Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Half Recap

Did I seriously just run 13.1 miles 5 months preggo???  WTH?  
I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow.
Kick ass!!
I can't feel my left toe.
That was the most difficult race I've ever run.

These are the thoughts going through my mind as I cross the finish line, smiling.  My goal for this race was to just have fun and finish.  Mission accomplished.  I just didn't realize that I was going to finish that fast.  Ultimately I said "under 3 hours" and even told Travis that that was probably my estimated finish time, and perhaps even 3.5 hours.  Let's just say Trav missed my finish because Kasey, Cassie and I were speedier than we anticipated. ;)

Rewind to Friday Night...
This was the first time I was going to utilize the gear check, so I had to have all my stuff laid out.  Compression Cat (aka "Murphy") thought he'd jump in the picture because he is crucial to my post-race recovery.  I just didn't think he'd like being in a plastic bag for 3+ I decided to leave him at home.

After my gear was done posing for pictures, I proceeded to work on my post-race sign.  Yeah, it was past 11pm, but I needed to make this sign.  It would be too much fun to pass up.  Not sure if I should've been so close to that Sharpie for so long...

Finally crawled into bed and little Miss Goober couldn't contain her excitement either--she was moving around and "dancing."  Silly Goob.  But I finally managed some sleep.  Of course, I woke up 20 minutes before my alarm went off.  GRRRR.  Oh well, I was too excited!  I quickly got dressed and made a PB&J sandwich and was on the road to meet up with Jill, Mel, & Marlene to carpool.  My car was super stoked to see Mel's car; they haven't "hung out" since February!  Reunited!  Before I left, I noticed that Travis had got me a surprise and left it on the kitchen counter:
Isn't that sweet? :)

Thank goodness Jill was gracious and let me tag along that morning...I probably would have freaked out if I had to drive myself.  Mel & Jill knew some super secret route, and before we knew it, we were already outside the van with thousands of other anxious runners.  Someone was actually dropped off at the start in a Limo.  Um, serious rockstar status much?  Next year, right?

(Again, thank you to the wonderful ladies for providing some great group photos...)

Me, Mel, Marlene, Jaime, Jill -- carpool peeps!

I went straight over to gear check to free up my hands, and I bumped into my HS buddy Brian.  Also said hello to my little sister's friend.  How am I seeing people I know?  Crazy!  Somehow I lost Jaime in the crowd and called Jill to see where they were.  Corral 6. Gotcha. 
I'm the prego albino chick that isn't cold. ;)

Shortly after Cassie found me and we hugged and cheered!  We haven't run together since High School X-Country, and I've missed her so much!  (She's the Raiders girl on the right in the pic w/ me blindfolded in the "How 'Run, Zoe, Run!' Came to Be" post about my Mum.  We've got a lot of history.)  I introduced her to my new blog friend Kasey who was going to run with us too.  Then we went to Corral 9 and waited a little bit for the start.  EEK! Nerves!  And then we clapped...uh, for what?  Dude next to us says "They just had someone sing the National Anthem."  Ohhhhh.  We did not hear a single note.  But the crowd started moving forward.  Yes!

The crowd of runners behind our Corral (#9)

Then we were up to the Start Line and the we're running!  The Announcer says over the mic "Baby Runner on board!  Does he get his own number?"  And I smiled:  Miss Goober is famous.

And there was more smiling.  More running.  More laughter as I spot a line of Nekkid Semis just parked all neatly next to the road.  But of course!  They were finally showing their support!  Then I swear I smelled freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  My uber sensitive nose was playing on tricks on me: "That's cruel!"  Cas and I proceed to reminisce about the killer delicious Otis Spunkmeyer cookies that were sold during break in High School.  I think I may have drooled.  Before Kasey, Cas and I knew it, we were passing mile markers left and right. 

