Monday, June 28, 2010

Blogger Carbo Load Dinner!

There is no way I could put my Seattle Rock 'n' Roll festivities into one post.  Too many awesome pictures and way too much information!  So here's what went down on Friday night...

Carbo Load Dinner and meeting some really fabulous blog runners!
Sarah, her bro Casey, Kerrie and Jill

Kerrie was a total rockstar and offered to carpool, so she picked me up around 4:30 with T Junior in the back (he's the sweetest little boy!).  T Junior showed me his new "running shoes" that he got earlier with Kerrie; they were slick and I asked him if they would make him go fast.  He nodded with a shy smile.  First stop was to meet up with Mr. T and hand over the little man, and I got a mini tour of part of Issaquah.  Of course the parking lot for the Old Spaghetti Factory is completely packed (thousands of runners looking for some pasta!), but we found a spot on the street a few blocks away.  Sweet!  Free parking!

We were only a little bit early but Lorian was the first person there!  She's so sweet and could give Tall Mom some competition for the title.  :) We chatted for a bit and put on the awesome name tags that Kerrie made (they looked like little race bibs), and made our way into the private dining room that Mel booked (HUUUUUUGE success!).  It was only a matter of time until the entire room was buzzing with conversation and laughter.  Even though we hadn't met each other face to face, there was a connection through our blogs...Genesis even exclaimed "Goober!" while pointing to my belly.  It was very cute. :)

Our dinner was fast and pasta hit the spot.  Since I didn't bring my good camera, I had to make do with my iPhone which worked ok.  There were flashbulbs going off everywhere, and it was like we were actually famous and being photographed by curious paparazzi.  ;)
A big thank you to Jill and Kerrie for sharing these pics!

Front: Harmony, me & Goober, Kerrie, Jill, Sarah, Steph, Genesis' friend Jordan



Me & Goober, Mel, Marlene

The dinner and meet-up was a big success--Mel knows how to plan a great get-together!  On the ride home Kerrie and I were trying to think of things to put on signs (I was going to make one for after I was done...I like to cheer for runners too).  We wanted to avoid the "You're almost there!" kind of runner wants to hear that after only 2 miles.  There were a couple good ones, some funny ones, and I finally came up with my sign slogan...but you'll have to wait for the race recap!

I was up late making the sign and just getting all my stuff together for my 4:45am wakeup.  Seriously couldn't sleep!  My excitement was too much!  And I think Goober was excited too, as she was moving/dancing while I was trying to go to bed...

Stay tuned for the recap!


  1. Nice cliffhanger sorta about that sign you made. I'm staying tune for part II or III or more!

  2. I sent you that one pic I took for you, right? You know the one. Has to do with your sign.

  3. It was SO cool to meet you! You are just as cute and sweet and funny as you are on the blog. What a fun weekend!

    Looking forward to hear about your race!

  4. Sounds like a blast...waiting for part II.

  5. Yay!!! sounds like a super fun meet up!! :) cant wait to read more!

  6. I want to read your racer report.. so glad you had fun, you looked adorable. I LOVE the picture of me touching Goober...LOL!

  7. can't wait for the is awesome you guys were able to get together.

  8. excited to read this recap! so jealous of that amazing dinner!

    [and don't miss this week's running question! maybe you'll be featured next, 'momma'!]

  9. Sounds like a great time for all! I love these get toghethers - they are more the reason that I do marathons than the race itself.


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