Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random: For the Boys...

Everyone knows that I like to "kick it" to the finish and "chick" dudes at the finish line too.  Well, apparently there are some dudes that just don't want to be chicked.  *Heh heh.*
So, in honor of the dudes, I've made a new tee just for you:


Can you tell I'm liking my little shop on


  1. I like it!! The last thing I want to happen is to get "chicked" at the finish... argh... I don't want to get passed at all but to have the ignominy of being "chicked" by a trash-talking female is rubbing salt in the wound!

  2. i LOL'ed. we're can you get that kind of shirt.

  3. This is HILARIOUS. I LOL'd!!! You could copyright, print and sell that shirt at race expos.

  4. Pretty funny!!! Your going to end up starting your own running shirt line, I can see it now!

    Now as long as I get credit for "You just got chicked by a fetus!" =)


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