Friday, February 26, 2010

We Have a Winnah!

Congratulations to April of Mommy's Fit for the King - the winner of the Champion gear!  Please e-mail me with your address and what sizes you need, April!


Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!  231 entries!  Sweetness! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This is your Captain speaking...

I completely ran on autopilot today, almost like my brain/head was just along for the ride and my legs just moved. But at least I got the run in and it started pouring rain after I finished. Win. :)

Remember how I had that behind-the-knee pain earlier this month and last? Well, apparently my improved sitting posture at work is helping! No more knee on the chair for me (but man, it's difficult!). I've caught myself mid-adjustment and stopped. If it helps, then I guess I should obey it, right?  But when it does hurt, I'm the epsom salt soak and Salonpas patch Queen.

By the way, have I mentioned how much I love my blog friends?  I mean, I really really do.  All of you are completely amazing and I'm a lucky gal to have you around.  So what if I want to be a little sappy every now and then.  "Whatever, whatever, I do what I want!" 
For example, Melissa held a Love Your Neighbor Valentine's Day Swap and I received the cutest, red and sparkly card from Megan at Living in Luling and an awesome Mardi Gras inspired t-shirt!  Love love love!  (P.s. Go wish Megan luck for her RnR Mardi Gras Half coming up!)
Thank you Megan!

Yes, I cut off my head in the pic.  I just got back from a run and look less than stellar.  Coupled with a not-so-great hair day.  Blah. 

There's still time to enter my Champion giveaway!  You have until tomorrow night. For those dudes out there, another 'Dude is giving away some Champion gear that doesn't require boobs...check out RunnerDude's Contest.

Monday, February 22, 2010

RE: Honkers

No no no.  Not those honkers.  I'm talking about motorists that honk at runners while they're, well, running.  Geez!  At least I got your attention, right?  Excellent. 

Yesterday I encountered not one, but two kinds of honkers.  Normally I can deal with the people that give the horn a little tap-tap, you know?  But I was just minding my business on the huge sidewalk and this dude just flippin' lays on the horn: HOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNKKKKKK!


I nearly jumped out of my shoes, it startled me so much.  So, I did what any normal/civil/lady would do in this situation...I flipped him off.  ;)  The jerk deserved it.  It's not a usual habit to do that with my middle finger, I usually blow kisses at the person because it says "you need this buddy, because I'm better than you!"  The blowing kisses was my Grammy's thing because she never used the finger.  She was a sassy gal.  Anyway, it happened again on my second jaunt around the block, but this time with a motorcyclist.  THAT was laughable.  Have you ever heard a motorcycle's horn?  It's completely ridiculous and puny.  Might as well been a scooter, but nope, this was a sport bike.  *sigh*  That time around it just made me laugh and shake my head.

Other than the honkers on last night's run I had a blast.  My Newtons felt amazing and I ran some really tough hills in the neighborhood with *gasp* ease!!  I swear the Newtons are going to be the death of my wallet; I'm hooked.  I turn into some sort of superhero with those things on.  No joke.  My leisurely run turned into 5 miles.  I'll take that!

Some pics from the run:
My tree in the front yard. It's confused because it's sunny/warm in February. 

Mt. Rainier peeking over the houses--yay!

And none of my runs would be complete without the dreaded Nekkid Semi spotting. I think they are stalking me now...

Before my run I enjoyed the sun with Travis and hit some softballs.  I completely crushed my last pitch at bat...first time I've hit one clear to the outfield without rolling!  And the bat made that wonderful crack sound.  Loved it!

Then I washed my purdy blue 'stang.  She's all sparkly now.  My little pony. :)

Tonight's workout consisted of some crazy treadmill sprinting!  I was on fire in my Lunars!  Fastest/longest sprint was 45 seconds at 9.1 mph (6:36 pace!?). 

And...I'm spent.  G'night all!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sun Running

Apparently the NW stole the sunshine from LA for the weekend, and I milked it for all its worth. ;)

Yesterday was the usual long run with Mel on the trail, but this time Emily was in town and joined us!  We planned on 15 miles with seven at BQ pace and the rest at normal pace.  Um, Emily has already qualified for Boston on multiple occasions--she is a complete rockstar--so perhaps I was a wee bit intimidated?

