Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Unexpected

Today's run did not go as planned.  I was itching to run in my Newtons outside because A) it was completely gorgeous/sunny/warmer out and B) I really wanted to get some more miles in the Newtons.  Plus, we got home from work at an earlier time, so that meant more daylight. Score!

Got all geared up (wearing shorts and a long-sleeved tee!!), grabbed Gus* and headed out.  Legs felt fantastic, my lungs not so much.  Why do I feel like there's an elephant sitting on my chest?  Allergies?  I took a puff from my inhaler before, so I thought I could breathe ok.  Guess not.  There was some serious air suckage at the top of the big hill next to my house.  Oh great.  (Strike 1)

Found my stride after the hill, got to the 1/2 mile mark and *GASP*CHOKE*COUGH* I swallow a bug.  Or inhaled a bug is more like it.  I proceed to cough & hack on the side of the road trying to catch my breath and finally I get the bug out of my throat.  Owie!  Gross!!!  Now, normally I don't spit during a run unless it's called for, especially since I'm not really good at it (lame, I know), but man I was making sure I didn't have any leftover bug parts in my mouth. The neighbors probably got a good laugh.  The bug, well, he took one for the team. RIP (Strike 2)

Kept on the usual route and I get a phone call. Crap.  Of course I have to have my iPhone with me because it's my source of music, and I had to answer the call.  Apparently it'll cost 50 bucks to fix my favorite blue purse (nooooooo!) I opted out of the repair and am considering superglue. (Strike 2.5)

The final half-strike was my chest. Seriously WTH?  It hurt to take in a good breath. Stupid chest elephant.  So I called it a day and headed back home. (Strike 3)

I ran a total of 1.36 miles in 11:36. How in the world did I have an 8:31 pace??? The bug attack took a little while and I didn't stop Gus. Weird.  Oh well.

ON THE PLUS SIDE...I got an unexpected package left on my doorstep.  It was from Katye, and it contained this:
A puffer fish!  Oh my goodness, you have no idea how thoughtful and amazing this gift was!  Katye found this while gift searching for her goddaughter on Amazon and thought of my story about my mum in the hospital and the puffer fish I loved.  Of course this touched my heart and made me cry.  
Thank you so much, Katye.  You are amazing and this totally made my day!

Also, I received a really great compliment at work regarding a customer service experience I had that made it a great day too. Yay!

Sometimes the unexpected isn't that bad after all.  :)

*For those of you who are new to my blog (hi there!), Gus is my Garmin (not my running buddy or hubby...haha!).


  1. Wow, hon. I hadn't read the story about your momma.

  2. It must have been an Aura or something odd yesterday! I am sorry your run did not go as planned! Cute little puffer fish though!

  3. Sorry about the run. Shake it off, it happens.

    How sweet is Katye? So glad your day turned around. Happy Friday!

  4. What an awesome gift to receive! Sorry about the run, but sounds like you got a little boost when you needed it.

  5. Aw, Zoe, being so new to your blog I had not read your story. I'm touched and a little teary for you.

    I love the significance of "Run Zoe Run" and I know your Mom is always cheering for you.

    Love the little puffer fish!

  6. Aw, that is too cute. What a thoughtful gift.

    I've been having tight chestedness (I coined that diagnosis) lately and looked it up and of course, points to stress. That, or I'm having a heart attack.

    Oh to run another day. Glad to hear you're not a spitter.

  7. I'm glad it got there! I couldn't resist I saw it and it had that same kind of goofy smile that the puffer fish in your picture in the story had. I'm so glad it put a smile on your face (but didn't mean to make you cry!) and I'm glad it gave you a little bit of relief from the running blues. I was having alot of trouble getting decent breathes in the other day too. So frustrating when your legs say GO GO GO but your lungs say NO NO NO (didn't mean for that to rhyme but hey I'll take it!). Anyway, you're an awesome girl and your mum is SOOO proud (and I love that you call her mum)! *Hugs*

  8. That little puffer fish is so cute.
    Sorry you had a bad run day, hopefully your next run will be much better.

  9. ugh swallowing bugs is the WORST. I run by a river (when it's not the arctic tundra here) and in the summer/spring the bugs are THICK. I count it as a successful run if I eat less bugs than the total # of miles run. :( Life fail.

  10. Hehehe...Katye asked me for your address, glad to see that she sent you something good and not a bad of poo or something.. JK!!

    Sorry about the Elephant on your chest, ouch! Get better ASAP.

    I jsut eat the bugs..

  11. I hope you feel better soon. The fish probably helps though, right?

  12. I hope you adjusted your protein intake for that bug you swallowed.

    Is your chest tightness from asthma? If it is, one thing that worked for my son was medication like Singular or Claritin. He room both o. Doctor's orders. Maybe you should consult your doctor.

  13. You're not alone with the "chest elephant". I thought my cold was causing mine (and it mostly is, I'm sure), but the tree pollen that's in the air (far too early) is probably part of the problem. I was breathing like I was running a race today during a freaking slow recovery run! Sorry to hear about the bug issue. I swallowed many when I was doing a lot of cycling last year. They go well with a nice Heed and some sports beans. ;-)

  14. Hate swallowing a bug! Great unexpected gift though! Have a better run next time.

  15. Sorry your run sucked.. hopefully this weekend you will have a good one!! Thinking about you!! :)

  16. Ew, sorry you swallowed a bug. I've done that before too and all I could taste was BUG for the rest of the run no matter how much water I downed.
    Stinks that not all runs are great, but this one makes you appreciate the good ones.


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