Thursday, May 13, 2010

At a Softball Game...

Trav's playing with his team, the ACME Ball Squad. I'm sitting on the
bleechers waiting for the game to start. It is sunny and gorgeous and
the sound of the bat hitting the softball is a great sound. All I need
now is my running gear and Gus II. That will be later, I hope.
Last night was Run #3 with Jeff: 2.73 miles! He's doing well! I ran
the extra .27 miles to make it an even three for me. Here's what the
sunset looked like the other day...


  1. love it! Hope you're feeling well!!

  2. Love the sunset picture!! :-) hope your feeling great!!! :-)

  3. Awesome sunset! And awesome that you are motivating a friend! Hope you are doing well!


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