The weather called for sunshine, but cold temps (for us, anyway) at around 28 degrees in the AM and up to 57 in the afternoon.  What in the world was I to wear?  I felt like it was my first day of school and I was mad-dashing around the room looking for something that was both cute and warm. *sigh*  I settled for a mismash of stuff and felt like a running hobo.  Oh well, win some lose some.

The run started out pretty good...we were chatting and keeping a nice pace...but then it was time for the 8:20 pace and I just blew it.  I felt like I couldn't get in a good breath, and I had to bust out the inhaler a couple times (more than usual).  GAH!  I really felt like I was holding back Emily and Mel, so I told them to run ahead and not worry about me.  Turns out I think I just needed a solo run with some loud tunes blasting in my ear.  :-/  The girls were seriously on fire, and I just didn't want them to be slowed down by my cement feet.  But, I did keep an alright pace and felt so much better at the halfway point.  I spotted Sam on a faraway tree branch---that made me happy! Oh, and there were a TON of runners/walkers/bikers on the trail, which was awesome!

Emily was kind enough to take some pics!  Thank you, Emily!
Me (the caboose) coming into the "finish" with Mt. Rainier behind me!

Stunnahs!  Emily, Mel and myself (I think I look like a pirate)

We were starving and picked a little restaurant that was across the street from the park.  Hmmm, no expectations going in, but it turned out to be a fantastic choice.  The waiter dude immediately convinced us that even though it was only 10:30 that breakfast was no longer being served and that he didn't know if the creamer was expired.  Um....ok?  Sarcasm!  Ah yes!  His name was Jason and the rest of the meal was a mini comedy show--we were laughing so much.  Janna (the "Lioness") was so cute because she ordered something off the menu and told the waiter it was "Number 11"...oh Janna, hun, that's the price!  I was giggly the entire time.  The best was the photo op with Janna, Emily and their really cool teapots...Janna left hers sitting on her teacup and it overflowed (despite Jason's instructions)...oh boy!  More laughter!
Emily demonstrating the correct way

Aftermath of Janna's teapot malfunction

Breakfast was delicious though!  I opted for the french toast with homemade bread, and the girls got scrambles and toast.  Oh goodness, it was heavenly after the long run. :)  We chatted and laughed for quite some time after our food was gone, but Jason was cool and didn't mind (his family owns the place). 

It was so much fun meeting Emily, and I'm in awe that she was running the Birch Bay Marathon today!  Mel and I dubbed it her Washington Goofy Challenge Plus 2. She's a total rockstar.  :)  

Thank you for such a great run, ladies!  I'm sorry I couldn't keep up in the beginning. :P

Friday, February 19, 2010

Loving the Sunshine

Thank you to Sarah and Tonia for the sweet little Sunshine Award.  It's nice to see all these blogs with the cute orange flower! 
I want every single person that has ever just visited my little running blog to receive this piece of sunshine.  You all rock! :)

Speaking of the sun, it's out today.  In Seattle?  In February?  Ah yes.  But, I'm not running.  Running and I have had a little "off" week...and so I'm giving him some space.  Tomorrow though, it's 15 miles with Mel and Emily! 
Happy Friday, peeps!  And don't forget to enter my Champion giveaway for some awesome swag.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Unexpected

Today's run did not go as planned.  I was itching to run in my Newtons outside because A) it was completely gorgeous/sunny/warmer out and B) I really wanted to get some more miles in the Newtons.  Plus, we got home from work at an earlier time, so that meant more daylight. Score!

Got all geared up (wearing shorts and a long-sleeved tee!!), grabbed Gus* and headed out.  Legs felt fantastic, my lungs not so much.  Why do I feel like there's an elephant sitting on my chest?  Allergies?  I took a puff from my inhaler before, so I thought I could breathe ok.  Guess not.  There was some serious air suckage at the top of the big hill next to my house.  Oh great.  (Strike 1)

Found my stride after the hill, got to the 1/2 mile mark and *GASP*CHOKE*COUGH* I swallow a bug.  Or inhaled a bug is more like it.  I proceed to cough & hack on the side of the road trying to catch my breath and finally I get the bug out of my throat.  Owie!  Gross!!!  Now, normally I don't spit during a run unless it's called for, especially since I'm not really good at it (lame, I know), but man I was making sure I didn't have any leftover bug parts in my mouth. The neighbors probably got a good laugh.  The bug, well, he took one for the team. RIP (Strike 2)

