Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sun Running

Apparently the NW stole the sunshine from LA for the weekend, and I milked it for all its worth. ;)

Yesterday was the usual long run with Mel on the trail, but this time Emily was in town and joined us!  We planned on 15 miles with seven at BQ pace and the rest at normal pace.  Um, Emily has already qualified for Boston on multiple occasions--she is a complete rockstar--so perhaps I was a wee bit intimidated?

The weather called for sunshine, but cold temps (for us, anyway) at around 28 degrees in the AM and up to 57 in the afternoon.  What in the world was I to wear?  I felt like it was my first day of school and I was mad-dashing around the room looking for something that was both cute and warm. *sigh*  I settled for a mismash of stuff and felt like a running hobo.  Oh well, win some lose some.

The run started out pretty good...we were chatting and keeping a nice pace...but then it was time for the 8:20 pace and I just blew it.  I felt like I couldn't get in a good breath, and I had to bust out the inhaler a couple times (more than usual).  GAH!  I really felt like I was holding back Emily and Mel, so I told them to run ahead and not worry about me.  Turns out I think I just needed a solo run with some loud tunes blasting in my ear.  :-/  The girls were seriously on fire, and I just didn't want them to be slowed down by my cement feet.  But, I did keep an alright pace and felt so much better at the halfway point.  I spotted Sam on a faraway tree branch---that made me happy! Oh, and there were a TON of runners/walkers/bikers on the trail, which was awesome!

Emily was kind enough to take some pics!  Thank you, Emily!
Me (the caboose) coming into the "finish" with Mt. Rainier behind me!

Stunnahs!  Emily, Mel and myself (I think I look like a pirate)

We were starving and picked a little restaurant that was across the street from the park.  Hmmm, no expectations going in, but it turned out to be a fantastic choice.  The waiter dude immediately convinced us that even though it was only 10:30 that breakfast was no longer being served and that he didn't know if the creamer was expired.  Um....ok?  Sarcasm!  Ah yes!  His name was Jason and the rest of the meal was a mini comedy show--we were laughing so much.  Janna (the "Lioness") was so cute because she ordered something off the menu and told the waiter it was "Number 11"...oh Janna, hun, that's the price!  I was giggly the entire time.  The best was the photo op with Janna, Emily and their really cool teapots...Janna left hers sitting on her teacup and it overflowed (despite Jason's instructions)...oh boy!  More laughter!
Emily demonstrating the correct way

Aftermath of Janna's teapot malfunction

Breakfast was delicious though!  I opted for the french toast with homemade bread, and the girls got scrambles and toast.  Oh goodness, it was heavenly after the long run. :)  We chatted and laughed for quite some time after our food was gone, but Jason was cool and didn't mind (his family owns the place). 

It was so much fun meeting Emily, and I'm in awe that she was running the Birch Bay Marathon today!  Mel and I dubbed it her Washington Goofy Challenge Plus 2. She's a total rockstar.  :)  

Thank you for such a great run, ladies!  I'm sorry I couldn't keep up in the beginning. :P


  1. I hated leaving you, but I could tell that you just need some free run Zoe time. Amy going to miss you buddy!! run with Janna in Point Defiance and let me know how the HILLS are.. And I will keep in shape in high altitude land.

    Hugs to tasty breakfast with great friends!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Breakfast looks yummy, too. :)

  3. So fun! It's crazy to see you guys all together in one place! Love it!

  4. Sounds like a good run, despite. Sometimes running solo can be nice, especially when you know you have friends around just in case.

    I've been loving this sunshine too! Amazing!

  5. you can have our sun anytime you'd like! I'll mail you the sunshine when I have my runs!!

  6. Glad you had a good time with my Emily. I know she loved meeting you and Mel. Sounds like you have a beautiful running trail!

  7. Sounds like you had a ton of fun! And breakfast looked fantastic. Nothing better than a good meal after a long run!

  8. Oh, it looks like you ladies had so much fun! I can just imagine the giggles at breakfast. Great job on the long run! Sometimes you just have t orun your own pace...

  9. You girls sound like so much fun!!! If you ever come to D.C. we are gonna have a party.....and I will be the caboose by far...but no worries! I am glad it was a good weekend for you!

  10. Great weekend Zoe! And yes, you stole the sun from us for the weekend. You should have asked for a little heat though! 28 degrees? Heck I ran up inthe mountains and it was still 45 up there!

  11. It looks like great fun.
    I did the same sort of thing at one point in my run yesterday - everyone stopped for a quick water refuel with about 5km left and I just had to keep going. It was nice to have a bit of a break and just be alone for a bit. It also gave my run buddies some race pace when they caught up to me later.

  12. great job on the LR. I am still seriously jealous that you have a great running buddy! I think even if I did have one, I would still have to do a portion of my LR alone to rock some me time. :D

  13. I'm glad you finally got some sunshine girly!

    Love that you got to meet up with Em, she's uber cute and so fast!

    I'm very jealous of your french toast... mmmmmmm

  14. It sounds like a great run all the way around. Nice that your friends could give you some alone time; sometimes, that's what we really need on a run. That being said, I'd run with you ANYTIME! And, eat breakfast afterwards... yummy!!!

  15. Sometimes you just need that alone time to find your pace. Your visit with Emily and Mel sounded so great.

    I would have went with french toast, too! yummy

  16. I am loving all of your recaps on the fun weekend! Glad everyone had a nice time. I have cement feet 8-something minutes per mile, too! :) How great to have some alone time, though! Good for you!

  17. That sounds like a great run and a fun weekend! I love the pics!

  18. And by "cement feet" you mean swift feet that kept you 30 seconds behind us!

    And you were a very cute mishmash hobo runner!

    THANKS for a great run...I had an absolute BLAST. And I'm still laughing about certain treadmill training pictures...:)

  19. i hate the heavy legs/feet days! at least you pressed on and got the miles done. hopefully you've broken through the cement :)

    yummmm about breakfast. best meal ever!


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