Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Magic Word: *Giveaway!*

Enticing much? :)
Alright there, peeps...don't forget to enter my RxSorbo insole giveaway!  I use these insoles in my walking shoes and they make my feet feel über good.  You have until tomorrow to enter, so check it out.

Since yesterday was National Running Day, of course I had to get in some miles.  The weather was once again, crappy, so the treadmill seemed like my best bet.  Running on the treadmill is harder for me lately because I get so freaking hot!  Instead of just running a full 3 miles, I broke it down into three 1 milers.  It gave me a chance to get my HR down and cool off before squeaking in the next mile.  Which reminds me that I need to use that treadmill lube on my poor Smooth's squeaking horribly.  I'm sure it didn't bother Travis as he tried to work on the computer.  Heh heh. *evil*

A little while back I was tagged as a Versatile Blogger by Tall Mom Mel & Khianna.  Thank you ladies!  
Here are 7 random facts about 'lil 'ol me:

  1. I cannot put a bra on like everyone else.  You know, cups first then hook?  I have to hook it in the front, then swirl it around.
  2. I walk on my tiptoes if I'm barefoot/sockfooted on linoleum or hardwood.  Always have, always will. 
  3. One summer (I think it was back in 2002) while in Massachusetts, all 5 of us sisters weighed the same (115).  It was weird, we thought the scale was broken, but our Uncle tried it and it wasn't.  We are all different heights, so it was kind of awesome.  Yeah, that was random. 
  4. Speaking of sisters, my big sister Karrie has a fashion blog and she was featured on a few weeks ago!  I brag!  I'm proud!
  5. I met my hubby on College Facebook....Facebook before it became what it is.  :)
  6. I'm an iPhone junkie.  I love it tons and it has changed my life!  (Really!) In fact, I now work for a small iPhone app company run by my bro-in-law. Plus, I don't run without my's my music source and my in-case-of-an-emergency access to a phone. [Shameless biz promotion...look up iCollect Movies or World Customs and Cultures in the iTunes app store]
  7. Perhaps at least one of these should be about running?  Yeah. ;)  Ok, my running hero is my Uncle Doug (aka Coach Fish).  He's an amazing runner, and this year he's making a comeback into racing (starting with the Osterville Road Race in July!!  I'll be there!).  My goal for him is Boston. But, he could totally qualify in his sleep.  His goal for me is Boston too.  So we'll see how this pans out after Goober comes along!  Woot!
Now I must pass this on to 15 awesomely versatile bloggers!  Since this has been going around already, a few are dupes.  So consider yourselves even more versatile. :)
  • Morgan aka The Redhead:  She just moved away from sunny Florida to be with her hunny.  Commence the "schmoopy."
  • Tall Mom Mel: So glad I met this mama last year at Fleet Feet!  She's so inspiring, and fun to run with.
  • Laura at Jog for Joubert Syndrome:  She runs/blogs/lives for a very worthy cause! 
  • Glenn:  I keep telling him to change his blog name from the Running Fat Guy to the Running PHAT Guy.  He's hardcore!
  • Emily:  Um, what more can I say about the runner behind "Sweat Once a Day?"  I admire her so much!  She makes BQ'ing look like a walk in the park. 
  • TMB: Completely jealous of her Running Skirt collection...and her race day style!  And I definitely look up to her when it comes to running while prego. 
  • Erica at Run Mommy Run!:  She's hooked on running now!  Her little girls are adorable!  And she's always very encouraging in comments. 
  • Karrie:  Um, Hello Pretty [Awesome].  Enough said. Love you sis. 
  • Nikki:  Shout-out to the other prego running mama!  Woot!
  • Liz:  Writing Mommy extraordinaire. Overall tough chick and cool sis-in-law. 
  • Kerrie:  Following her running journey has been a trip!  She's got a couple half marathons under her belt and it hasn't even been a year yet!  Plus, her 'Bu has butt-warmer seats...ahhhhh. :)
  • Katye:  Love this girl.  Who couldn't?  She's got personality and determination and some killer shoelaces!
  • Penny:  I love Penny.  She's always smiling and has the coolest race day outfits!  Plus, her dog Velcro is the sweetest looking pup. 
  • Billy:  He's a character.  Plus he's crazy insane when it comes to trail running.  I think he spells his name wrong though.  It should be Billë. Ha!
  • Lindsay:  Chasing the Kenyans is right.  Hello speed racer!  Reading her race recaps makes me want to run fast with her.
15!  Wow!  I could go all are pretty wicked awesome I think. :)


  1. Hopefully you will start getting some nicer weather soon... preferably by the time I come to town. :p

  2. :) i love reading 7 random facts!! :)

    i totally put my bra on JUST like that!

  3. 1) this just made my day! thank you!
    2) i LOVE that picture of you!
    3) I put my bra on that way too! I thought that was normal haha
    4) you will be at boston in no time. and little goober might be able to cheer you on
    5) you are gunna be such a cool mom!

  4. That is how I put my bra on too!!! I thought I was the only one over 13 that did it :)

  5. Awe! Thanks for the love! This list is great. Especially the one about everyone weighing the same and thinking the scale was broken. Hopefully the weather changes and you can get off that treadmill soon!

  6. I never thought about it but I put my bra on the same way. You mean there are people out there who reach around and hook it???

  7. That was wacky how all you girls weighed the same....and I had to laugh at your bra method!

  8. LOL at the bra - I think that's how most women do it, even though we are *supposed* to do it the other way.

  9. wait, you're saying #1 is wrong? how else would you do it??? and I'm on exactly the same w/#2. My ex actually called me out on it once b/c he thought it was so weird. ;)

  10. HUGS and love.. oh that picture makes me SMILE... Off to check out the fashion Blog.

  11. #1 Doesn't everyone do it that way?

    Crazy that you all weighed the same exactly!

    Awesome that your sister was featured. Great thing to be proud of her.

  12. thanks for the tag! i guess i am not "normal" either with the bra assembly :) fun facts!


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