We made a quick porta potty stop, which is a first for me during a race.  It wasn't too bad, but why isn't the hand sanitizer stocked?  Seriously, I'm about to eat one of my Clif Shot Bloks and I've got nasty honey bucket hands.  Then I hear a familiar voice yell out my's KERRIE!  YAY!  I wave and smile and she's awesome and takes pictures:

Kerrie's cheering was just the kick I needed for that hill.  And if you can't tell from the pics, I was a big  cheeseball with my "fly-catching" grin.

We ran through some cute neighborhoods that had people sitting out front of their houses watching and waving.  I told Kasey and Cas that if I lived here, I would totally have a stereo system blasting some Michael Jackson tunes for the runners.  Um, three houses later what do we hear???  A disco beat with "don't stop 'til you get enough..."  HECK YES!!  Are you kidding me?!  Coincidence #1.  That was totally awesome.

With my Baby Runner on Board tank, and the sign that said "Baby on Board's 2nd Half Mary" on my back, a LOT of people were making comments and saying "That's awesome!" "Congrats!" "Good for you!"  A couple of younger guys passed me and tried to slyly look at my belly...but I caught them.  It was funny.  The shirt/sign combo was definitely a hit!

I felt really good going up the hills, as I get a lot of practice in my neighborhood.  Downhill was a different story, and my legs did NOT like it.  There was a spot where we got close to the Lake and a long line of spectators were cheering and holding large American flags.  It was beautiful!  I spotted a soldier in uniform and ran up to him, gave him a high-five and said "Thank you."

Around this time I spotted Coincidence #2 (you'll get why later).  A dude's running in a freaking polar bear suit!  WTH?  The guy's nuts!  Kerrie was kind enough to get a pic of this dude (because she knew about the coincidence too!).

The race course was right next to the water, and we walked a bit (but seriously not that far) here and there.  The view was amazing and I totally felt like going swimming right then.  We stopped to stretch a bit right before we went up to the I-90 tunnel.  Getting back to moving was hard and my tummy was starting to growl.  It was loud and hot in the tunnel, and Gus II did not like being surrounded by so much concrete.  Kasey got a serious kick and we were going a little faster.  Perhaps because it was so loud and hot?  Blech.  We were getting so close to Downtown!

Since our pace was not entirely consistent due to slowing down for water stops and some walks, I noticed that we passed the same two dudes often.  One in a physical therapy company shirt and another with red hair.  They were running together and they'd pass us, then our group would pass them...and so on.  Well, when we passed the red haired dude again after the tunnel I turned around:
"We've been yo-yo-ing here.  What's your name?"  
"Hey Scott, I'm Zoe.  Nice to meet you!"
"Yeah! You too!  Guess I'll see ya in a bit!"

We approached mile 10 and I called Travis to see where he was.  Of course I told him my goal time would be 3 to 3.5 hours.  HA!  Travis had just left our house!  I was about 30 minutes from the Finish Line.  Boo. :(  Oh well.  As long as I got to see him at the end.

I tried my hand at running pictures with my new iPhone 4.  Surprising steady considering I'm, well, running.
Ooo! Safeco in sight!

Rock on, Cassie!

At this point all three of us just wanted to be done, so we decided to just keep running with no walking breaks if possible.  Since I'm a huge fan of running through the city during races and seeing large crowds of cheering spectators, I felt amazing!  Then there was a steep decline before we got on the viaduct.  Holy crap!  I thought my shins were going to break in half and I'd roll down the hill.  Ugh.  Not the best feeling.  But then the viaduct was home stretch!  SOOOO CLOSE!

Running towards Qwest Field I told Cassie to leave me if she needed to go faster (and Kasey was booking it!  Woot!).  I got my usual kick, but I didn't realize that the Finish Line was OUTSIDE of Qwest Field.  It's right THERE!  I picked up the pace even more and had a goofball mega-grin going on.  Yes!!!
I'm actually considering purchasing these pics from the event photog:


Me, Kasey and Cassie with medals!

