Monday, January 4, 2010

Runner Profile: Meet Lauren

2009 was a big year for Lauren. Not only did she run her first 5K race back in April '09, she also married the love of her life last February! She's come a long way with running and has big plans for this year, including the RnR Half in Nashville. Her strength and confidence and general HAPPINESS about being a runner is very inspiring. She's one tough cookie! Be sure to check out her running adventures on her blog, Team Giles.

1. What is your favorite stretch?
I’m pretty simple for stretching; a solid runner’s lunge is a really great start to a run

2. Do you have any pre-race rituals?
For morning runs I have to have a good breakfast and hot tea 30 minutes prior to a run. A half a bagel with peanut butter and green tea has always worked well on my stomach. After I gear up, I stretch and then start walking for a bit to get my legs moving

3. What motivates you to run?
Many things actually. Seeing other people running, reading blogs about runners, and knowing that I am ABLE to run. I used to be the "fat girl" and always made excuses of why I couldn't do this and that... and now I choose not to use excuses. I tell myself I'm healthy, happy and very able to run and once I set my mind to that, I'm beyond motivated

4. When did you start running?
April 2009. Signed up for a 5k walk/run with my husband and his family and was so completely hooked after that, that I haven't stopped

5. Running shoe of choice?
Nike's. {but I'm thinking of trying a different brand.. shh don't tell Nike

6. Best advice received:
Slow down. Don't over do it, and get your breathing into a rhythm and my favorite: Run for you, not to impress the person next to you.

7. What do you think about when running?
My mind is one big book of lists. I'm a list maker. So when I'm running I can sort through everything.

8. What is something you cannot run without?
WATER. I drink water like a camel anyway, so going without it for a run I just panic. H2O comes with me :)

9. What race distance is your favorite?
5 miles. I'm still smiling and bouncing around at 5 miles. Anything past that, (so far) I'm like "when is this over!?"

10. Most outrageous running story you've heard or experienced?
Nothing too outrageous yet... but I don't run with an ipod when I'm outside {at the gym yes}, so when you're passing people I tend to listen in on their conversations, you learn some pretty hilarious stuff within those few moments of passing each other... like the other day, this lady was telling her friend "Oh my dad got snipped, snipped right after my sister was born, they weren't taking any more chances!" Oh the things you hear out there. Haha!

Check out Lauren's journey on Team Giles


  1. Thanks for asking me Zoe! This was a lot of fun. :)

  2. What a cutie! I just love the enthusiasm of new runners! Fun little interview.

  3. Sounds like a heck of a journey Lauren is on! Way to go girl!

  4. Great runner profile! I like these! :) Happy New Year!

  5. LOL! Snipped! Great profile, as always. Love these!

  6. welcome lauren! glad you've gotten hooked on running :) hope 2010 is a successful, speedy, injury free year!

  7. Love it Lauren! Zoe - you put together the greatest interviews! Keep it up!


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