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Mercer Island Half Recap

I'm blaming the three day delay on the lack of an efficient home computer ($&#@*&% thieves!)

First off, meet my new Garmin: Gus 2.0, aka Augustus, but "Gus" for short.  Catchy huh?  I definitely see the similarities...
Augustus Caesar, and my Gus Yes, the resemblance is astounding!
 Augustus image found here

Let me just say thank goodness Kerrie was kind enough to pick me up and carpool with me to the race.  It was fantastic!  We left my house a little after 7am, and got to Mercer Island fairly quickly.  Not a whole lot of traffic and we parked at a covered lot near a bank.  Score!  We milled about, walked to the porta potties and decided to get warm in the car again.  We had a decent amount of time left and Kerrie forgot something in the car. By the way, butt-warmer seats in the 'Bu are fan-tas-tic. My fave!

We headed back to the race area at around 8:35 for Kerrie to use the potty again (after my horrible Seafair fiasco last August, I never have to use the bathroom before a race--bladder of steel perhaps? hehe).  I shivered under the big tent while Gus II found a satellite and immediately was confused by all of the HR monitors in the area.  Oops.  Then, I got a text from Kerrie and Mel saying that they were all by the porta potties and I should meet up.  THERE THEY ARE. :) 
*By the way, all the pics in this post are courtesy of Kerrie and Amanda!  I didn't take any? What? 
Thanks for sharing, ladies!*
Jill (in the orange dot Bondi Band), Kerrie, Mel and me

I didn't realize this at the time, but Kasey and her man were standing right next to us and I totally didn't introduce myself.  I'm so sorry, Kasey! :(

We heard the three minute warning and rushed to the starting line...which was cramped, narrow and down a barked hill.  How funny would it have been if I completely brody-d in front of a couple thousand people?  Arse splinters!  But, I didn't slip or fall, thus the picture to the left was taken by Ker.  And we're off!
My ultimate goal for this race was to pace Kerrie to a half marathon PR (under 2:25).  So, my plan was to stick to her like Body Glide without giving her a mental headache blister. Trust me, I was planning on being the hill drill sergeant coachy type.  I was planning on making her mad at me to keep running.  I was hoping that she would forgive me at the end!  And hey, it worked!

Honestly, I really can't remember much from the race in terms of detail.  All I know is that I was completely enjoying the sights: the Lake, the gazillion dollar homes, the spectators, the AMAZING volunteers along the course, and the actual runners.  For instance, around mile 4ish I heard a familiar dude's voice just jabbering away behind me...then the dude passes us and OHMYGOSH, it's banana dude from the Million Inch Run!  And...he's wearing the same awful light grey running tights as before.  UGH.  I immediately poked Kerrie and pointed him out.  Definitely could have done without that mental image again, but it made me laugh for a while. 
We found Jill and ran with her for a little while.  She was easy to spot with that cute orange polka dot Bondi Band!  About 7 miles in, I noticed that my left foot was getting that stupid burning sensation that I loathe so much.  And it didn't help when I stepped on a large piece of gravel right on that sweet spot.  Crap.  Kerrie was hurting too, so even though we both weren't feeling 100%, we had come more than halfway...we had to finish.  I kept encouraging her through the hills to stay focused by looking down and using her arms.  Those hills were killer!  Seriously they never ended.  But, once we got to the top, it felt amazing!  I did warn her that I was going to be annoying! :)  She's a tough chick.  

With less than a mile left to go the course was a wee bit bottle-necked on this three-person-wide sidewalk for awhile.  Kerrie was in the middle, with me and some other woman on her sides.  Apparently there was a guy that just HAD to be somewhere and rudely came up right behind us and exclaimed (with hands up, by the way) "Oh, come on!!"  Just imagine that whiny annoying was just that.  Rude dude decides that we are in his way and barges right between Kerrie and the woman on her other side.  WTH?!  Really?  So, being the calm/in control/noncompetitive lady that I am, I wanted to chick this guy so bad.  Even though my plan was to finish with Kerrie, I pleaded "Pleeeeease, can I just get that guy?"  and she said "go for it."  DING!  Off I went.  I had him in my line of sight.  That bright green cotton tee just drenched and that stupid black sweatband around his head.  I came up on him quickly, had to jump out of the way of the crazy hula hoop lady and kept up that little hill with the chutes to the finish.  Zing!  Passed him.  Almost turned around and said "You got chicked by a girl in a skirt!" but decided to just get past the finish line instead. People on the sidelines were yelling "Great kick!" and "Good sprint!" and "Go! Go! Go!"  It was a rush.  The funny thing is, if I do have a picture from that part of the race, I've got the look of determination on my face or, it may just look like I'm constipated...either way, I wasn't up for a Miss Photogenic award. ;)  

