Monday, February 8, 2010

What a Weekend!

One word summaries (& pictures too!)
Pasta - Carbed up for the long Saturday run with whole wheat pasta and some marinara sauce (& lots of black pepper)...still tasted like cardboard.
Bed - I actually went to sleep at 9:30 on a Friday night.  WOAH.

Fire - The sunrise was epic.  It looked like the Cascade mountains were on fire.  Amazing.  I took two pics while driving (I know)- one of the "fire" and the other of Mt. Rainier.
Mel - I got to the trail at the same time as Mel for the 8am 13.1 miler. She was wearing a matching blue outfit and cool patterned Bondi Band.  We rocked the mileage and our total time for this "training" half marathon was 2:02:20. G 

She didn't know I took this after the run! Sneaky me!
Freezing - Um, the temperature at my house said 45...apparently 20 miles south of me it was 34.  And I was wearing my capris, tee and vest.  No gloves, no hat, no sanity.  People thought I was a weird-o.  But, I warm up pretty quickly and I assured them by mile 2 I'd be toasty, and I was.  However, the first two miles I was moving my arms around and shaking my numbing hands kind of Phoebe-style. Nice.
Dye - Ah yes, the lovely purple Champion bra is awesome, so awesome that it left a little bit of its purple-ness on my favorite white Adidas tee (and I've washed the bra already).  Not so awesome. This post brought to you by SHOUT stain remover...
Lioness - Janna joined Mel and I on the run on Saturday and her hair is out of control funky, especially when her headband falls out.  Mel dubbed her the lioness because of her wicked "mane." :)
Janna's lioness look
Dogs - The same barking dog at a farm house (near the private water ski lake) was there and barking away again.  BUT, we saw the reason for the barking...about five or six cute little stumbling puppies were outside this time.  So cute!  No wonder!  Momma is just protecting her babes. Also, the owner of Fleet Feet (Paul) brought his canine companion with him again--a really pretty chocolate colored Doberman that runs jogs along with Paul for miles (they went 16 miles that day!). Guess what his name is?  Appropriately, it's Miles. :)
Sam - Hurray!  Sam made an appearance on this gorgeous day!  I think Mel and I guilt-tripped him a bit much for leaving us behind last week. Oh well, whatever works, huh?
What's up, Sam?
Butt - Janna has a glute injury and talked about her "butt" alot on the run.  So Mel and I decided to count how many times she said BUTT during the 13.1 miles.  Eight. And that was after she knew she was being counted. Heh heh.
Coach - One of Janna and Mel's Fleet Feet training coaches came up to us at around mile 7 making sure that their pace was on par.  Apparently we were all going too fast, and didn't realize that when the coach was around, our pace was 8:30 but should have been between 9 and 9:15. Oops. Guess we were trying to run away?
Murphy - My little "compression kitty" kept my legs warm after the long run and added that much-needed compression.  Oh, and I caught him sleeping on my Champion Fleece...he loves it too. :)
My little Champion compression cat, Murph
Epsom Salt (ok, two words) - Soaked in an epsom salt bath for twenty minutes. Good grief, I love that stuff.
Exploration - Ventured to the International District in downtown Seattle with Trav and Jeff.  Went to Uwajimaya to check out all the cool produce, noodles and meat they had.  Trav's yakisoba noodles were a wicked deal at this market.  He had to stock up. :)  I tried not to look at the roasted ducks hanging in the meat department.  I love ducks.  Sad.

Saints - WOW!  Awesome game!  I was rooting for the underdog Saints to win their first Super Bowl and it was impressive.
Friends - Had a great time hanging out with friends during the game.  Everyone came to our house and we enjoyed Lil Smokies, beer and chips/guac. Lunch of champions.
Calves - Holy hell, my calves are still sore from Saturday's run. Three Salonpas patches were on each leg, working their magic.
Recovery - Went for a slow 3 miles before the Super Bowl festivities began. Felt great to get outside. Ahhhh.
Sleep! - Bed at 9pm again. Weekend zapped my energy. *phew*


  1. That sunrise is amazing! Texas sunrises aren't THAT gorgeous, but, our coaches always tell us to remember them when we're out at our pre-dawn runs because we get to see the beauty of nature and really appreciate it. Sure, pre dawn runs can seem sucky, but, you get to enjoy all that beauty. Sigh.

    Love that picture of Mel--it's gorgeous!

    And, I wish my dog(s) could run with me. The little one goes all out for about .75 mile then she's toast, the other one can't hang and he's big (a boxer)--i think they're just lazy bones!

  2. Love this post! Great way to recap.
    Awesome job on the training half!

    Super jealous of that sunrise. Everything has looked so grey here with all of the snow.

    and my word verification is "FULATER" which I read as F U Later ... love it!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful picture!! That sunrise must have been amazing!! Congrats on your long run....and spotting Sam again!!

  4. What a FUN way to pull it all together. Ah yes Janna, crazy Janna!!

    In am seriously thinking I should have grabbed one of those puppies, sooo cute!

    Thanks for the photo, you are SNEAKY, I can generally spot the paparazzi :)

    My outfit for this weekend is going to be FUN! WEather report calls for Rain.. UGH! Oh well. Oh and I got all the girls a little gift, so not like me?? Hehehehe. I think I have given you something every time we have run together..

  5. What a great sounding weekend! I love the "fire" sunrise picture- it's stunning!

  6. loved the pics, thanks for sharing!

  7. Absolutely LOVED this post! Sounds like a great weekend! Bummer on the bra situation! :( No bueno!

  8. I love how you set up this post. I am totally stealing it. Cute kitty and I am going to count the butts on my next run too! Fun!

  9. ahhh i love sunrise/sunsets! im a total sucker and carry my camera with me EVERYWHERE in hopes of an amazing picture!

    great job on the run! i was rooting for the saints too! :) just be thankful you arent expecting a foot of snow-- cuz that is going to SUCK! :)

    have a good week!

  10. I love your fun recaps, Zoe. And, dang, those pics are amazing. Glad you had such a great weekend and the Saints won!

    PS: You guys ROCKED that half training run. How am I ever going to run "with" you guys again? :) This is why you'll need a key to the minivan so you all can sit in there and wait and wait for me to finish on Saturday.

  11. Glad you saw Sam again. The sunrise is beautiful. My little bro has spent some time near you and Tall Mom working with Americore. I've seen his pics of Mt. Ranier. Small world. You speaking of your Superbowl food reminded me that I forgot to make my Lil Smokies. They're still in the fridge.

  12. Great photos!

    I love all your weekend words! I might have to borrow that idea. Clever.

    I love action packed weekends.

  13. those sun pics are beautiful! i love sun pictures/scenes though - the color is always so wonderful.

    sounds like a great weekend. epsom salt is always wayyy easier than an ice bath :)

  14. One question: What's a Salonpas patch and where can I get one?

    Sam missed his date with Carl. He then promptly bitched to me about it for hours. We spent a lot of time going over his "feelings" and mushy stuff like that.

  15. Outstanding sunrise pic Zoe! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I love photos of the sunrise. The sky looks like it's on fire. So gorgeous. Great job on your HM! I'd be pissssssed if my bra bled onto my running shirt. Grrrr.


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