Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To the Point

Bullet point post. Word.
  • This week has been pretty draining, and it's not even over yet!  My knee has been bothering me, and perhaps it's because of my Asics getting worn down. :(  Hmmm.  I have to work on that!   
  • Oooo!  Go check out my buddy Sarah over at Brunette on the Run.  She's new to blogging, but not to running.  Her first half marathon was the same as mine--the Seattle Half Marathon back in November!  Go say HI and tell her Zoë sent you. ;) 
  • Giveaways:
    Teamarcia at Running Off at the Mouth's i Declare! Giveaway - ends 1/22
    Dorothy at Mile Posts January Music Contest
    Katye's Big Giveaway/Raffle to Benefit Ulman Cancer Fund

  • I perhaps/might/definitely/for sure have a giveaway of my own soon.  **Hint** Does anyone like Michael Kors?


  1. I hope you're running to the store for new shoes!!!!

  2. Um, I like Michael Kors. :)
    I agree with Joanna. New shoes!

  3. Yikes! Hope a new pair of shoes is all that you need for that knee!!

  4. Michael Kors works for me!
    Hope your knee gets back to normal soon!

  5. I just wrote about my knee hurting this week - it sucks! Hope you are doing better soon.

  6. Wait another local blogger?? Fun times..

    Sorry this has been an off week for you, you do need new shoes..

    Michael Kors, what?? I think project Runway starts soon..

  7. I'm Micheal Kors rocks!

    Hope the rest of your week gets better! Go get some new shoes!

  8. Hey girl! Would you mind linking into my Big Giveaway/Raffle to Benefit Ulman Cancer Fund?


  9. Dear Zoë,

    When you are ready for new shoes, will you please, please, please accompany me to the running store and get fitted for a great new pair?

    Love The-One-Who-Will-Force-You-If-You-Say-No

    ps. my word verification is "foope"

  10. Get yourself some new kicks and get some ITB stretches going girl!!!

    P.S. I love the opening quote you have up now!!!

  11. I love me some giveaways!!

    And go get some new shoes! Every runner deserves new shoes at least, I repeat, AT LEAST 3 times per year. (Hmm...maybe that's just my philosophy...wonder what the husband says about that!)

  12. Thanks Zoe!

    I hope your knee feels better! Let us know what type of shoes you get....Im always interested in reviews! :)


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