Kept on the usual route and I get a phone call. Crap.  Of course I have to have my iPhone with me because it's my source of music, and I had to answer the call.  Apparently it'll cost 50 bucks to fix my favorite blue purse (nooooooo!) I opted out of the repair and am considering superglue. (Strike 2.5)

The final half-strike was my chest. Seriously WTH?  It hurt to take in a good breath. Stupid chest elephant.  So I called it a day and headed back home. (Strike 3)

I ran a total of 1.36 miles in 11:36. How in the world did I have an 8:31 pace??? The bug attack took a little while and I didn't stop Gus. Weird.  Oh well.

ON THE PLUS SIDE...I got an unexpected package left on my doorstep.  It was from Katye, and it contained this:
A puffer fish!  Oh my goodness, you have no idea how thoughtful and amazing this gift was!  Katye found this while gift searching for her goddaughter on Amazon and thought of my story about my mum in the hospital and the puffer fish I loved.  Of course this touched my heart and made me cry.  
Thank you so much, Katye.  You are amazing and this totally made my day!

Also, I received a really great compliment at work regarding a customer service experience I had that made it a great day too. Yay!

Sometimes the unexpected isn't that bad after all.  :)

*For those of you who are new to my blog (hi there!), Gus is my Garmin (not my running buddy or hubby...haha!).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Giveaway! Hurray!

And now, a wickedly awesome giveaway hosted by....drumroll, please....

Remember how I raved over the softness of this shirt (Like buttah.) Well here's your chance to experience this top firsthand...
But of course, I'm not done yet.  Champion is throwing in a pair of black Double Dry workout pants and a black running jacket into the mix.  Yes folks, a complete outfit is up for grabs here!  So if you did not win Beth's (aka Shut Up and Run!) Champion loot, then here's your second chance!

The following can be yours:
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Just an FYI to the guys...these pieces are all of the female variety, but you can win them too if you'd like (or to surprise a lady in your life).  Up to you. (This ensemble can be the beginning of your transformation into a ninja running bandit like me.  Woot!)

Here's the scoop on how to win:
(1 comment = 1 entry)

"Required" entry: 
Visit the Champion site and tell me what product tickles your fancy (1 entry)

Additional entries:
  •  Become a follower and let me know in a comment (1 entry)
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That's a total of 6 possible entries...
The giveaway will end next Thursday 2/25, winners announced on Friday the 26th.  Champion will ship the merchandise directly to the winner. :)

**Note: Product in giveaway provided courtesy of Champion. The review is my own.**

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New(ton) Legs?!?

Well, not quite...but they feel like new.

I came home to a lovely brown package on my doorstep and immediately was as giddy as a girl on Christmas!  My Newtons arrived!  And of course I had to test them out right away.  Be prepared for a lot of exclamation points!  I warned you! ;)

Last week the folks at Newton Running contacted me about trying out their shoes.  Since I've been stalking their website (i.e. THIS post) for a while trying to learn more about midfoot/forefoot running, it was a perfect opportunity to see what their technology is all about.  Fast forward to today and here I am wearing my brand new size seven Newton Lady Isaac trainers.  They are neon green, orange and white!  They're wicked comfortable!  They fit my banana feet!  AND they work with my custom orthotics!  Wins all around. :)

One of the main reasons why Newton shoes interested me so much was because they are specifically designed for a midfoot/forefoot running gait.  It seems that most running shoes focus on heel cushioning and gel support, and the Newton line looked like a great idea for a forefoot runner like me.  I mean, check out the wear pattern on my old Asics:
Most of the wear is on the front, while the heel looks practically new.

