Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sassy Shoes!

Well, hello there, little Nikes!

Check out my sweet new running slippers shoes, in all of their grey and neon yellow glory.  Luckily the local Nike Town had my size in stock and accepted my exchange with ease.  These babies were in my hands within minutes of stepping foot in the store, and I felt like a giddy little girl after I found the right size.  *sigh*

I tested them out last night on the treadmill, and so far so good!  Yes, I am sans socks, simply because the shoes spoke to me and said they were soft enough (and I believed them!).  And wow, they felt like nothing at all.  I only went the first two miles with them on, and it really felt like I was running on my toes and on air.  Very cool.  The last two miles were with my trusty Asics Kayano 15s...poor things felt like bricks after the Lunaracers. :(  But they are my fave shoes and I'm a loyal Asics fan.  It was really weird because I was thinking/focusing on my stride a lot last night, and I do run mostly on my toes (and consequently, that's the fastest part to wear out on any of my shoes)...only a little on my heels.  Trust me, I tried doing some strides striking with my heel first, but I felt/looked like a goob. I think I may have to video tape it for a good laugh. :)

On a side note, my Lunaracers remind me of Coach Fish.  He's quite the minimalist when it comes to running shoes (and has a gazillion different pairs he rotates), and sometimes he doesn't wear socks.  Plus, he seems to gravitate towards bright colors.  Another Coach connection. :)  Hurray!

*Random Fact about me: The first place that drips sweat on a run is my inner elbows. Weird huh?

My song of choice for the WMMC is "Til I Collapse" by Eminem.  HAHA!  How appropriate!  Makes me want to kick some major butt.  Still going strong with this challenge.  I'm loving this!


  1. Awesome that you got new fun shoes! I will wear my Ronald shoes and we can get a funny picture..

    If I didnt wear socks it would be bad!!

  2. I'm in need of some new kicks myself, and I need a change. I've been running in the same model Asics for 5 years, so I think I'm due.

  3. Soooo I realized that this weekend is a Meeting from 7-9pm, no running..

    Soooooo, if you aren't doing anything on Saturday or Sunday?? Maybe we could go find a trail...just an idea? Or run, wherever..

    Let me know..

  4. Yay for new shoes! I am trying to find a new model thanks to that little hole in my current trainers ... seriously, Zoe? No socks? You are a brave woman!

  5. i thought i've always read that heel-striking is bad? i've never been too sure as to what exactly they mean - i seem to land on my heel somewhat so maybe they mean extreme heel-striking. i dunno... too lazy to google it and educate myself ;)

  6. Not to rain on you parade, but I've heard those shoes offer a lot less support that you Kayanos. I've heard from friends of mine who have ended up with foot injuries by running too much in them.

    That being said, I also know a bunch of folks who wear them at races and swear by them!

  7. I agree, be careful. The Kayano is a maximum cushioned high stability shoe. Someone who has been fit and needs that support might end up having problems from the Lunars (they are adorable though aren't they!) Also check out the new Kayano 16's I think they're pretty cute too!

  8. Hey Glenn & Maureen, thanks for the heads up. I don't plan on running extreme distances in the Lunars, mainly going to use them for 5K races. :) And I actually use my custom orthotics in them too. Don't worry, since being on crutches a year ago, the last thing I want is another injury.

    My Kayanos are here to stay, and I'm loving the 15s. But I want to try and strengthen my feet a little bit more (because they are so injury prone). I've been working on some barefoot treadmill running and the Lunar is great for a mix up.


  9. Ooooh those are spiffy looking! Btw, I sweat in the same spot, it's groooooss.

  10. The Lunars look awesome. I run on my midfoot/toes too and find I wear out my shoes really quickly on the ball of my foot. Funny, huh?


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