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Million Inch Run Recap


Nothing like starting off a 3-day weekend with a free race with some friends.  I met up with Kerrie at the finish line in Tukwila at around 8am to drop off her van and ride in my car to the start.  **Side note: If anyone needs some decent looking tires, or maybe a 15 inch tv...I know a spot where they're free. ;)  I jokingly told Kerrie that I hope her tires are on the van when we get back (but at least they wouldn't go far, right?).  As we were pulling away from the parking spot in my car, a dude that looked like a puzzled runner rolled down his window next to us "You guys running the million inch race?"...and he proceeds to ramble a little..."Mind if I ride with you?"
"Um, ok."  Have fun squeezing in the back of my soggy convertible.  So, he climbs in back and proceeds to "loud talk" the entire way to the start.  Kerrie nailed it right on the head "Wow, this is far!"--I wasn't sure if she wanted to be done with the awkward ride as much as I was or the distance was intimidating. :)

We followed dude's directions to a school, but I swore that there was parking close to the trail.  Dude got out, with his entire bunch of bananas and his light grey running tights (just an FYI...light colored running tights are not the greatest idea. period.), and Kerrie and I decided to look for that parking lot.  Sure enough, there was Amanda and Mel by the trail!

This is where I got really excited. :)  All of us wore something pink, in honor of Valentine's, and I wanted to "ham it up" to the fullest and sported this wickedly awesome ensemble:
This is actually after the you know I made it!

After GU-ing it up and trying a Margarita flavored Clif Shot Blok (extra sodium to reduce cramps, extra strange to think of a margarita on a run), we proceeded to the start with about 20 other people.  But, quick pic!

Me, Kerrie, Mel, Amanda...Notice the runner photobomb

Mel wanted to go the first 8 miles at BQ pace (8:20), which we did pretty well with, and the fastest miles were 5-8 (8:13, 8:17, 8:15, 8:16).  After our Garmins beeped for the 8th mile we slowed down and just enjoyed the rest of the run.  The trail itself is very straight and fairly flat, with a lot of swamp land on either side.  It crosses a couple train tracks and some highways, and it goes through a very industrial area of town.  At one point Mel was acting as tour guide (she runs this trail often) and told me that there was an ice cream plant that smells like waffle cones baking during the, smelled it!  Probably drooled on myself a little.  Then there were the random bird massacre sightings (just a bunch of feathers and various bird parts...yes, appetizing after smelling the waffle cones), a couple hawks, some ducks in cute pairs (they were sleeping through their Valentine's weekend), a pair of geese that we called "gice" (rhymes with mice) in our running delirium at mile 12. 

The man that put on the race was nice and had two water stops that his daughter ran at mile 4 and mile 11.  Mel and I actually stopped at the 11 to refill her water bottle, and I downed a small cup of orange Gatorade (running lesson ahead!).  We felt pretty good, her with her Chomps and Gu, and me with my Black Cherry Shot Bloks (my fave!)...our pace was steady and we were laughing at everything.  Then my stomach churned.  Oh CRAP.  Thank goodness we were next to a long string of casinos and I told Mel I needed to stop right then. ***space intentionally left blank***
Ok, not going to drink Gatorade during a race anymore.  Checked that one off my list. 
The rest of the run we were just wondering if we took the right path because the orange arrows pointing the way were almost washed away from the rain.  I checked Gus at around 13.3 miles and saw that he said 1:55!  So, half marathon PR??  I think yes!  I'm shooting for 1:56 at the Mercer Half...but I might go lower.

Once we saw the "finish line" of people, I told Mel to "kick it" and that she did!  We sprinted as best as we could to the group of people.  After high fives and pictures, Mel texted Amanda to find out where she was...

Mileage - 16.34 miles
Time - 2:22:37
Pace -8:43

Of course, since Amanda wasn't aware that the million inches was actually 1,035,302 inches, she pretty much stopped and wondered where we were. I tell you, those extra 35 thousand inches were tough! :)

When we spotted her coming down the trail I wanted to "hide" but of course that wasn't likely because my outfit was brighter than the Las Vegas strip.  Bummer.  Can't really be a ninja running bandit in pink and red.  Rainbow ninja?  Naw.

Yay!! Mel and Amanda all smiles!

We contemplated looking for Kerrie in her van (and perhaps seeing how fast that baby could go!), but according to her text she had veered off course and had gone an extra mile...but she was about 1/2 mile from where we walked to meet her. And then we saw the familiar pink and there she was!
The walk back to the car (which seemed like a mile) was rough...we all got progressively sore and limpy, and the rain started coming down harder.  But we made it! 
Drove back to the start for some fun pics...
I don't know if we were "stretching" or what

This is the gangsta pose (to hide nippage!!)