This is what the Newton site says about the Lady Isaacs:
"The newest addition to the Newton family offers intelligent control for all foot types. The Isaac is a neutral guidance trainer designed for runners committed to improving their running form to the more efficient midfoot/forefoot running style.
How does the Guidance Trainer differ from the Performance Trainer?"
  • Beveled Heel and Toe: helps guide runner easily into the midfoot/forefoot
  • Beveled Lugs: smoother, stable feel that is more gradual in the forefoot
  • Wider midfoot/forefoot and lugs: adds stability and creates a softer feel
  • Midfoot Chassis/Shank: adds support and stability
  • Carbon Rubber Outersole: increases durability
  • Closed Mesh on Upper: keeps small debris out
Here are my initial first impressions:
  • Very lightweight, adequate padding around the ankle
  • Shoe felt like a slipper, not bulky at all; soft material
  • Walking around on my hardwood floor felt a little "funny"--like it would if I was wearing this type of shoe:
Initial running test:
  • Immediately felt like my strides were more powerful and that I was "propelled" forward
  • I concentrated on the Land-Lever-Lift running technique Newton Running describes
  • Noticed that the ball of my foot felt like it was getting a real workout (just like back in my ballet days)
  • Even though I went out with pretty much the same amount of effort as any other run, my pace was incredible!  8:07 pace for 2.6 miles for my hilly neighborhood.
  • Since I have to break in the shoes and get used to the way they work, Newton recommends slowly increasing mileage with the shoe...and I can agree.  After only 2.6 miles my feet are tired.  Not necessarily sore yet, but just fatigued.  I'm using some different muscles!
  • I felt like I had a brand new set of legs, and not running shoes. 
Not too bad for the first test drive. I can't wait to see what they'll feel like after a few more miles.  Stay tuned for follow up thoughts on these shoes. ;)
See the actuator lugs?

Lookin' & feelin' great!

Notice the awesome neon green laces??  (I thought of you, Katye!)

For more information check out or become a fan of Newton Running on Facebook.
Many thanks to the people of Newton for providing me with this awesome pair of shoes. :)

**Note: All reviews are based on my own personal experience with the specific product that I was provided with.  I  received this product free of charge from Newton Running and was not compensated for my review.**

Monday, February 15, 2010

Million Inch Run Recap


Nothing like starting off a 3-day weekend with a free race with some friends.  I met up with Kerrie at the finish line in Tukwila at around 8am to drop off her van and ride in my car to the start.  **Side note: If anyone needs some decent looking tires, or maybe a 15 inch tv...I know a spot where they're free. ;)  I jokingly told Kerrie that I hope her tires are on the van when we get back (but at least they wouldn't go far, right?).  As we were pulling away from the parking spot in my car, a dude that looked like a puzzled runner rolled down his window next to us "You guys running the million inch race?"...and he proceeds to ramble a little..."Mind if I ride with you?"
"Um, ok."  Have fun squeezing in the back of my soggy convertible.  So, he climbs in back and proceeds to "loud talk" the entire way to the start.  Kerrie nailed it right on the head "Wow, this is far!"--I wasn't sure if she wanted to be done with the awkward ride as much as I was or the distance was intimidating. :)

We followed dude's directions to a school, but I swore that there was parking close to the trail.  Dude got out, with his entire bunch of bananas and his light grey running tights (just an FYI...light colored running tights are not the greatest idea. period.), and Kerrie and I decided to look for that parking lot.  Sure enough, there was Amanda and Mel by the trail!

This is where I got really excited. :)  All of us wore something pink, in honor of Valentine's, and I wanted to "ham it up" to the fullest and sported this wickedly awesome ensemble:
This is actually after the you know I made it!

After GU-ing it up and trying a Margarita flavored Clif Shot Blok (extra sodium to reduce cramps, extra strange to think of a margarita on a run), we proceeded to the start with about 20 other people.  But, quick pic!

Me, Kerrie, Mel, Amanda...Notice the runner photobomb

Mel wanted to go the first 8 miles at BQ pace (8:20), which we did pretty well with, and the fastest miles were 5-8 (8:13, 8:17, 8:15, 8:16).  After our Garmins beeped for the 8th mile we slowed down and just enjoyed the rest of the run.  The trail itself is very straight and fairly flat, with a lot of swamp land on either side.  It crosses a couple train tracks and some highways, and it goes through a very industrial area of town.  At one point Mel was acting as tour guide (she runs this trail often) and told me that there was an ice cream plant that smells like waffle cones baking during the, smelled it!  Probably drooled on myself a little.  Then there were the random bird massacre sightings (just a bunch of feathers and various bird parts...yes, appetizing after smelling the waffle cones), a couple hawks, some ducks in cute pairs (they were sleeping through their Valentine's weekend), a pair of geese that we called "gice" (rhymes with mice) in our running delirium at mile 12. 

