Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crap Bag

Remember that Friends episode where Phoebe changed her name to Princess Consuela Bananahammock? And Mike's rebuttal was that he was going to change his name to Crap Bag? If not, here's the clip:

Well, the topic of today's post is Crap Bag. Literally and figuratively, of course.
(Special shout-out to the master of poo-talk: Beth!)

First, literally...
Remember how I mentioned a few months back that there's a dog owner in the neighborhood that picks up his/her dog's poo in a bag, but then leaves that bag on the sidewalk?  Well, it's still going on, and the crap bag pileup is getting ridiculous.  I mean, it's so ridiculous that I had to stop and take a picture.  Yes, I stopped my run to take a picture of poop.
I am going to make a sign and put it over the bags that says "Pick up your CRAP." Seriously.  It's disgusting and stupid.  
Moving on...

Second, figurative "crap"...
I know I'm pregnant and all, and that my body is doing something it's never done before, but MAN, it's still frustrating.  Is it wrong that I'm worried my legs/lungs/heart won't remember what it's like to run under an 8 minute mile or at a sprint at all?  My body is starting to hate me after 2 miles.  Especially on the treadmill!  And since the weather has been, well, crappy, I've been using the treadmill a lot more.  So, this makes me overheat a lot quicker and get even more frustrated that I have to walk more often.  But when I do run outside, I feel like I'm going at a snail's pace, and that my lungs are going to explode on the first hill.  Running right now is making me feel like crap. :(

(Skip this part if you don't want to hear the rantings of a prego chick)
Plus, I went from pretty much "marathon training" back in February to running 2 miles here and there.  I've seen all my running buddies get BQ's and awesome PR's and I'm so happy/proud/excited for them...but a part of me is bummed because I miss really racing and being able to run those longer distances.  It's hard to read about people moving forward with their goals when mine seem to be moving backward.  Sure, this is a new "chapter" in my running life, and I'm not supposed to know what happens, but I miss kicking ass instead of having my ass kicked.  I do need to look at the bright side more often: I'm going to be a MOM; I've ran 4 races so far since being pregnant; I can still lace up my shoes and run for a bit, walk for a bit, etc; my goals/dreams are simply on hold at the moment; I'm not the only one out there that feels this way.

Ok, ranting done.  I feel better.  

My Memorial weekend was very low-key.  In fact, I slept a lot.  Hung out with Travis and Murphy kitty too.  But, Murphy and I took a lot of naps together.  He's my sleeping buddy-in-crime.  Here's Murph in action:
This is after I got up from a nap.  Murph was using my pillow. :)

Got a couple of miles in over the weekend, and some really high incline power walks on the treadmill.  But, it was raining the entire weekend and of course I wanted to be outside.  The sun finally made its debut at around 5:30pm on Monday evening...thanks a lot for that, sun.  What a long-weekend slap in the face. :P  Oh well, I still enjoyed my lazy weekend!

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  1. oohhh pooo...all the way around, I think it is amazing that you are running/walking at all. I was not a runner before I was pregnant so I never gave it a whirl...but I know pregnancy kicked my booty! SO be proud that you are doing stuff your exercising for two and that's no joke!

  2. LOL! How weird. Who actually takes the time to pick it up-then leaves it there. Silly if you ask me.

  3. So, I totally know what you are feeling. I was there too. How far along are you? I had a really tough time around 16-19 weeks. Then things got better. I still wasn't fast, but running became more pleasant. And you will get your speed back. I am faster now than I ever was before!

    Here are some links to my posts from when I was 16-20 weeks along with Natalie:





    And if nothing else, my misery can make you laugh!

  4. I'm also a dog owner but never would leave the bag! I like your idea with putting up a sign! :)

  5. Oo not picking up poop drives me crazzzzy. I've ended up with dog poo on my shoe just going through MY front yard- and I don't have a dog!!!

  6. Kids change our lives. And yes it even starts when your prego! It's hard though when your body is going through so many changes and you just want to be able to do what you did before and you will but it might not be until after bambino is here. Running will become something even more to you than it is now I promise. Hang in there. It's amazing that you are doing all that you are doing.

    You are GROWING a baby and that takes a lot of work. A mile or 2 when you are prego is AMAZING...I bet it will get better over the weeks.

    ARe you showing yet? any baby bump? We need pictures.