Awww, we're cute. 

Awww, we're cold.

We said farewell to Kerrie as she had family plans, donned our post-run gear and headed to the lovely Red Robin for burgers, fries and coffee.  YUM!  

Us, our food, and our Bondi Bands (thanks Mel!)

Great job, ladies!!  You all rocked it!
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(Sorry this is a day late, my computer had a virus!  GRRRR...I will do Sunday Shout-outs again soon)


  1. OMG. That picture at the end where I am DRAGGING says it all.

    You did awesome and you are going to kill the MI half!

  2. Awesome recap. I suck at recaps. They feel almost as hard as the actual race i am recapping!

    My favorite part of this recap: photobomb. That dude is a complete photobomb. I snotted on my computer when I read that!

    You and Mel did amazing!!! Maybe, just maybe I will shoot for a 1:59.59 in the MI 1/2. i need to account for hills though. This race seemed flat as a pancake, aside from the mounds to cross the streets and such.

  3. What a great recap - I adore the pictures. Your outfit was awesome!

    1 million+ inches! Well done!

  4. Such an awesome recap! Love the outfit! Looks like something I would have picked out!

    Check out my latest post ... I'm leaving you something :)

  5. congrats girls! So, so SO proud of you ladies! Seriously can't tell you how jealous I am of your running partners...I'm moving to Washington.

  6. :) Soo cute! I love your outfit and all the pink for valentines day! great job girls!

  7. I've read the other recaps and have been waiting on yours... as I said to the others, ya'll are so cute! Great run ladies and especially love the outfits!

  8. Love the skirt. I made a rule last yr. I only race in a skirt. It's just more fun.

    Jeez, poor girl ran an extra mile on top of 16+. I'm always afraid I'm going to do that.

  9. oh and because I have a sick mind...when I read of Kerrie's review "a guy in tights with a bunch of bananas" the immature part of my mind couldn't stop laughing

  10. Great run Zoe! I love the the photobomb.

    If I could figure out how to carry a camera in my grey running tights I would post more on my site :)

  11. you guys are so cute! I pooped over from Mel's blog, I found her a few weeks ago out here in blog guys are so fun and make running fun...I totally want to be like you! ha (not in a creepy way I promise) more like you are guys are awesome runners way! Anyhow I hope you don't mind my following! Love the pink get up it's awesome!

  12. I just found your blog through TMB's blog. It looks like you had a great race! Looks like lots of fun. :)

  13. Love this! Your outfit was the best, made me smile all day.. Well besides when you had goosebumps the size of Texas. "Roulette" LOL!!

    I think you have a FAST MI Half in your future my friend.. For sure.

    Bye Gice!!

    (You used the word nippage, LMAO)

  14. Great race report! LOVE the pics! I am in WA for the week and am hoping to join the group for a long run on Saturday!

  15. Nice run! Is that "Banana Man" in the background of the picture with you and Mel? The one near your final stats?

  16. You are a rockstar! How fun to race with your friends. I have running buddies, but, no real "running friends" if that makes sense. Love the pink. And, black cherry Shot Bloks are my favorite too!

  17. Awesome!!! Love the socks :)Sounds like such a fun race too!

  18. Killer pace, and killer socks!!! How fun you guys got to run that to read the other recaps!

  19. great job! I definitely think a HM PR is in the cards very very soon for you. And I love that you dressed up oh so festively. :)

  20. Good job!! Too funny.

    Love the socks!

  21. Wow, congrats on the run!! Is that the longest distance yet??

    That guy in the picture is too funny. Seriously, who does that??

    PS - how did the "whittle my middle" challenge go? I'm thinking that I might need to do a few sit-ups or push-ups along with my running.

  22. Also, I tagged you in an award. I believe you are already tagged, but I wanted to send some sunshine your way!! :)

  23. Same as Sarah, I know you're already tagged but I tagged you again!

  24. Nice report. You guys look like you had a blast!! Probably because you did.

    I love you running outfit. I love color!! At least you would have been easily spotted if you had gotten lost! ;-)

    Congrats on a great race.

  25. Awesome job- esp. with that PR! Hope that banana man didn't come back to bother you! I like meeting people at races... but there are a few times where I wish I hadn't... is that bad?? Oh well- great job!

  26. Awesome report - loved it! How fun reading it from multiple perspectives. I did my own Million + Inch run on Sunday... would have been more funw ith you ladies, although I wouldn't have been able to keep up with you & Mel. ;)

  27. you guys are soo cute! your outfit is rockin... haha. very 'coordinated' ;)

  28. nice recap of the run! the pictures clearly says it all... definitely cool! :D

  29. one of the coolest set of pics i've seen! the recap of the run clearly tells it all... definitely cool! :D


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