buy some even if I don't win!

  3. Sent you a picture of my feet - I'm sorry, but you did say you wanted them...

  4. i LOVE your new header so cute!

  5. Posted the link to your giveaway on my blog and on Facebook.

  6. And, I will send you a pic of my feet (or, the ugly things formerly known as feet...). You will be sorry you asked for it. ;)

  7. learned that one possible use is for shaving irritations

  8. You can use this for bug bites? Awesome!

  9. very interesting! i want to try!!!

    i'm already a follower!! :)

  10. I won't embarres myself by sending a picture of my feet, they're pretty BAD!!

  11. Love that it helps with razor burn and smelly funny!

    Hey, I tagged you with an award on my blog...go check it out!

  12. I am now a follower. Thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving a comment. I've been reading your old posts; what a great blog! :)

  13. This would help with my seriously dry feet. Okay, I know if I send you a picture I get three entries, but I just don't want to scare anyone like that. :)

  14. I'm a new GFC follower! Found you on GiveawayBlogs website

    cheapskate4life at

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