We grabbed water, bagels, granola bars and headed to gear check.  I needed to put on my brand new Swift Socks I got from the Running Skirts twins at the expo.  Oh my gosh, can I just say that I've truly been missing out on this calf compression stuff?  Incredible!  They made my legs feel soooo good.  Travis met up with Cas and I near the giant gear UPS trucks.  "Good job, babe!"  Three words that just lingered in my head.  *sigh*

Trav didn't want to miss the USA World Cup game that started in about an hour, so it was time to head out.  But NOT BEFORE I busted out my sign near the finish line and cheered for 10 minutes!!!
And now, I present to you, the reason behind Coincidence #2:
Ah ha ha ha!!

I yelled!  I cheered!  I whooped it up!  Some people saw the sign and were bewildered, but many others were like "Right on!" and one woman even said "That's the best sign I've seen all day!" People actually took pictures of me and the sign while they were running.  All I was looking for were some smiles.  It was definitely a success. ;)

Then it was home, epsom salt bath, lunch, nap, lounging, dinner in Bellevue and comedy show in Kirkland.  Busy day, but oh so worth it.

Final Stats:
Mileage - 13.1 (13.3 per Gus)
Time - 2:32:19
Overall - 10815 out of  17605
Division Place - 1431 out of 2246 (F25-29)
Sex Place - 7024 out of 12571
Pace - 11:38

Like my Baby Runner on Board Tank?  You can purchase it HERE.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Blogger Carbo Load Dinner!

There is no way I could put my Seattle Rock 'n' Roll festivities into one post.  Too many awesome pictures and way too much information!  So here's what went down on Friday night...

Carbo Load Dinner and meeting some really fabulous blog runners!
Sarah, her bro Casey, Kerrie and Jill

Kerrie was a total rockstar and offered to carpool, so she picked me up around 4:30 with T Junior in the back (he's the sweetest little boy!).  T Junior showed me his new "running shoes" that he got earlier with Kerrie; they were slick and I asked him if they would make him go fast.  He nodded with a shy smile.  First stop was to meet up with Mr. T and hand over the little man, and I got a mini tour of part of Issaquah.  Of course the parking lot for the Old Spaghetti Factory is completely packed (thousands of runners looking for some pasta!), but we found a spot on the street a few blocks away.  Sweet!  Free parking!

We were only a little bit early but Lorian was the first person there!  She's so sweet and could give Tall Mom some competition for the title.  :) We chatted for a bit and put on the awesome name tags that Kerrie made (they looked like little race bibs), and made our way into the private dining room that Mel booked (HUUUUUUGE success!).  It was only a matter of time until the entire room was buzzing with conversation and laughter.  Even though we hadn't met each other face to face, there was a connection through our blogs...Genesis even exclaimed "Goober!" while pointing to my belly.  It was very cute. :)

Our dinner was fast and pasta hit the spot.  Since I didn't bring my good camera, I had to make do with my iPhone which worked ok.  There were flashbulbs going off everywhere, and it was like we were actually famous and being photographed by curious paparazzi.  ;)
A big thank you to Jill and Kerrie for sharing these pics!

Front: Harmony, me & Goober, Kerrie, Jill, Sarah, Steph, Genesis' friend Jordan



Me & Goober, Mel, Marlene

The dinner and meet-up was a big success--Mel knows how to plan a great get-together!  On the ride home Kerrie and I were trying to think of things to put on signs (I was going to make one for after I was done...I like to cheer for runners too).  We wanted to avoid the "You're almost there!" kind of runner wants to hear that after only 2 miles.  There were a couple good ones, some funny ones, and I finally came up with my sign slogan...but you'll have to wait for the race recap!

I was up late making the sign and just getting all my stuff together for my 4:45am wakeup.  Seriously couldn't sleep!  My excitement was too much!  And I think Goober was excited too, as she was moving/dancing while I was trying to go to bed...

