Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Product Review: Sugoi Verve Shorts

Scott from OutsidePR sent me some fun Sugoi Verve shorts to try out (again, back in March. Bad Zoe, bad.)...thanks Scott!

I immediately tried these shorts out as soon as the package came in the mail.  Since I'm an avid RunningSkirt enthusiast, I don't often run in shorts anymore.  But hey, why not give these a try?  
I couldn't wear these for very long, because Goober was growing and elastic waistbands had nothing on my expanding waistline.  They felt like I wasn't wearing anything because they were so lightweight on my 3 miler.

At first, I was a little confused because the pockets were on the back.  Hmmm.  I nearly wore them backwards, but caught myself before I left the house.  Dummy runner crisis averted.

Product Description:
"The Verve Short delivers advanced performance with multi-use versatility. These shorts have a flattering, feminine shape. The convenient pockets and mesh paneling for breathability make the Verve Short technically excellent."
  • 2 back "quick draw" fuel pockets
  • Inside key pocket
  • Mesh liner with gusset
  • Reflective accents for added visibility
Description found HERE



Extremely lightweight (I had to check to make sure I was actually wearing bottoms a few times!)
Fabric is soft and wicked sweat away easily
Fuel pockets are nice, didn't get to try them out though
Reflective accents are a must for runners
Shorts didn't ride up or bunch that much during the run

Pockets on the back? Maybe?

Overall, these are a good alternative to my usual RunningSkirt. :)

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**Note: All reviews are based on my own personal experience with the specific product that I was provided with.  I received these products free of charge from OutsidePR/Sugoi and was not compensated for my review.**


  1. The look comfy! We carry some Sugoi stuff and it's really great. A little on the expensive side at times but it's definitely worth paying for.

  2. They do look like they would be light weight. I like the back pockets. I would be just like having my camelbak on. Plus I don't like anything up fron to bounce around, distracting!

  3. i like the back pockets. in my opinion it helps keep things from falling out. i feel like 'regular'/front pockets things could pop out more easily. obviously the back aren't pop-out-proof, but just seem less-likely. anyway i own 2 pairs of these shorts and love 'em!

  4. They look cute and comfortable! Not really sure about the pockets on the back, though... And light weight is a good thing; the Nike Tempo ones are not light weight enough for me (I'm picky, I know), so I might give the Sugoi ones a try! Thanks for sharing!

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