Thursday, January 7, 2010


The '80s called.  They want their running outfit back...
but I'm keeping it!  

5.6 miles with the new Lunaracers and they worked out pretty darn well.  I just felt like going fast the entire time, and my pace ended up being 8:12!  Towards the end of the run, the sides of my feet were feeling a little raw/blistery, but overall, the shoes seemed to hold up.  Extremely lightweight.  I think I've found my new racing shoes! 


  1. That is a tremendous outfit. Keep it for sure! I like your tattoo btw. I want some racing shoes now too!

  2. ooh I've been thinking about hopping on the Nike Luna shoe train. Do they make trainers as well, or just racers? These are similar to the Nike Free's right?

  3. these shoes sound magical :) gonna be lots of pr's coming your way!

  4. those shoes ARE adorable.
    Love the outfit!

  5. YOu are too cute.. OK so what pace for 10 on Saturday?? 8:20??

    Is it bad that I am REALLY EXCITED that my group runs dont start this weekend??

  6. So I was totally confused when I first saw that pic and thought you had some crazy face warmer thing on! LOL!

  7. Hah, I'm with morgan, I thought you were rockin a lady gaga - esque get up. Too funny.

  8. I've been seriously considering the LR's as well. Glad you like them!


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