Stay tuned for the recap!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Woot! I did it!

3rd half marathon is in the books...the 2nd half marathon for Me+Goober, and Goober's 5th race!

Holy cow.  I am wicked sore, and I realize I need a little self-tanner or bronzer. ;)
I'll leave it at that for now...full recap tomorrow!

Great job, racers!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello, Second Wind!

I think yesterday's expo and meeting the twins really upped my mojo for tomorrow's race *ahem* run.  I've been a little stressed out about the stupid groin stuff (and really, just the word "groin" is weird, right?) that I haven't been enjoying the fact that I'm still running with this Goober on board.  I just needed to step back and realize HECK YES, I'M RUNNING!  Sweet!  And seeing all the runners at the expo and the spark of excitement in the air was motivating.  Bring it, Seattle RnR Half!

Me and the twins, Christy and Cindy:
Good grief they are tall & skinny! And tan, too!
Plus, their set-up really matches my blog colors...hmmm.

They are super sweet in person and I was a little starstruck because they've inspired me so much--especially running while prego.  Of course I couldn't leave them without buying another skirt (Trav disapproved and grumbled about it later), and I just couldn't resist the flower maternity skirt.  Extra supportive waistband, woohoo!  I love the black maternity skirt that TMB sent me, and I felt like I needed another.  Here it is, via the website photo.
It is a DREAM!

I seriously couldn't wait to try it out and after spritzing myself with SPF (yes, it was actually SUNNY out!), I went out for a nice 4.2 miler in my lovely flower skirt.  My belly didn't ache as much!  WIN!

More expo pics...
Gotta love the strange Qwest Field artwork...

This one is for Mel and Kerrie...PORTA POTTIES!  A big a$$ shipment for you ladies. Hee hee.

And lastly, to all the racers out there...


E-mail me: (because I can't reply to comments that say

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sandy Feet!

The hubby and I decided to take a quick little mini vacation to the Oregon coast to meet up with my sis-in-law, Liz, and her fam over the weekend.  I didn't get a run in while I was there, but I sure got some beach walks in!  Of course, since my skin hasn't seen sun in what seems like over a year (the NW is just not getting lucky with nice weather), my feet got a little burned.  Boo.  And the weather down there was mainly overcast too.  We only stayed two nights and left early Sunday morning, there were fathers to visit.

I got to see my entire family Sunday--all the sisters, the brother, the niece and the nephew, and of course my Dad.  It was great!  It's hard to get all of us rounded up for an afternoon (yup, I'm one of six kids), so these kind of days are my favorite. :)  In the evening, Trav and I met up with his mom, dad and grandma for dinner.  It definitely was a packed Sunday, but worth it.
View from the beach house

Monday's run was great!  I ran 3.2 miles at a decent pace and didn't feel the need to walk at all.  It was "kind of" sunny out, and the temperature was perfect for an early evening run.  Ahhhh.  I need more of those!  I've still been on the lookout for baby ducks, but there hasn't been any around this year.  However, I did run into a raccoon that just stared at me.  I just stared back.  It wasn't a big one, so I'm guessing it was younger-ish.

I'm very very VERY excited for this week's festivities!  Running with new & old friends!  Meeting new bloggers!  Running another half marathon while pregnant (holy crap!).  At this point, since my training for this half has been pretty much nonexistent, I'm just going to wing it and have fun.  My longest run since my last half was 6 miles.  HA!  Yeah...we'll see how this goes.

Friday, June 18, 2010

It's a...

Well, let's see. It's not a sea monkey or a puppy. And hopefully it won't look like the scary "gremlin" from the "face" pic at the ultrasound. In all honesty, it's a healthy little Goober...who just so happens to be a little GIRL. ;)

Bring on the mini Running Skirts! Yay!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random: For the Boys...

