Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Of Running Buddies, Bugs and...Balls

Wow, it's Tuesday evening already?  And I've been a lame-o running blogger. :-/  Let me recap my weekend running--better late than never!

Saturday was an early meet-up with Kerrie at my go-to local paved trail.  She wanted to meet at 7am to get the run done and was planning on 9 miles.  Sounds good to me!  However, when I arrived at the trailhead the stupid gate was closed to the parking lot.  Really?  It's completely light outside and the park's closed?  Kerrie was right behind me in her 'Bu, so we both tried opening the gate ourselves.  Yeah, we must've looked a little silly.  Picture two grown women decked out in running skirts, hats, & Garmins, trying desperately to bend steel like superheroes.  Alas, the gate wouldn't budge, so we parked on a side street. 

Imagine the gate being closed. This was taken after the run. Blogger FAIL.

The goal was to stay at around 10:30 pace as best as possible, and Kerrie rocked it, of course!  The beginning mile has the infamous "Hell Hill" in reverse (aka downhill), and it's a little intimidating thinking that that is what is in store for the last mile of the run.  We just kept running, waving at other trail-goers and chatting about random things.  Of course I had to run into bugs and even got one caught in my "grill" (yup, that's right, my teef).  Ew. There was some spitting and even a quick "is it still in my teeth?" check courtesy of Kerrie.  What can I say?  The buggies love my mouth, or my eyes, or getting caught in my hair. *sigh*  It will never end.

We took a quick breather at the halfway point and Kerrie ate her extra-smooshed PB&J.  I think she may be onto something with the little sandwich balls.  PB & J Balls?  PB&J B's?  Ah heck, it's fun to call the little sandwich lumps BALLS. ;)  Photo op as well, because Mt. Rainier was peeking out over some clouds and the sun was shining in the foggy value.  It was a perfect backdrop for a super cheesy/sappy movie, or a great run with a friend. :)
It was GORGEOUS outside!

The rest of the run was all good...until Hell Hill was looming.  Actually, I now refer to it as "Hell-Yes Hill" because it feels freaking fantastic after kicking its arse.  Booya!  When it was about time for that incline, I told Kerrie to get mad at it.  As we crested the top I yelled HELL YES while Kerrie squeaked out a HELL YES.  She's a freaking rockstar!!  :)  So proud of her for tackling this tough hill. She's ready for Mercer.
Then it was picture time!

Thanks for the amazing run, Kerrie!!

I got another lovely shirt in the mail the other day!  This time it was the dailymile tech tee I ordered a while back.  Unfortunately they were out of the pink, so I got green instead.  It matches my Lunars!!  Oh, and Murphy wanted to participate in the photoshoot.  He's a wannabe runner.

Lastly, I did a helluva sprint workout on the treadmill tonight.  Three 10 minute sets of running with 6 x 30 second sprints at 9.1mph.  My legs are now officially jell-o and my throat is on fire from coughing after this little run.  GAH!  But it feels amazing to go fast and see what my body can handle. :)

Now, off to bed.  G'night peeps!


  1. I agree with Liz....you look teent tiny and totally cute in that shirt!!!

    I got a bug caught in my chap stick Saturday when went geocaching....so gross!

  2. way to kick booty ladies...the bugs just love you because your so sweeet!

  3. actually, anything with the words peanut butter, and balls, sounds mighty good to me!

  4. Great run! I may have to try the PB&J B's.

  5. I am a PB fiend! I was eating my breakfast PB & apple while reading your post. Next time take a picture of her PB balls.

    BTW, I bought some Newtons. I am going to take them out on there inaugural run today. I'll let you know you how I feel about them.

  6. I'm jealous of your dailymile shirt, I wanted one but I couldn't spend the money at the time. It looks super cute and how cool that it matches your shoes.

  7. great running! running buddies totally make the runs soooo much more fun. even with buggies flying around. :)

  8. Sounds like a great run with Kerrie - love the pics! Can't wait to see that view in person in a few months. :)

    Is it weird that I'm jealous of your bugs? It's still too cold for bugs here! :p

    Great top!

  9. ugh I eat SO MANY bugs when the weather is nice b/c I run by a river. eeeew. protein? :p Great job on the run!

  10. Sounds like you two had a great run...and great idea to get it out of the way early in the day.

    Your pics make me want another cat. We have two big dogs right now and haven't had a cat for about 10 years...awww...I want one!

    Nice tee....

  11. you are so cute! i love the daily mile t! you are super tiny!

  12. that's a cute dailymile t-shirt, and you need to eat!! so tiny. ;)

    nice job on the treadmill sprints! 9.1, yikes.

  13. That shirt totally matches your shoes. You know who would love that!

  14. PS: Thanks for running with me, buddy. :)

  15. the more I see those tech tees the more I wish I had ordered one. The green is a good color for you! Happy Running!


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