Monday, January 11, 2010

Tell Me About Yourself

I am completely amazed that I have 84 people that admit to reading my blog!  So, since I ramble a lot and talk about my adventures, I want to hear from you guys.  :)

Do you have a fun nickname?   
Do you have a blog?    
And, just for giggles--what would you do for $1000?  (eat bugs, wrestle with pandas, jump into a pile of bald eagle poo, etc...)

Ready? GO!

 And in true "random" fashion, I leave you with a picture of my cat, Murphy.  This is where I found him when I got home from work last July, when it was a record 102 degrees.  Indoor temp was 88 degrees, and Murphy was a cat puddle.  He didn't even move to greet me. Poor thing. ;)


  1. I think your randomness is FANTASTIC!

    1. My best friend calls me Moe. But most people just go with T.

    2. Yes, and thank you, thank you, thank you, for being such a loyal reader.

    3. Hmm? $1000, I definitely would not eat poop. But I would let farm animals eat out of my hand. (Sounds lame, but trust me it would be HUGE for me!) Oh, and I would totally shave my head ...

  2. whooo boy!

    Do you have a fun nickname?
    $9.99 (don't ask haha)

    Do you have a blog?

    And, just for giggles--what would you do for $1000
    eat pretty much anything (that wouldn't kill me)

  3. When I was a kid my bro and his friends called me Lucille, then that became Tasha. But those are long gone so no nicknames.

    Yes on the blog and I too am amazed by those who follow. Thank you!

    1000 hmmm. I'd skydive or do a zip line...wait I'd probably do those for free. I'd need much more to eat something gross...have to think on this one.

  4. friends have tried since I was a kid, nothing has stuck, fat guy worked for a year or so, but then I lost wieght, so that one doesnt work any longer
    2. Yes, I have a blog detailing my quest to my first IM,
    3. for a $1000, no would not eat poop, bugs and aninal parts are certainly accetpable, any type of adrenaline adventure I would do as well!

    Great blog idea! Cgeers

  5. Um, I don't admit it. JUST KIDDING! Hahaha! The "cat puddle" thing is hilarious. Poor kitty.

    In high school, I had a friend that called me Turbo, but now everyone just calls me Ker (pronounced "care").


    I've never thought about what I'd do. I don't think I could do any of those eating challenges you see on TV. How 26.2 miles? Oh wait, I AM PAYING to do that. What a dummy.

  6. 1. No nickname. In fact, I don't recall ever having a nickname.

    2. Yes, But I haven't posted anything to it yet. Or changed it from the stock design.

    3. Anything that doesn't invovle snakes. I hate snakes.

  7. 1) Billy Burger (a long, uninteresting story's attached to how I got that nickname, but it's stuck for several years now)

    2) Yes.

    3) Assuming I don't get arrested, I would don a Mexican wrestling mask and run naked down a crowded street.

  8. 1. My siblings call me Ishi. Always have.

    I also have a family blog, a cake decorating blog, a neighborhood recipe sharing blog, and a blog to upload my son's books to. But I mostly post to the running blog lately.

    3. For $1000 I would attempt an amateur boxing fight. (I hate fighting!)

  9. 1. At work I am known as Frankenstein. Don't know why.

    2. Yes, you have frequented it - thank you.

    3. $1,000? That really isn't a whole lot to do something outrageous. But hmmmm, Maybe I would run around my house naked once with the Saw Puppet Mask on, and eat balut. Now, 1,000,000? Now we're talking.

  10. This is like a party ice breaker

    1. I've had a lot of nicknames over the years. The most recent is Bubba.

    2. Yes I have a blog.

    3. For $1000 I would do a lot. Since you have a cat, how about eat a hair ball.

  11. 1. Svetty short for Svetlana, you should hear my AMAZIng Russian accent.

    2. No Blog...LOL!

    3. Hmmmm I would roll in the mudd, wear crazy clothes in public, let a Bald Eagle poop on me...the options are endless.

    You are too cute buddy!!

  12. The cat is priceless. I feel that way today actually, and I think it's from being too cold all day...

    1) My name lends itself to some fabulous nicknames, but of all the ones I've ever had, I like g. the best. My mom still calls me ginnykins when she's feeling nostalgic.
    2) Yes, you've been here, to see me in my made hot RUNNINGSKIRTS... and I'm obsessed with them. And my kids. And my cat. So, there you go.
    3) What would I do for $1000. I'm embarrassed to say that now, in my current financial situation, I'd probably do just about anything. I was thinking about applying for a job at HOOTERS this spring in the hopes to earn an extra $1000, but I was afraid they would tell me I was too old and my ego just couldn't handle that blow. Seriously, do you watch Bear Grylls... I don't think I could eat half the stuff he eats.