The man that put on the race was nice and had two water stops that his daughter ran at mile 4 and mile 11.  Mel and I actually stopped at the 11 to refill her water bottle, and I downed a small cup of orange Gatorade (running lesson ahead!).  We felt pretty good, her with her Chomps and Gu, and me with my Black Cherry Shot Bloks (my fave!)...our pace was steady and we were laughing at everything.  Then my stomach churned.  Oh CRAP.  Thank goodness we were next to a long string of casinos and I told Mel I needed to stop right then. ***space intentionally left blank***
Ok, not going to drink Gatorade during a race anymore.  Checked that one off my list. 
The rest of the run we were just wondering if we took the right path because the orange arrows pointing the way were almost washed away from the rain.  I checked Gus at around 13.3 miles and saw that he said 1:55!  So, half marathon PR??  I think yes!  I'm shooting for 1:56 at the Mercer Half...but I might go lower.

Once we saw the "finish line" of people, I told Mel to "kick it" and that she did!  We sprinted as best as we could to the group of people.  After high fives and pictures, Mel texted Amanda to find out where she was...

Mileage - 16.34 miles
Time - 2:22:37
Pace -8:43

Of course, since Amanda wasn't aware that the million inches was actually 1,035,302 inches, she pretty much stopped and wondered where we were. I tell you, those extra 35 thousand inches were tough! :)

When we spotted her coming down the trail I wanted to "hide" but of course that wasn't likely because my outfit was brighter than the Las Vegas strip.  Bummer.  Can't really be a ninja running bandit in pink and red.  Rainbow ninja?  Naw.

Yay!! Mel and Amanda all smiles!

We contemplated looking for Kerrie in her van (and perhaps seeing how fast that baby could go!), but according to her text she had veered off course and had gone an extra mile...but she was about 1/2 mile from where we walked to meet her. And then we saw the familiar pink and there she was!
The walk back to the car (which seemed like a mile) was rough...we all got progressively sore and limpy, and the rain started coming down harder.  But we made it! 
Drove back to the start for some fun pics...
I don't know if we were "stretching" or what

This is the gangsta pose (to hide nippage!!)

Awww, we're cute. 

Awww, we're cold.

We said farewell to Kerrie as she had family plans, donned our post-run gear and headed to the lovely Red Robin for burgers, fries and coffee.  YUM!  

Us, our food, and our Bondi Bands (thanks Mel!)

Great job, ladies!!  You all rocked it!
Read the other amazing race recaps (because you know I left out details):

(Sorry this is a day late, my computer had a virus!  GRRRR...I will do Sunday Shout-outs again soon)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


My computer has a virus. Decided to crap out on me midway through my
Million Inch recap. :(
I will post asap.

Sent from my iPhone

Thursday, February 11, 2010


WOW.  Apparently people like to read about my mishaps and get a good laugh!  (30 comments guys? Really??) Fine by me. I thought the crazy run was funny after the fact, but during, I was freaked out and pissed off.  Thanks for caring, peeps! Ha ha!  ;)

Tonight's 6 miler was sweet, sweet redemption compared to that little adventure two nights ago.  Went the same route and then some, and nothing out of the ordinary happened.  It barely even rained!  But, there was this one lady walking down one of the neighborhoods I run in and she was searching for something.  As I ran by I said "good evening" and she responded with "hey, have you seen a dog running around here?" (fantastic, a stray dog that perhaps likes to play tag with random strangers?).  "Nope, sorry."  And then I turned my music to the lowest possible volume and proceeded with my run on high alert.  Thanks lady.
Thankfully, no dogs roaming the streets.  (Woo hoo!)

In fact, yesterday's treadmill run was boring too.  Just some hill intervals and a lovely little coughing fit after the run. 

So, yeah. I'm not really interesting today.  Sorry guys.

Instead, here's a picture I took of one of my favorite places: Seattle
Well, there WILL be another giveaway soon and a race recap of the "Million Inch Run" this Saturday with Mel, Amanda and Kerrie.  I promise there will be more content...