Everyone knows that I like to "kick it" to the finish and "chick" dudes at the finish line too.  Well, apparently there are some dudes that just don't want to be chicked.  *Heh heh.*
So, in honor of the dudes, I've made a new tee just for you:


Can you tell I'm liking my little shop on

Nervous Energy

I attempted a 4 mile run tonight.  Couldn't go my usual route because some dude was sitting at the dead-end smoking.  Nope...not going that way.  Then my body started feeling like it weighed 500 pounds. Sluggish!  Of course, the icing on that cupcake was my stupid left groin muscle started feeling tweaked.  Well crap.  2.78 miles total tonight.  I did, however, lift weights with Trav for 20 minutes (don't worry, I used two 4 lb dumbbells and took it easy).  But just walking irritates that groin issue.  ERGH.  I am not going on the injured list...I AM going to run/walk Seattle RnR.

The good news is that after trying for hours to connect to AT&T and the Apple store, I finally preordered my iPhone 4!  And, they even SOLD OUT.  PHEW!  So glad I was persistent.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This week!

This week makes me excited for two reasons.  First, Trav and I get to find out if Goober has a weiner or a hooha on Friday (hopefully!).  And second, I am preordering my new iPhone 4 tomorrow!!  Yes, I am a giant nerd.

This weekend was full of BBQ's, great friends and some test driving of cars.  Oh yeah, and a melty hot run on Saturday morning...
I swear, my regular moisturizer does not fit the bill when it comes to being sweatproof.  Five minutes into my 4.2 mile run, my face was just dripping and it was gross.  Of course, the alder seeds in the air were sticking to my drenched face--despite trying to dodge them--and I figured if I ran into too many I might get a snowy Santa-like beard.  Trust me, if that happened, I would've taken a picture. ;)  At least I had a good run.

Mel's housewarming/birthday party was a lot of fun, and it was great to see the girls!  I haven't seen them in forever!  I brought along my favorite Cabbage Ramen Salad (many thanks to Liz and her Mom for introducing me to that wonderful dish!).  I'm also happy to report that Mel DID make a quiche and it was rather yummy.  

Sunday was low-key for Trav and I.  We went for a 4.4 mile hike/walk around our neighborhood and to a steep paved trail.  The left side of my "groin" has been bugging me a little bit while running, so I tried not to aggravate it too much this weekend.  After our hike, we went and test drove a Mercedes GLK for fun.  It was nice, but I wasn't overly impressed considering it's a little more than we're looking to spend a month.  Eh.

OOOOO, I got my "Baby Runner On Board" tank top today!  It's perfect!  Man, is FAST!
Well, off to bed. G'night!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Running Tanks!

Thanks everyone for your awesome customized t-shirt web site recommendations!  Some of you went out of your way to find some designs (Thanks LB & Meg!), and some of you came up with some very interesting slogans.  Like Amanda's "You got chicked by a fetus!"---OMG, I was laughing so hard I started to cry when I read that!  How strange would that be to have that on a tanktop?!?!  It'd be totally perfect for me though...

I ended up using (Thanks Genesis!) because I liked the color/style variety and the prices were reasonable (and I didn't want to pay nearly $30 for a tank top).  Plus, I went a little overboard and starting designing other tees and shirts and such, which led me to set up a "shop" just for sh*ts and giggles.  And YOU KNOW I'm totally working on a nekkid semi design!  It's in the works, folks!  Ha ha!  I'll keep you posted.

So, here is what I came up with:

It's already in production, too.  I'm pleased with it so far. :)

Also, since I'm crazy, I signed up for a 10K race in September (called "You Go Girl!") and I'm going to be an honorary member team Will Run for Ice Cream led by Jill and Tall Mom Mel.  Here is the team shirt that I bought from Nordies today:
Um, yeah.  I had to get a Large because I'll be approx. 8 months along with the Little Goober...I hope it fits in September!  Either way, I'll be run/jog/walking the race for fun.  Plus, I get to meet even more fabulous running bloggers too! (Like TMB!!)  And trust me, I will definitely run for ice cream even more in a couple months. ;)

Speaking of what you will "run for," I saw a maternity top on the Cafepress site that said "Will run for wine."  Uh.  Ok?  Not cool?  Normally I'd be all for that slogan, but on a maternity top?  Notsomuch. 

