Saturday, May 1, 2010

Night Ninja Runner & her Trusty Sidekick

I've mentioned my friend Jeff before in posts.  He is Trav and my friend, and he lifts weights with Trav regularly in our garage.  Well, Jeff's been on a crazy diet to lose some weight and hasn't been able to lift with Trav.  In fact, if Jeff were to take a pregnancy test, I think it might turn out positive!  Ha ha!  He was doing the crazy hgc hormone diet...and it actually worked for him.  He's lost 42 pounds!

So, Jeff challenged me to run with him tonight.  Ok!  Yes, he may have had a few drinks while at a dinner party with Trav, Liz, E and me, but that was probably the reason behind the challenge.  I think he may have thought I would forget the challenge after the party...nope!  When Trav, Jeff and I returned to my house...the run is on!

And Jeff didn't YAK!  I'm impressed.  We walked, jogged, walked, jogged, etc.  He did really well.  We ended up going 2.31 miles in 32:38, with an average pace of 14:08/mi.  Not too bad for a guy who doesn't run at all!

Here's a pic of Jeff and myself after our one mile run way back in May of last year:
We were trying to be as "big as possible"

And here's a goofy pic from before our run tonight:

I'm a ninja, he's wicked retahded.

BOO YA JEFF!  And congrats dude.  Great run. :)


  1. wow you can definitely see the difference between the 2 pics! W00t w00t. I'm curious as to how an hcg diet would work, do you have to TAKE the hormones or do they occur naturally in food??? Seriously confused... :D

  2. Big difference between the two pics. :)
    Sounds like a fun time.

  3. Congrats to Jeff on the weight loss...there's a definite difference between those pics!

    You look like you're having a great time :)

  4. :) love the ninja outfit! wooot!

  5. LOL! Always fun to run with Zoe!

  6. way to go coach zoe! :) congrats to jeff for the weight loss, wow!

  7. So fun!! You have a body-guard :)

    hugs and miss your crazy black Ninja antics...

  8. Send Jeff my congrats! 42 pounds is quite commendable.

  9. Congrats to Jeff, that's awesome!

  10. ...just stopped bye...nice blog...LOL..."he's wicked retahded"...funny.


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