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Comedy of Errors Run

Oh brother. What a nightmarish run I had. It started out not so great and just got progressively worse. Weird! And I had such high hopes for a nice run outdoors...
  •  My running tights had a nice long string hanging from the "crotchal" region where apparently the seam is coming undone.  Boo.  But it made me laugh because I had a "string wiener."  Hee hee. 
    Me: 1, Run: 1
  • It was cold and dark so I dressed all in black (ninja running bandit style!) in my lightweight REI jacket with wicked reflectors, black ear warmers from the dollar store (holla!) and my Christmas present North Face gloves (aka really expensive running hankies). Except I wore my super bright neon yellow Nike Lunars!
    Me: 2, Run: 1
  • While trying to locate a satellite, Gus decided that he didn't like me not taking him out yesterday and wanted to say I'm low on juice with a pronounced "beeeep." Great...we'll see how long he lasts.
    Me: 2, Run: 2
  • Feeling good starting out!  Got a decent stride going...oh wait...wheez...forgot to take a puff on the inhaler before I left.
    Me: 2, Run: 3
  • Getting a little foggy out, making my eyes water a little. Spotted a really loud, scary "rapist" van on the main street.  And it comes back around and passes me again 5 minutes later.  Okay, I'm done with that road for the night.
    Me: 2, Run: 4
  • Hey, Gus should have beeped the one mile mark a while back.  I look down to a blank screen. Crappity crap.  Instead I check the current time on the iPhone...7:20...I'll keep that in mind.
    Me: 2, Run: 5
  • Is that a plastic bag of dog poo on the sidewalk?  Wait, no. It's MULTIPLE plastic bags of dog poo.  Wow. All in a "neat little pile" on the sidewalk.  That's one step to cleaning up after your dog but WTH???  I'm tempted to stake out the scene later this week, identify the culprit, then take all of the dog poo bags and leave them on his/her front door.  How ya like dem apples? 
    Me: 2, Run: 6, Stupid dog-owner: -6
  • Alright, there's a streetlamp out up ahead, not my favorite part of the run either.  Impromptu FARTLEK!
    Me: 2, Run: 7
  • Got straight up branch slapped in the face by a tree that I normally run by without fail.  (Tree: "Not this time, sucka.")
    Me: 2, Run: 8, Tree: +9
  • Someone's home cooking smells like dirty feet and wet dog. Ugh. Hot wet dog. Is that possible?
    Me: 2, Run: 9
  • Annnnnnd, I trip stepping up to the sidewalk. Contemplating running in the snowboarding helmet I got for Christmas from Trav...
    Me: 2, Run: 10
  • Another streetlamp is out? Am I in a scary movie or something?  Should I be looking behind me for a dude in a hockey mask or sporting some fangs?
    Me: 2, Run: 11
  • Now THIS one is the kicker. I'm running up to the normal turn-around point and guess what cruises past me in all its chrome/black glory and screeches to a halt at the stop sign????  A *#%@$ nekkid semi!!  Ah gawd. Impromptu fartlek number two.
    Me: 2, Run: 12
  • As I'm fartlek-ing away from the chrome monster something runs right in front of me from the bushes and across the street. A giant raccoon.  Fartleks + near heart-attack from night dwelling creature = wheeeeeeezy me.
    Me: 2, Run: 13
  • Oooo, my favorite song plays! Score!
    Me: 3, Run: 13
  • Back at home, out of breath, I realize that my left foot was "kissed" by my shoes a little too much and left a nice red mark.  Thanks Lunars. This matches perfectly with the black toenail I received from the New Balances...
Final Score:
Me: 3, Run: 14

Nothing like an adventure.   
And perhaps a post-run beer and epsom salt soak.  
Tomorrow will be better!

Monday, February 8, 2010

*Swooning* over Newtons

Totally digging the Newton Running site; there's so much to read.  I am in awe by the shoes.  Made for forefoot runners?  For real?  Oh goodness.  Maybe I can do better than my Brooks Adrenaline 9s. Also, the stick figure dude completely reminds me of my Uncle--not only because he runs on his toes, but he's extremely slim & fit.  I believe he actually runs in Newtons too. Maybe they modeled stick figure dude after him?  Perhaps.  Oh, and the best part?  Uncle Doug's favorite cat was named Newton, and his current cat's named Isaac.  See a pattern here?  It's a sign...