Final Stats:
Mileage - 13.21
Time - 2:13:30
Overall - 1688 out of  2141
Division Place - 153 out of 216 (F25-29)
Sex Place - 746 out of 1063
Pace - 10:06

After finishing, Mel found me right away and handed me the most refreshing water bottle ever. Kerrie was right behind me and Jill followed.  We walked up hill to get some grub from the tent (yup, you read that right...UP the hill after running 13.1 miles...ergh), then met up with PR Princess & Birthday Girl Amanda and Brunette on the Run's Sarah (& little bro too!).  Photo ops ensued:
Amanda's friend, Jill, Amanda, Mel, me, Kerrie, Sarah and her little bro Casey
And us, jumping...or trying to. ;)

This is when it started pouring rain.  Kerrie and I half jogged to the car because we were freeeeezing and Red Robin fries awaited us. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent laughing and eating at Red Robin then attending Trav's Uncle's funeral.  It was a busy busy day.  For a better recap of the lovely birthday cake for Amanda and the heavenly hot chocolate, check out the recaps from these ladies:

However, since my recap is days probably already know what happened. ;)
Thanks for recapping with me!  Bring on the next!


  1. As I told all the other girls, it sounds like ya'll had a great time. I wish I could have been there! Way to chick that dude at the end!!!

  2. Congrats on your race! How lucky Kerrie was to have had you as a pacer! And how awesome that you got to pace Kerrie along for her PR! Sweet!

  3. Fun recap and love that you "chicked" that guy. He was very deserving :)

  4. I never even saw that rude dude but I was so pleased that you chicked him. Thanks for being my coach. Hope your foot is feeling OK. :)

  5. Yay for "chicking" that guy out in a skirt! Love it! :) Haha.
    I dislike rude people.

  6. Awesome! Looks like you all had a great time. Hope the foot is better

  7. The side by side pics of Gus are funny! Congrats on a great race! :) Awesome that you brought Kerrie to her PR!!!! YAY!

  8. Great job passing that rude dude! It sounded like he deserved it!

  9. YAY for a new Gus!

    Congrats on the half... you did a great job as pace bunny.

    And AWESOME JOB chicking that loser.

  10. Great job!
    Why are there losers like that? Geez.

  11. LOVE LOVE that your kick at the end beat green shirt dude!!

    Missed you sooo much. I say we do a 5K next?? Hmmmm?? Or maybe a trail run/walk.. Will have to check the local schedule..

    Hugs to a fun day had by ALL

  12. Great Job on your Half. Im happy for your new friend Gus. Take care and keep running.

  13. I do see the resemblance!!!LOL!!
    I love that you "chicked" that guy!! I've never heard it called that..very cute!

  14. Great recap!! So glad you got another garmin. I could not live without mine!

  15. Congrats on your race!!! Loved your recap :)

  16. YAY!!! Love that you chicked a very rude guy. Tee hee. Love it.

  17. I love that you chicked the rude guy. So deserved. I hope it irked him to no end. Who doesn't hate being passed at the finish?
    It's okay you ignored me. I'll get over it, eventually. :) just kidding. next time! would love to race will all of you again!

  18. It's just soooo fun to know so many people at a race! I am working on my finishing kick to make sure I can chick as many guys as possible..especially those who bust out in front of me at the beginning like oh I'm da man I'm fast

  19. Love the finish passing the obnoxious guy!

  20. I have been waiting for this recap (even though I read everyone elses). You retold it fantastically. Sounds like a great time!

  21. Chicked by a girl in a skirt...I bet he was pissed!!!

    And gray tights dude? EWE. That should not be allowed.

    Fun recap!!!

  22. I hope the guy got his BIG prize package and all those dollars for winning the race! I mean he was sooooo serious. What a tool. Go get a life dude. I'm glad you chicked him Zoe! You needed to be pushing a stroller too....

  23. woo hoo for beating that dude at the finish! i love doing that :) mwah ha ha, take that boys!

    i totally see the similarities between gus and augustus haha.

  24. sounds like you guys had SO MUCH fun!!!! nice job and congrats on the race!

  25. I can't over how that guy was bitching about people being in front of him!! and I had to laugh at banana guy.

    great race!

  26. Congrats on the race!! I love running and just enjoying the scenery.

  27. I am so behind on blogs! Congrats on a good time and you are an AWESOME friend for helping her to her PR!!

  28. You guys are adorable! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the socks! You sassy things!

  29. I did that race too! We should meet up sometime. I'm in west seattle and lots of good running on Alki. I'm also running the rock 'n roll half.

  30. Hi, Zoe- Great race report. I'm just finding your blog, so I didn't already know the results. I've enjoyed catching up with what you're doing, and I love the look of your blog- very nice!

    oooh...a new Garmin- aren't they the best?

  31. My grandparents had three generations of dogs named Gus. Good to see the tradition your GPS watches. :)

  32. Very cool! My friend did the same race! :)


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