  7. Yes you were a speedy Marathon training machine....but how you forget young one.... you were running next to a woman who has birthed 2 children and can still kick some 8 minute mile a$$... And qualified for Boston. Right now I am sure it is TOUGH, your body cant, shant, wont do what you are so used to doing... BUT.... before you know it Goober will be here, and you will have a little baby and AMBITION to get back to Running...

    It will be GREAT! and by the time you are ready I will be a killer running coach, so look for that.. HUGS to the frustration and miracle that is being pregnant.

    Love you and your honesty Zoe!! Lunch soon!!!

  8. haha, i loved that episode! that pretty gross about the person leaving the crap...how much harder is it to find a trash to take it to and to not even care about the pile its creating...GROSS!

  9. Eww on the poop!

    Hang in there with the pregnancy. You are managing a lot more than many of us did during pregnancy. And if I can come back from a pregnancy where I barely exercised and gained a ridiculous amount of weight and be a stronger, faster runner than I was before, I'm sure you will. You are already ahead of the game by doing as much as you can manage.

  10. Oh man, I needed that laugh. I laughed so hard at "pick up your crap!" that I now have the hiccups as I type this.

    I am going to laugh every time I think of those crap baggies. AHAHAHAHAA! Who does that?!?!?

    Although I didn't exercise through either of my pregnancies (unless you count 8 hour shifts on my feet as a barista) I say...embrace the low miles. Think of it like golf and take this time to perfect your "short game."

    (Hubby is a golfer, what can I say?)

  11. The crap bag situ is gross!

    Don't worry about not coming back to running as you left off pre-preggo. I was a bed rester from 16 weeks til the end and came back better and FASTER!!!
    You are doing so much right now--you're moving ahead with your family. I promise you'll be back better than ever. Hang in there!

  12. Okay, who picks up the poo, but leaves it on the sidewalk? At least if they just left it unbagged it would rot away and leave the sidewalk instead of being petrified in the 1400 year bag. Ugh! So gross.

    Hang in there!

  13. BWHAHAHA! That is one of my favorite Friends episodes!

    OMG, that "crap bag" pile up is INSANE. That's so wrong and so irresponsible. Sheesh!

    Hey, at least you're still trying to run and be active. Sure, you may not be able to do all the things you did before you got pregnant, but, by staying active NOW it'll be that much easier to bounce back after the little bambino is born. And heck, you ran 4 races while pregnant! That's impressive!

  14. If they want the crap to fertilize, dont they realize that it being in a bag prohibits this action. But seriously....pick up your shit. I tell ya! That is so lame. And you stopped to take a picture of the poo. lol. That's cool. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Thanks for sharing the poo picture. Talk about a crappy post. lol. Have a good one pregnant runner you.

  15. That's one of the best episodes of Friends ever! I still laugh when I think of it.

    But seriously, what is up with the crap bag bandit!!! Not only is s/he leaving the poop, but plastic litter as well!

  16. Maybe for the time being there is something else you could try to get into that wouldn't be as taxing but still a new challenge? What about swimming? I understand frustration like that so maybe try a different avenue?

  17. When people tell you everything changes when you get pregnant/become a mom. They aren't kidding everything does change. But change isn't bad. You'll figure it out. And it'll teach you a lot about yourself.

  18. Run with me! You'll feel super speedy! I know how you feel though. I've had to cut waaaay back and I get a tad jealous reading everyone's wonderful stories. Just think of all the adventures that are soon coming your way!

  19. Hang in there mama! when you see those babies it'll all be worth it! if it makes you feel any better, my boyfreinds sister went to boston for the 2nd time after being prego. you'll get your mojo back, promise!!! :) keep smiling and trucking along- slow or not, your out there and thats all that counts! also, get the lady with the dog $h!t to take care of it, cuz thats just sick! xoxo

  20. 1) I love your blog.
    2) I love that you're running and racing while pregnant, even though it's hard. I really hope to be able to do so if and when I am pregnant.
    3) I love that you use "ë" at the end of your name just like I do. :)

    Happy Thursday!

  21. umm. what is the point of picking up the poo if you are just going to leave the bag?? what the crap? some people...

    hang in there mama. i can only imagine how tough it is to run thru pregnancy! but you will be able to run "for real" again soon!! :)

  22. Your'e doing so well - just try to keep your head up and think about how awesome it's going to be to run with her in a stroller - letting him/her experience the world and outdoors through your hobby. It's going to be amazing :D


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