Image still from Newton Running - Run Better

When you have a chance, go check out awesome stick figure running dude.  You can make him run slower or faster. :)  Ah yes, it's the simple things that make me smile. 

I posted this back in August on twitter: @sirisaac Why Newton shoes? It would be a S.I.N. not to trust a physicist! #newtonrunning
 Does anyone get it?

Ok, enough of the swooning.  Today was a rest day off running (so tough! I want to run!) I lifted weights for 30 minutes instead. ;)

What a Weekend!

One word summaries (& pictures too!)
Pasta - Carbed up for the long Saturday run with whole wheat pasta and some marinara sauce (& lots of black pepper)...still tasted like cardboard.
Bed - I actually went to sleep at 9:30 on a Friday night.  WOAH.

Fire - The sunrise was epic.  It looked like the Cascade mountains were on fire.  Amazing.  I took two pics while driving (I know)- one of the "fire" and the other of Mt. Rainier.
Mel - I got to the trail at the same time as Mel for the 8am 13.1 miler. She was wearing a matching blue outfit and cool patterned Bondi Band.  We rocked the mileage and our total time for this "training" half marathon was 2:02:20. G 

She didn't know I took this after the run! Sneaky me!
Freezing - Um, the temperature at my house said 45...apparently 20 miles south of me it was 34.  And I was wearing my capris, tee and vest.  No gloves, no hat, no sanity.  People thought I was a weird-o.  But, I warm up pretty quickly and I assured them by mile 2 I'd be toasty, and I was.  However, the first two miles I was moving my arms around and shaking my numbing hands kind of Phoebe-style. Nice.
Dye - Ah yes, the lovely purple Champion bra is awesome, so awesome that it left a little bit of its purple-ness on my favorite white Adidas tee (and I've washed the bra already).  Not so awesome. This post brought to you by SHOUT stain remover...
Lioness - Janna joined Mel and I on the run on Saturday and her hair is out of control funky, especially when her headband falls out.  Mel dubbed her the lioness because of her wicked "mane." :)
Janna's lioness look
Dogs - The same barking dog at a farm house (near the private water ski lake) was there and barking away again.  BUT, we saw the reason for the barking...about five or six cute little stumbling puppies were outside this time.  So cute!  No wonder!  Momma is just protecting her babes. Also, the owner of Fleet Feet (Paul) brought his canine companion with him again--a really pretty chocolate colored Doberman that runs jogs along with Paul for miles (they went 16 miles that day!). Guess what his name is?  Appropriately, it's Miles. :)
Sam - Hurray!  Sam made an appearance on this gorgeous day!  I think Mel and I guilt-tripped him a bit much for leaving us behind last week. Oh well, whatever works, huh?
What's up, Sam?
Butt - Janna has a glute injury and talked about her "butt" alot on the run.  So Mel and I decided to count how many times she said BUTT during the 13.1 miles.  Eight. And that was after she knew she was being counted. Heh heh.
Coach - One of Janna and Mel's Fleet Feet training coaches came up to us at around mile 7 making sure that their pace was on par.  Apparently we were all going too fast, and didn't realize that when the coach was around, our pace was 8:30 but should have been between 9 and 9:15. Oops. Guess we were trying to run away?
Murphy - My little "compression kitty" kept my legs warm after the long run and added that much-needed compression.  Oh, and I caught him sleeping on my Champion Fleece...he loves it too. :)
My little Champion compression cat, Murph
Epsom Salt (ok, two words) - Soaked in an epsom salt bath for twenty minutes. Good grief, I love that stuff.
Exploration - Ventured to the International District in downtown Seattle with Trav and Jeff.  Went to Uwajimaya to check out all the cool produce, noodles and meat they had.  Trav's yakisoba noodles were a wicked deal at this market.  He had to stock up. :)  I tried not to look at the roasted ducks hanging in the meat department.  I love ducks.  Sad.