**And to quell a nervous comment from momof3...I totally agree!  I carry a water bottle with me wherever I go, and if I'm on a run longer than 4 miles, then there's water with me too.  Thanks for keeping me in check! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Avoiding the "Is she?" Debate

Even though I'm officially 18 weeks along, I still don't have a definite "belly" yet (I think).  And since the Seattle Rock 'n Roll Half is in a couple weeks, I don't want to be one of those annoying runners that sprints past you only to walk a little and you pass me, but then I sprint past you again, and on and on.  It's frustrating.  So, my plan is to make it obvious that I'm expecting.  I want to make a custom tank top.

My idea is something like this for the front:

And then I'm going to just have a little homemade sign on the back that says "Baby on board's 2nd half marathon" (because I would love to use the tank again for future runs/races).  Hopefully this little sign will let people know that I'm not trying to be a douche runner, but then again, I won't be in the same "pack" as my first half it probably won't be as competitive.  My plan is to enjoy the experience!  I'm totally stoked!
AND, I get to meet more running bloggers!!

The problem with this design is, I have no idea where I can get it silkscreened/printed/etc without it costing me a fortune, or having to buy in bulk.  All I want is a pink athletic tank top with this yellow sign. Gah!  Plus, I'm running out of time.  Suggestions anyone? 

Last night's run: No nose assault!  It started to drizzle, but I loved it and it felt amazing to run in the rain again.  One thing though...I swear I ran into a bug, but after wiping my forehead and under my glasses, I couldn't find any bug remnants (I was wearing a baseball cap and my glasses aka "the bug windshield").  Flash forward an hour or two later while I'm sitting next to Trav in the computer room.  I take off my glasses to wipe the lenses and what is this?  I find a dead fly on the bridge of my glasses.  Trav didn't even notice because he was hard at work on the comp.  Gee, thanks!  Good thing I didn't go anywhere with a fly carcass just out of my peripheral vision, chillin' on my specs. 
Hee hee.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Because I Think I'm Cool Enough...

...I created a "fan" page on Facebook.

Yes, I couldn't help it.  I want people to "Like" me! :)  And I'm always on FB.
Be my friend?  Please?  Aw, schucks...thanks dahlin.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Stink

Now, I normally smell people cooking dinner on my runs around the neighborhood.  Teriyaki chicken, meatloaf, pasta, garlic bread etc: it all smells delicious.  Not tonight.  I swear someone had boiled a raccoon or sauteed a couple sweat-soaked tube socks and served it with a side of horse poo.  Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit.  Actually no, maybe not.  This is what it smelled like for FIVE whole houses: hot cat vomit/cat food mixed with stinky bleu cheese.  It was horrendous!  I literally had to hold my nose for half a block.  Goodness people, what WAS that?

The rest of the run was amazing. Humid out, but very refreshing!  Gus actually said I was going at an 8:40 pace (and I felt like I was) for a little bit.  Slow down! soon as I pass the stink block...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Insole Winner, 4-Miler & Lunch with Mel

I am a day late at announcing the winner for the Sorbothane® Ultra Work Sport™ sorry about that everyone (busy Saturday).
 Congrats to Stephanie at Girls Just Wanna Go Run!
Please send an e-mail with your shoe size and address to

Friday was a pretty decent day here weather-wise, and I was able to get off work early and go for a run!  I ended up going 4.2 miles and it felt pretty darn good. :)  There were two major hills that I decided to conquer, and I made it!  Only walked a little after the hills to catch my breath.  Checked on the pile of crap bags, and found that they were still there, plus another one or two. Grrrrr. I need to make that sign.

