Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nervous Energy

I attempted a 4 mile run tonight.  Couldn't go my usual route because some dude was sitting at the dead-end smoking.  Nope...not going that way.  Then my body started feeling like it weighed 500 pounds. Sluggish!  Of course, the icing on that cupcake was my stupid left groin muscle started feeling tweaked.  Well crap.  2.78 miles total tonight.  I did, however, lift weights with Trav for 20 minutes (don't worry, I used two 4 lb dumbbells and took it easy).  But just walking irritates that groin issue.  ERGH.  I am not going on the injured list...I AM going to run/walk Seattle RnR.

The good news is that after trying for hours to connect to AT&T and the Apple store, I finally preordered my iPhone 4!  And, they even SOLD OUT.  PHEW!  So glad I was persistent.


  1. Are you going to go to the dr to see about that?

    Congrats on the iphone pre-order!

  2. are you doing the Half or the full? it's in 2 weeks time, correct? rest, ice etc!!

  3. Sorry you are hurting that sucks :(

    I got mine pre-order too, note for next time i did it from the apple store app on my iphone in about 30 seconds once I tried :) beat the hours of refresh I did before.

  4. Sorry you are hurting. Hate to tell you, but often muscle injuries do not heal during pregnany. I ripped ab muscles during my second pregnancy, and they didn't heal until 3 months after she was born.
    I am walking/jogging Seattle too, just coming off the injured list. :)Well, hopefully off the injured list

  5. Ick. Running through smoke is so nasty. Good idea to hightail it out of there. Great job on ~3 miles!

    As baby grows and needs more blood supply, your muscles will fatigue faster because of the diverted oxygen. So its not you, your baby is just suckin' your mojo. *wink*

  6. Are you going to the bloggy dinner on Friday before RNR, hope so!!

    I hope you are feeling better too and yes just enjoy the race, no injuries!

  7. One of the first running blogs I started to read had an issue that was brought up by pregnancy actually...sounds similar to what you have: pubic ramus injury. Might be worth looking in to.

  8. i am so jealous of your new iphone! will you do a full update post on it for me when you get it? i cant wait to hear all about it!

  9. Hopefully some rest will help. I just got the green light to try my first test run tomorrow. If you are serious about walking/running together or at least at the start. Let me know ASAP...if you need to leave me in the dust you can.


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