  13. Girl what are you talking about! We all L-O-V-E your blog!!!

    Do you have a fun nickname? Just Red
    Do you have a blog? You know this!!!
    And, just for giggles--what would you do for $1000? Hmmm this one is tricky I'd really need to choose from options.

  14. Your cat would melt away down here in SoCal. It was about 102 from July through mid-September in '09. I did find my cat in similar positions often during that stretch.

    1. My nickname is LB. My wife gave me my nickname, and she used to be the only one who called me that but not anymore.

    2. is the place to be, for me anyway :)

    3. For a cool grand... well, I've eaten bugs for free, actually, had to pay to eat them (fried crickets in Mexico City last August) so that's out... how about spend the night alone in a haunted house. Haunted houses creep me out. They're my nekkid semis ;)

    Oh, how about watch the Exorcist on a loop in a clown-adorned living room in a haunted house for one night. Yeah, there you go.

  15. Do you have a fun nickname? Marissa...guy at work thought it was my name so long that it became a joke when he found out it wasn't.

    Do you have a blog? yep. Thanks for stopping by today!

    And, just for giggles--what would you do for $1000? (eat bugs, wrestle with pandas, jump into a pile of bald eagle poo, etc...) Oh Lord! I have no idea. I *might* would run around my neigborhood in a bikini, that would be traumatizing enough. Then again, I might have to pay the poor souls who were unfortunate enough to witness it.

  16. 1. I have a few nicknames, the family favorite is Spacey Kasey, or Space Kase. No comment on if it is deserved

    2. Yes, I have a new blog that I'm having fun with. oh, and family one I am too lazy to update. Runnng is better.

    3. For 1,000 I would do a lot-with the possible exception of eating something gross. Of course, if I was staring at a pile of money I would probably be more brave! lol

  17. 1. Do not have a funny nickname--my friends sometimes call me 'Al' that's about the best of it. I tried to get "Red" to stick, but, nothin'
    2. I surely do have a blog!
    3. I'd pretty much do anything that wouldn't make me puke or you know, deal with snakes. I'm poor, hit me with your best shot money giving out people!

  18. No funny nicknames, not really. The hubs has been known to call me "Tweetle-Dee" (seeing as he's obviously "Tweetle-Dumb") and some of my friends have called me random things over the years (Ray-smell, Rachum [from a Friends episode], Spraychel [from a butter commerical] and RayRay or something evil like that)

    Dur I have a blog. Do you? haha!
    and finally, I would do ANYTHING for 1000 dollars these days.

  19. 1. my nickname, only amongst the closest of friends, is "boobs". really, there are only a handful of people that have enough huevos to call me that, but everyone of my friends has heard me be called that... and answer to it. nice, huh?


    3.heard to say. i wouldn't eat anything weird. public humiliation though - i'm down with that.
    and, an interesting tid bit... i'm doing a polar plunge to raise funds for the special olympics.

  20. 1) some people call me "z" (lindsay.... the way it sounds...) yeah.
    2) yes, you already read my amazing rambles ;)
    3) umm. to do anything weird it'd have to have a way bigger payout than 1k!! sheesh! do i look easy? :)

  21. 1. Charch. Don't ask.

    2. Yes, and I'm so glad you read my blog now....what would I do without my readers? They keep me going strong on this whole running thing.

    3. $1000? I'd probably finally get my butt in gear and lose these extra 15 pounds or so. Nothing but rewards seem to motivate me enough to do it. bah.

  22. 1. One of my nicknames is Skeletor. (From my last name not my body!!)

    2. Yes, I do now!

    3. I wouldn't eat bugs or anything, but possibly sky diving!

    Love the cat picture, my dachshund was also a "puddle" during the heat!

  23. Love the melty kitty pic!
    1. No nicknames. Funny thing is, I have nicknames for just about EVERYONE I know! I do get called TPG when people are writing about me (tweets, texts) but never in convo.
    2. Yes

    3. Oooh, for $1000? As long as it didn't involve eating anything gross or having things crawl on me - I'm game to try it!

  24. I'm a cat person, or at least until 4am when my cat wants to be fed, so I really like your cat person.

    I do have a blog and although my boyfriend calls me lazy bones once in a while, I really don't have a nickname.

  25. Nickname? HAON - that's my name backwards. When I was a pledge in college that's what I was called (I thought they were calling me Pee On the whole time - KY accent).

    Blog? - - thanks for reading!

    $1000? - for $1001 about anything - I need the extra push :)


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