Not only did I get a nice run in on Friday, but I got to have lunch with MEL!  I haven't seen Mel in forever (please don't tell me it's been since the Mercer Half in March?!?!), and it was fun catching up.  Note: Mel is still very tall. ;)  By the way, she finished the Green River Marathon yesterday...and is on her way to Maniac Status!! Woot!

Short and sweet post.  There's a break in the rain...I'm going for a run.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Magic Word: *Giveaway!*

Enticing much? :)
Alright there, peeps...don't forget to enter my RxSorbo insole giveaway!  I use these insoles in my walking shoes and they make my feet feel über good.  You have until tomorrow to enter, so check it out.

Since yesterday was National Running Day, of course I had to get in some miles.  The weather was once again, crappy, so the treadmill seemed like my best bet.  Running on the treadmill is harder for me lately because I get so freaking hot!  Instead of just running a full 3 miles, I broke it down into three 1 milers.  It gave me a chance to get my HR down and cool off before squeaking in the next mile.  Which reminds me that I need to use that treadmill lube on my poor Smooth's squeaking horribly.  I'm sure it didn't bother Travis as he tried to work on the computer.  Heh heh. *evil*

A little while back I was tagged as a Versatile Blogger by Tall Mom Mel & Khianna.  Thank you ladies!  
Here are 7 random facts about 'lil 'ol me:

  1. I cannot put a bra on like everyone else.  You know, cups first then hook?  I have to hook it in the front, then swirl it around.
  2. I walk on my tiptoes if I'm barefoot/sockfooted on linoleum or hardwood.  Always have, always will. 
  3. One summer (I think it was back in 2002) while in Massachusetts, all 5 of us sisters weighed the same (115).  It was weird, we thought the scale was broken, but our Uncle tried it and it wasn't.  We are all different heights, so it was kind of awesome.  Yeah, that was random. 
  4. Speaking of sisters, my big sister Karrie has a fashion blog and she was featured on a few weeks ago!  I brag!  I'm proud!
  5. I met my hubby on College Facebook....Facebook before it became what it is.  :)
  6. I'm an iPhone junkie.  I love it tons and it has changed my life!  (Really!) In fact, I now work for a small iPhone app company run by my bro-in-law. Plus, I don't run without my's my music source and my in-case-of-an-emergency access to a phone. [Shameless biz promotion...look up iCollect Movies or World Customs and Cultures in the iTunes app store]
  7. Perhaps at least one of these should be about running?  Yeah. ;)  Ok, my running hero is my Uncle Doug (aka Coach Fish).  He's an amazing runner, and this year he's making a comeback into racing (starting with the Osterville Road Race in July!!  I'll be there!).  My goal for him is Boston. But, he could totally qualify in his sleep.  His goal for me is Boston too.  So we'll see how this pans out after Goober comes along!  Woot!
Now I must pass this on to 15 awesomely versatile bloggers!  Since this has been going around already, a few are dupes.  So consider yourselves even more versatile. :)
  • Morgan aka The Redhead:  She just moved away from sunny Florida to be with her hunny.  Commence the "schmoopy."
  • Tall Mom Mel: So glad I met this mama last year at Fleet Feet!  She's so inspiring, and fun to run with.
  • Laura at Jog for Joubert Syndrome:  She runs/blogs/lives for a very worthy cause! 
  • Glenn:  I keep telling him to change his blog name from the Running Fat Guy to the Running PHAT Guy.  He's hardcore!
  • Emily:  Um, what more can I say about the runner behind "Sweat Once a Day?"  I admire her so much!  She makes BQ'ing look like a walk in the park. 
  • TMB: Completely jealous of her Running Skirt collection...and her race day style!  And I definitely look up to her when it comes to running while prego. 
  • Erica at Run Mommy Run!:  She's hooked on running now!  Her little girls are adorable!  And she's always very encouraging in comments. 
  • Karrie:  Um, Hello Pretty [Awesome].  Enough said. Love you sis. 
  • Nikki:  Shout-out to the other prego running mama!  Woot!
  • Liz:  Writing Mommy extraordinaire. Overall tough chick and cool sis-in-law. 
  • Kerrie:  Following her running journey has been a trip!  She's got a couple half marathons under her belt and it hasn't even been a year yet!  Plus, her 'Bu has butt-warmer seats...ahhhhh. :)
  • Katye:  Love this girl.  Who couldn't?  She's got personality and determination and some killer shoelaces!
  • Penny:  I love Penny.  She's always smiling and has the coolest race day outfits!  Plus, her dog Velcro is the sweetest looking pup. 
  • Billy:  He's a character.  Plus he's crazy insane when it comes to trail running.  I think he spells his name wrong though.  It should be Billë. Ha!
  • Lindsay:  Chasing the Kenyans is right.  Hello speed racer!  Reading her race recaps makes me want to run fast with her.
15!  Wow!  I could go all are pretty wicked awesome I think. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crap Bag