Saints - WOW!  Awesome game!  I was rooting for the underdog Saints to win their first Super Bowl and it was impressive.
Friends - Had a great time hanging out with friends during the game.  Everyone came to our house and we enjoyed Lil Smokies, beer and chips/guac. Lunch of champions.
Calves - Holy hell, my calves are still sore from Saturday's run. Three Salonpas patches were on each leg, working their magic.
Recovery - Went for a slow 3 miles before the Super Bowl festivities began. Felt great to get outside. Ahhhh.
Sleep! - Bed at 9pm again. Weekend zapped my energy. *phew*

Friday, February 5, 2010

Product Reviews: Champion Sports Bra & Zip Fleece Jacket

Get ready for a whole lotta pics (and me in a bra, sorry).
First up: The Champion Compression Vented Sports Bra

Product Description:  "At last...a compression sports bra that plays up your prettiest curves. Its secret? Contoured front seaming, designed to flatter your figure."

  • Super-sleek stretch knit helps stabilize bust to minimize painful bounce.
    (High Support: great for high-motion workouts.)
  • Double Dry fabric technology wicks moisture to keep you dry.
  • Breathable mesh lining allows cooling ventilation.
  • Mesh-covered keyhole back adds extra cool where it counts.
  • Covered elastic bottom band gives added support and comfort.
  • Tag free for non-chafe softness, with stay-put racer-back straps.
  • Nylon/spandex
Description found HERE.  Normally retails for $30, on sale for $19.99!

When I first tugged/shimmied/wiggled into this bra I was worried I might suffocate.  I think I might have worked up a sweat just putting the thing on!  It was beyond tight, and my girls were smooshed into submission...but hey, it's about how the bra "works" right?  The straps are very sturdy, and despite being tight, it was not chafing me anywhere.  My only gripe was that my shoulder blades felt a little constricted by the openings in the back and the material was tight.

I've actually worn this sports bra a few times and noticed right from the beginning that there was limited "bounce" (an excellent thing for sure!).  When they say High Impact, they mean it.  This bra has quickly become one of my favorites and over some time has stretched out and fits much better than at first.  And, I'll be the first to admit that when I see something is "Moisture-Wicking" I kind of think it's gimmicky, but now I'm convinced it isn't.  Let's just say that after I took this off, my skin was completely dry, but the bra was wet from my workout.  Holy cow!  It does wick sweat!

Breathable & moisture-wicking (!)
Snug, and actually keeps the girls in place
Excellent price for the quality

Shoulder openings: a little small for the "swimmer's" shoulders (My suggestion below)
Not really a con, but it's pretty hilarious to try to get in/out of!

Next up:  Champion Double Dry Microfleece Full-Zip Jacket

Product Description:  "Warmth without weight.  This sleek women's jacket keeps you warm and dry yet never looks heavy or bulky."

  • Plush microfleece fabric feels fabulous, inside and out. (It's brushed on both sides for unbelievable softness.)
  • Built-in Double Dry system wicks moisture for quick-dry comfort.
  • Shapely (non-chafe) seams flatter your feminine curves.
  • Non-binding mock-neck collar protects you from wind and chill.
  • Bar-tacked kangaroo pockets warm hands, hold small essentials.
  • Stretch binding accents hood...reinforces cuffs and hem.
  • NOTE: Fashion colors have contrast insets and contrast trim.
  • 100% polyester microfleece
Description found HERE. Normally retails for $38, on sale for $18.99.

I don't normally run in fleece simply because I get hot and quickly.  But for the sake of science and to see how this jacket adds up, I took it out for a spin on Tuesday night.  Oh boy, it kept me warm even though it wasn't too bad outside temp-wise (about 45 degrees).  I ended up going 6 miles at a fairly swift pace of 8:09 for the majority of the run.  Quite personally, I'm not fond of the feeling of wet fleece (reminds me of a wet blanket), and this jacket saw a fair share of perspiration.  However, it did not chafe at all and stayed put throughout the miles.  Plus, it's incredibly soft and has a cozy, neck-warming collar.  If you like to run in fleece, then it's definitely an excellent buy for a great price...use the extra money you save for race fees. ;) 

Extremely soft
Keeps you warm
Non-binding fit
Pretty colors
Excellent price for the quality

It's just not meant for me for running purposes (it could work for you!)

This jacket is now my go-to cover up on any day, and looks great with my jeans and sneakers. I love it for lounging, just not for running.

For more information check out or become a fan of Champion on Facebook.
Many thanks to the people of Champion for providing me with this great gear. :)

**Note: All reviews are based on my own personal experience with the specific product that I was provided with.  I received these products free of charge from Champion and was not compensated for my review.**


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