Remember that Friends episode where Phoebe changed her name to Princess Consuela Bananahammock? And Mike's rebuttal was that he was going to change his name to Crap Bag? If not, here's the clip:

Well, the topic of today's post is Crap Bag. Literally and figuratively, of course.
(Special shout-out to the master of poo-talk: Beth!)

First, literally...
Remember how I mentioned a few months back that there's a dog owner in the neighborhood that picks up his/her dog's poo in a bag, but then leaves that bag on the sidewalk?  Well, it's still going on, and the crap bag pileup is getting ridiculous.  I mean, it's so ridiculous that I had to stop and take a picture.  Yes, I stopped my run to take a picture of poop.
I am going to make a sign and put it over the bags that says "Pick up your CRAP." Seriously.  It's disgusting and stupid.  
Moving on...

Second, figurative "crap"...
I know I'm pregnant and all, and that my body is doing something it's never done before, but MAN, it's still frustrating.  Is it wrong that I'm worried my legs/lungs/heart won't remember what it's like to run under an 8 minute mile or at a sprint at all?  My body is starting to hate me after 2 miles.  Especially on the treadmill!  And since the weather has been, well, crappy, I've been using the treadmill a lot more.  So, this makes me overheat a lot quicker and get even more frustrated that I have to walk more often.  But when I do run outside, I feel like I'm going at a snail's pace, and that my lungs are going to explode on the first hill.  Running right now is making me feel like crap. :(

(Skip this part if you don't want to hear the rantings of a prego chick)
Plus, I went from pretty much "marathon training" back in February to running 2 miles here and there.  I've seen all my running buddies get BQ's and awesome PR's and I'm so happy/proud/excited for them...but a part of me is bummed because I miss really racing and being able to run those longer distances.  It's hard to read about people moving forward with their goals when mine seem to be moving backward.  Sure, this is a new "chapter" in my running life, and I'm not supposed to know what happens, but I miss kicking ass instead of having my ass kicked.  I do need to look at the bright side more often: I'm going to be a MOM; I've ran 4 races so far since being pregnant; I can still lace up my shoes and run for a bit, walk for a bit, etc; my goals/dreams are simply on hold at the moment; I'm not the only one out there that feels this way.

Ok, ranting done.  I feel better.  

My Memorial weekend was very low-key.  In fact, I slept a lot.  Hung out with Travis and Murphy kitty too.  But, Murphy and I took a lot of naps together.  He's my sleeping buddy-in-crime.  Here's Murph in action:
This is after I got up from a nap.  Murph was using my pillow. :)

Got a couple of miles in over the weekend, and some really high incline power walks on the treadmill.  But, it was raining the entire weekend and of course I wanted to be outside.  The sun finally made its debut at around 5:30pm on Monday evening...thanks a lot for that, sun.  What a long-weekend slap in the face. :P  Oh well, I still enjoyed my lazy weekend!

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